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Going somewhere fun? Take us with you, right on your phone! That way, you'll never miss a new item or a flash sale from that small shop you're low-key obsessing over. You know the one—that rad seller who answers every question with a smile. And, they always write a sweet note for you to find when you open your beautifully wrapped order. Speaking of, did you know you can easily track deliveries from their hands to yours? Just one way to pass the time ’til that package is yours—scrolling through fresh finds works, too. Take care and talk soon, friend!


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The Etsy app lets you shop millions of one-of-a-kind items straight from your iPhone and iPad. Whether it’s for moments big or small we have it all: handmade goods, vintage goods, creative goods, custom goods—there’s something for everyone. There’s no creative marketplace quite like it. With the Etsy app you can purchase the perfect gift for friends, family, and co-workers, or even get a little something for yourself.

With Etsy on your iPhone and iPad, it’s incredibly easy to explore all the delightful, personalized, unique items you want. Browse curated collections of handcrafted jewelry, vintage goods for your closet, customized furniture for your home, everyday supplies for your kitchen and bath, DIY kits to help that creativity flow, and so much more.

Plus, whenever there’s a big day coming up—weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, or graduation—Etsy is the go-to destination for unique occasion gifts.

Etsy on your iPhone and iPad makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

• Save your favorite items and shops so you can discover more of what you want later. It saves you time and gives you more personalized recommendations in the future.
• Get notified when your favorite shop adds new items, or when your favorite items go on sale, so you won’t miss out on special savings or limited editions.
• Chat directly with shop owners and have items customized just for you. Most shop owners are quick to respond and love creating something just for you!
• It’s easy to buy goods swiftly and securely using our full suite of payment options, including Apple Pay at checkout.
• You want order tracking? We’ll let you know when your order ships, and even better, when it’s delivered!
• Etsy is spoken around the world! You can browse in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Japanese, Portuguese, or Russian.
• Hang a one-of-a-kind piece of art in your home from your phone with our new augmented reality beta feature.

There’s never been a better time to find something you love on Etsy. Get the app today!

Visit our support page: http://www.etsy.com/help/




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After looking on Pinterest I was able to locate almost anything I could have wanted.


I’m finding so many unique items


Good soup


Connecting me to quality goods and being able to support small businesses and black businesses makes me so happy.


I’m not comfortable leaving my card information saved within any apps. Apple Pay feature was great! Now that it no longer works with this app… I see no point in shopping this app any longer. It’s been broken for quite sometime now and declined multiple payment methods I’ve tried to use.


I loved my ear warmer it is well made and so soft! My order came quickly. I will definitely be making more purchases. Thank you Rachel.


Love their jewelry and fast shipping and delivery 💯


I’m not sure what and why they changed the app but I HATE it! I can’t access my purchases that I have not received but y’alll got the listed to be reviewed. Where are my invoices? How many steps does one person have to take to contact a seller? Trash!


This app is amazing. The people and shops on here are unique, creative, fair, and easy to work with from all over the country!


Bought this print for a gift, loved it! Purchasing another fir my other don. What a memorable gift!


Very easy to communicate exactly what you want customized. And quick to respond back to your concerns.


Ok so basically it’s Hustle Man from Martin. 💚🙌🏿😌 "What's happenin', Chief?"


Awesome customer service with lots of variety. I'll be back!


im upset that you cant see what you ordered; say i ordered a LARGE 12in-18in collar. now it only shows the collar not what i ordered


There’s so many drop-shippers and flea market resellers on this site that it’s impossible to find actual vintage or handmade items anymore without it being a huge ordeal. I have to spend hours reverse image searching to make sure I’m not getting some garbage that I could buy for pennies on AliExpress. It’s a waste because I used to love shopping on Etsy — that’s why I downloaded this app to begin with. But it’s such a slog now, I’m much more inclined to seek out artists on their own websites or just buy vintage clothing on eBay or Poshmark. It’s a shame to see Etsy turn out like this. I can’t even recommend the site to people anymore. :(


I have been ordering from her for a couple of years.. Her earrings are stunning and I get lots of compliments on my earrings. Joanne Carey USA


I can't see my purchase history anymore and I don't remember if I bought something, do my taxes or show my customers what they have bought. It is a real problem and I will have to take my business and shop elsewhere


Great selection. Still looking for more prints


I love the customization of items and how I can add those items to my collectibles for a nominal cost. And I also like the fact that you can correspond directly with the seller. It is so much fun!!!


Full of original zany items. Great gift ideas.