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iBouquiniste is an ebook reader like none you’ve seen before. This app supports FB2, EPUB, MOBI, PDF, DJVU, CBR, CBZ and TXT formats and offers adjustable fonts, paragraph indents, paper type and more. iBouquiniste gives you a reading experience that’s as close as you can get to reading a real book, and it even lets you share your favorite books via email. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

*** Featured In New and Newsworthy! ***

Do you love to read? With iBouquiniste you’ll take your favorite books wherever you go! iPad and iPhone book readers are a great innovation for busy book lovers, but they’re still evolving. Some readers are so cluttered with settings and controls that you can barely read the text, while others are bare bones “What you see is what you get” style apps. iBouquiniste is a completely different reading experience.

iBouquiniste Features Include:
* Supports notes
* Send books by email
* Unique Author Library (each author on their own bookshelf)
* View most recently opened books in the order you opened them
* Real page numbers
* Adjustable fonts, spacing, margins, book paper and more
* Download books via iTunes or any app supporting file transfer (i.e. Mail or Safari)
* OPDS catalogs support
* iBouquiniste Cloud Storage for synchronisation (books, reading positions, citations and bookmarks)

The interface is clean and easy to use. The only controls on the screen are the ones you absolutely need, but you have the control that you want to display your books exactly the way you want them. iBouquiniste supports FB2 formatted books, which is how most books are formatted. Other reader apps still don’t do that. If you want an even more personal reading experience, that’s not a problem. You control paragraph indentation, font face and size, margins and even the type of paper for the pages in your book. Where some apps offer sepia tones, iBouquiniste can display your book on realistic paper, with actual page numbers for each page!

Tired of digging through your library to find a specific book? This app gives you several ways to find any book in your collection with just a few taps. Like other, similar apps, iBouquiniste includes a complete table of contents that lists every book you own. This is a great feature if you’re not sure what you want to read; but if you have a lot of books, you might spend more time looking for something to read than actually reading! That’s why this app also features a unique Author’s Library and a Favorites Library.

If you’re in the mood to read a certain book from a particular novelist, you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for in the Author’s Library. Each writer has their own shelf with all of their works that are in your collection.

Have you ever put down a book with the idea that you would come back and finish it after you’ve read something else? Who hasn’t done that? The problem is that when you’re ready to go back and finish it, you sometimes can’t remember the title of the book, or even the name of the author. Now that you have iBouquiniste, all you need to do is to sort your books with “Recent”. This feature narrows your search by displaying the books in the order you opened them. Now you can get back to that unfinished book within just a few seconds of starting your search. Once you’ve finished it, why not share that novel with a friend? It’s as easy as sending an email right from the app!

Don’t let your book reader decide how your books should look. Spend less time searching and more time reading. Download iBouquiniste now and have all of your books at your fingertips.




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Ey ti Bistro obnovil prilozhenie


No response from developers


Will not let me add my .mobi files. When I did, it made me register and offered me more storage after I already paid for the app. Total rip off. Do not use.


I want to read chinese words!


This is one of the worst apps I have EVER used since iPad exists. And I don't mean only in this category. It's clunky, unintuitive and ruins any fun of reading. The original iBooks is a 1000 times better!


This app was offered for free. I downloaded it and I was still charged for it.


Esta aplicación no cumple lo que promete no es funcional en iPad es muy cara y no funciona yo pido, no!! exijo un reembolso !!


I bought this as i have a mixture of PDFs, mobi, and ePub files I wanted to use in one app. The pdf works fine but the mobi will not display certain lines of text correctly.


I brought the paid version, mobi does not work, the ePub does not show the embedded links, I emailed the developer but no response, apart from that I like this app, but no use to me if I can't use it the way I need too.


Crashes within a second of opening the app?? Was terrific before this latest update, but terrible now!!! Please fix ASAP so we can continue to use this otherwise wonderful app!


I agree with one of the other reviewers - its crashing after every several pages. Please fix.


Can't seem to find support online for this. Why do some symbols, such as open and close quotes, apostrophes, dash, appear as eight character control codes? I am using an iPhone 5S. Thanks.


Below are a list of items that I would like to share with you to make this product better (in my humble opinion). I will change my rating if some of these items are resolved/improved upon. • I am unable to load PDF files that are over 100MB in size. The app crashes. I have several college ebook pdfs that are over this limit. In fact, I have one that is about 300MB in size. • I cannot look up words without using the wiki option. I find myself using the "define" option when I highlight a word in other ebook apps, especially in my technical literature. However, this option doesn't exist with your app. The closest thing is wiki option. While wiki option is good for research, it is a lot more complicated than a simple definition lookup using the iOS built-in dictionary. • I love the book shelf for my ebooks, but I would like to personalize my book shelf so that I can group my college books to have their "own" shelf. I have several self-improvement books that I read, and would like to have a shelf for those as well. Let me know your thoughts? • Multi-tasking, I find myself "swiping" between apps when reading and researching. But I noticed that your app will "reset" to the library screen if I don't swipe back within 1 minute or 2. Can this be improved? I anxiously look forward to your response. Thanks in advance! Daniel


don't bother wasting your money--this app crashes constantly. no option to change font or font size, as promised--those options are nonfunctional. only margins work, but not before the app crashes. AGAIN. now deleted from my device.


This app is a fraud. It claims to read ebooks in djvu format, but it won't even add them to the library. Do not waste your money.


Unattractive interface.


Совершенно безликая иконка в последней версии


Needs fixing


Right part of the screen truncated. Missing words on each line


Can't even open app now. Crashes on start. Please fix!