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A must-have app for library users! Easily borrow physical items using your mobile device, receive reminders, manage receipts and discover new digital content all within the cloudLibrary app!

Extremely intuitive, all it takes is a library card to login and get started! Designed for an enjoyable experience, users can benefit from many new features, depending on their library’s subscription.

– Easily accessible library card, which conveniently displays when you’re near the library
– Switch accounts with ease and manage multiple library cards from one mobile device
– Download and enjoy free eBooks and Audiobooks
– Keep track of your physical and digital library activity in one place
– Receive helpful receipts, due-date reminders and packable checklists
– Visible push notifications alert when hold items are available
– View upcoming library events and programs
– Checkout print items at your library using your mobile device
– Fun and loveable customizations include Themes, Avatars and Nicknames

For libraries that have a subscription to offer eBooks and Audiobooks:

– Customize your homepage bookshelves to display your preferred genres
– Simple interface makes browsing and saving titles a breeze
– Filter content by format, availability and language to display exactly what you are looking for
– Mark titles as favorites or read to help with literary conversations with friends
– Sync digital content across multiple devices to easily pick up where you left off
– View current books, full reading history, items on hold and saved titles in one place
– Sort titles by name or author to easily find what you’re looking for
– Receive reading recommendations or view additional titles by author or series
– Select font size, margins and background colors to create your preferred reading experience
– Search eBooks for a particular phrase to get back to that one spot you wanted to reference
– Bookmark pages and add notes if needed
– Return titles early when you’re finished and make available for other readers

Elevate your library experience today with the cloudLibrary app!




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Easy to use with easy bookmarks. Lots is selections. Love it!


Travel is so much more enjoyable with pre-selected books narrated during our journey. Even errands seem less like work as I recall where we were in the story. It’s user-friendly. We’re so glad to find this resource.


The reading part is ok, if a little flakey. The user interface is really poor. Saved books disappear. Books only hold appear ready, and then suddenly disappear. The back end seems to be very unreliable.


The latest update did not fix the issue of not opening on the page it was closed on. This is unbelievable.


I was enjoying the use of this app as my library just starting making it available recently . There wasn’t a lot offered until about two weeks ago. Then there were lots of great options . However this weekend it stopped working . I called my library and they said there seems to be some problem and we will just have to wait until it’s fixed . My concern is how will cloud library know that since there last update the app is malfunctioning ? There seems to be no way of communicating with the makers outside of this review . The last update needs updating as more bugs were created !! Help


Often times the app will not let me pause my audio book with the pause button and I have to close the app to pause my book. I can listen to books with my earpiece but the control buttons on my earpiece will not pause or start the book you have to do that from the phone or close the app. I have deleted it and reinstalled it on my phone and that seems to work for a few days but then it’s right back to the same issues. I would not recommend this app if there are other options.




I’ve used this app for years. The latest update has brought a new “feature”. Sometimes, when I go to turn the page, it skips ahead to the next chapter. Then I have to swipe backwards multiple pages to find where I was. Very frustrating.


This app is NOT cool. I am continuously signing up for it, but it will never show me the terms and conditions. With that, it is not letting me even sign up, because to get in, i have to say I've read the terms and conditions. I am super mad.


It was a pretty stable app but since the last update I haven’t been able to download any books. Standard troubleshooting options haven’t resolved the issue either.


Could not log in through the New York Public Library. Kept saying that it could not authenticate my login.


Every library should have this app it’s the best thing that I’ve ever had. I am able to listen to audiobooks all the time and it saves me money instead of using The app Audible‘s. And I am impressed that it has a wide variety of authors and complete series to listen to


I loved this app for about three years and I still do but I recently started reading a book series called Warriors and I have loved reading it and listening into it on the audiobooks and reading it in e-books but. I have recently just finished one of the mini series sort of things it does and it doesn’t have the next one which is really disappointing and I feel like it shouldn’t put in the series like at all if you can’t put all of the things in I understand if they can’t put all of the comics and all that but just the plain up regular Siri‘s it’s just really annoying to have to either wait for them to get it which they might never and or have to get a hold up to go to the library see if they have it and it’s so annoying and I understand if they don’t have the books because they’re literally not out yet and they don’t get like special treatment for, like no reason. But it’s still just so annoying! But it is a amazing app yes there are a couple of glitches but I don’t really mind because I’m able to fix them or get somebody else to fix them for me. (Lol) but they are usually just minor and not very important but I have found there is one glitch that I had to on download the app and get it back which was so complicated and I tried everything I could think of and everything my family could think of but it still wouldn’t work so here’s the glitch. Do I went in to a e-book (can’t remember which one it was) and then so I was just then stuck on a Black screen at first I thought it was a problem with Internet so I waited it was load then I took my Internet is fine but I tried restarting it anyway still didn’t work pitch black tried going out of the e-book it wouldn’t let me though and I was just completely stuck nothing I could do I tried restarting the app page nothing with work I was just completely stuck that’s my only glitch experience at least I can remember I needed to do something like delete the app and reinstall it. Otherwise no other major glitches all of them were easy and simple to fix besides that one of course. Otherwise great out no major witches besides that one that I have encountered I gave you a couple of suggestions how to make the app a little bit better. (Here are some books series I suggest if you are a advanced reader: Warriors, wings of fire, wild Lore wild rescuers) (and also A book/audiobook that I like that I know also on here that I also suggest: 13th goldfish goldfish,


Just downloaded a book and it froze. I cannot refresh, etc. deleted app to download CL but it still is frozen and i cannot download. Love CL. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.


It’s the best thing ever I love reading the book’s it has. It has so many books


May not have as many newer releases, but other features make up for that, especially similar authors feature


So useful and up-to-date


This app is pretty buggy. I love my local library but this app can’t download or open any books!


Lacks details when books are displayed after a search. If part of series should show series name and series number. Needs a list view with small icon an details. Too much white space and huge picture. I don’t pick books based on the picture. Like that it retains my search for audiobooks in filter. Shows on Apple Watch playing but no controls to change volume, speed, start and stop. Reverse or go forward. No point showing on watch. Competitor app has the controls. If I walk away and forgot to stop it would be nice if I could control via watch once it is playing


Lots of books choices in variation of genres. Audio and readable. Downloads in seconds!