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digiCOACH is a walkthrough tool that provides meaningful feedback based on high-yield strategies. The complete system helps educators align their professional development decisions to district wide goals by utilizing live instructional data.

digiCOACH includes:
– Immediate formative feedback and coaching tips that lead to increased academic achievement.
– Simple, yet sophisticated reports, help identify your school’s strengths and target areas for professional development.
– Easily customizable look-fors and coaching tips for alignment to school and district goals.

Download digiCOACH and join the thousands of digiCOACH users across the US and around the world.

Why Use digiCOACH?
– Built-in Strategies and Coaching Tips
– Custom Walkthroughs
– Support for Remote Learning Environments
– Peer Observations
– True/False & Likert-scaled Look-fors
– No Active Internet Connection Needed
– Support for Professional Development Partners
– K12 and Higher Education Support

A unique feature of digiCOACH is a comprehensive built-in library of strategies and coaching tips that a user can select to include in the feedback email to a teacher. The research-based coaching tips provide strategies to help change adult behaviors to increase student achievement. Specific coaching tips are included that provide researched based techniques to help English Language Learners. These tips help instructional leaders provide quick and powerful feedback to all teachers.

Our vast suite of reports provide insight into longitudinal data and allows the user to disaggregate data to identify instructional and learning gaps. Usage reports track the frequency of walkthroughs, along with dates and duration. Use our new Coaching Report to identify strengths and areas for growth for each teacher, department, or school-wide.

digiCOACH’s educational advisory team uses comprehensive instructional research to continuously develop and enhance the digiCOACH system. Experience the benefits of working with a team that knows what students, teachers, and administrators need to achieve success. Our research team has proven results in increasing English Language Learner performance, Average Daily Attendance, and in decreasing suspension rates in large, urban schools.

Visit to explore the different digiCOACH editions including the Remote Learning Edition designed to support online and hybrid instruction environments.

A subscription is required to access the online reporting features.




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I have been using DigiCOACH for my classroom observations and it has been effective in identifying instructional needs of teachers when it it used routinely altogether baseline data. I must say sometimes I am scared of doing an observation because the application might crash and all the work I put into the observation gets lost. Hopefully they update the application soon. Overall, it is a really good application for quality data collection for assessing teacher needs within instruction. Only thing I really wish could happen is that the program be free to use year after year once it is purchased. It is only available for use for the school year and has to be rebought every year. It is pretty pricy for a while school to buy and trot that, it should be paid for once and be used without limit. I guarantee that more schools will use this software more if it is not subscription based.


Our school loves DigiCOACH! The app itself is easy to use and looks great on iPad too! Their staff is always so helpful and a pleasure to work with.


I loved the old version and I love the new version even more! I appreciate that I can provide meaningful positive feedback on a regular basis for teachers. The program helps to track feedback one has already provided to allow for a broader range of feedback.


With Explicit Direct Instruction taking the reigns on education, digiCoach is an excellent instrument to provide teachers with productive feedback. Our school is implementing TAPPLE assessment strategies within all of its classrooms and this app is a great way for administrators to ensure that their teachers are applying EDI in a way which best benefits students. As a department chair, I'm held to making sure that the teachers within my department are incorporating EDI through TAPPLE strategies...this app is perfect for that! With our WASC accreditation review coming up in March of 2013, I can see digiCoach being used proactively by administrators (as opposed to putting pressure on teachers) and allowing for better classroom instruction...leading to better results. Two of our Assistant principals gave up on Walkthrough SE since it is very limited...I'm convinced that they'll be using digiCoach to assist them in their classroom walkthroughs before long.


Easy to get a free trial and also easy to use. I suggested it to my principal and she loved it. We really like the email generator function. The reporting is very powerful. Good job, very professional.