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Puzzle+ is just like a real jigsaw on your iPad! Just the way you like it. More than 1000 pieces game. Ability to add your own images.

We’ve created this app for you to make it possible to play your favorite game anywhere and anytime. It fully simulates the real puzzles and, at same time, the app uses all advantages of iPad to make the playing of your favorite game as convinient as it has ever been possible.

– ability to add your own images;
– ability to share the images and packages (email, Facebook, Twitter);
– Constantly updated pictures gallery;
– 8 levels of complexity: from 20 pieces up to 1110 pieces, available for any puzzle;
– Zoom in/out function;




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Decline in functionality since I wrote this review. Ads are right next to the tray of pieces, and it's hard to avoid clicking an ad when trying to drag in a piece. That often takes you out of the game, and when you go back in it's messed up, sometimes having lost pieces or even wiping everything out. Very frustrating. Just lost everything when I had only 7 pieces of 260 left to place. It's a shame because the puzzles themselves are excellent, but I'm looking for a new app. The best jigsaws out there. The number of difficulty options and of different puzzles make this exceptional. Have never encountered a bug or a boring puzzle. Kudos to the developers.


I like the Jigsaw Puzzle Plus upgrade in 2022. I like having all of the edge pieces at the top of the tray. But, has there been a tweak to put some on the bottom as well? I like seeing all of the puzzles within a category all at once. I’m glad I was able to get back to no ads since I had already purchased the app years ago. I love the variety of puzzles selections! I like the option to change the background color of the puzzle field. So, in spite of a few glitches with the upgrade that I experienced during the first day or so after the upgrade, I’m very pleased with the app. I play it on an iPad exclusively, btw. The only thing I would recommend is that there should be instructions on the options or a guide to how to navigate the app. For some people, it may be frustrating getting into or out of a puzzle, for example. Or, finding where the sound or flash options are. Thank you!


Was my very favorite game app. The upgrade is awful, the pieces are difficult to move around, hate the sound effects. I don’t want to choose the number of pieces each time, just let me set it. One improvement is that it is now easier to remove a group when done. Otherwise the whole thing is much less pleasant to use, not relaxing at all. And I don’t need a little bell chime with every correct piece! Ugh.


I have been playing this puzzle app for a few years. Recently, everything changed. Now it is very slow to load. Now it’s loaded with ads but the old one didn’t have ads. Playing the game is no longer enjoyable.


I figured out the new interface and discovered where everything is and I’m pleased to say this is now the perfect puzzle app. I recommend purchasing the paid version. It’s seamless and so nice without the ads.


There is no longer a way to select whether or not to only have edge pieces or a mix. It is also difficult to get back to the puzzles I already have. So far have found little to like about this update


This has been the best until the new update and now it is awful. I have enjoyed the old game for years so will have to give it up, Sorry


I like that you can see all of your individual puzzles on the “My Puzzles” screen, and I like the larger background color selection, but actually filling in the puzzle is awkward. I wish I could articulate how … it just is.


Yes, the graphics are nice, but now it’s more complicated to navigate and there are ADS! Prefer the old version without the ads.


Why did they mess with it? Now it’s hard to get pieces to stay in place, they bounce, no more putting borders up first, soooo many problems! Hate the update and sorry I paid for the ad free. Won’t be using anymore.


This was the best app for relaxing my mind after a long day of work. This new update is horrible, moving pieces feel’s choppy, I’ve lost the ability of the full screen because of the ads. Very disappointed, will now have to search for a new jigsaw puzzle app!


I purchased this app several years ago and have enjoyed the way it works. I would have given it 5 stars. With the upgrade, the first question I’m asked when I opened the game is whether or not I want ads. I said no and the game would not open. I had to uninstall and reinstall and approve ads to get it to work at all. In the side tray, all the edge puzzle pieces are at the top so there’s no challenge there. It’s just a hot mess. Please revert to the original format. It wasn’t broken and your “improvements” have made it far less enjoyable to play.


I liked the format the way it was, too bad you changed it


The changes that were made within the past few days are really bad. The way the puzzle pieces move, the sound effects, everything gets a thumbs down! They should’ve left it the way it was.


OMG what happened? Overnight the app has changed dramatically. Was there an update? I loved this app, it was my favorite puzzle app and I played it every day but I absolutely hate what’s happened to it.


What the….this update is awful. Looking for a new app.


I can understand wanting to get paid but there’s way to many ads after the update. Deleting.


Wrote a review got no answer. It still locks up and losses what was already done.


I’ve used this app for a few years. Lately it crashes every time I use it and loses all progress. Please fix!


This puzzle is absolutely wonderful. Great subject matter and easy to work. So glad I found it. Hard to decide what one to do next.