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The United app wallet got a makeover! We’ve made it easier to save, pay and manage all your forms of payment on top of providing you easy access to your travel certificates, flight credits and TravelBank cash—all in one place.


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Say hello to our redesigned United app.

With our everchanging environment and the need more than ever to empower our customers with more ability to self-serve and stay informed, we’ve worked to enhance our United app to deliver information more consistently, timelier and easier than before for all users – all while keeping many of the same features you know and love.

The app is your all-in-one travel partner
– Our redesigned app will now deliver information you need more consistently than ever before with improved navigation for a more seamless experience. The design updates also serve as a complement to our enhanced accessibility support for screen readers.
– During your trip, our app home screen gives you quick access to important details by opening to the most useful and relevant information, for all users whether you’re signed in or not. When it’s time to travel, check in for your flights on the home screen and view real-time updates. See what amenities are on your flights and your position on the upgrade and standby lists. While at the airport, explore interactive airport maps to find a United Club location near you and stay up to date on your flight status through our push notifications delivered directly to your inbox.

Manage your MileagePlus® account
– Enroll in MileagePlus and check out our newly envisioned “My account” experience. You can also earn miles with MileagePlus programs and use these miles to book award travel on the app, too.

Search for flights and book travel
– Look for flights across our global network. When you find one that’s right, book it on the app using money, award miles or even your electronic travel certificates.

Easily manage your reservations on the app
– View and change your seat assignments, or enhance your trips by adding Economy Plus® seating, Premier Access®, United Club℠ passes, travel bundles and more. You can also change, cancel or rebook your flights right on the app, all through the “My trips” section.

Continue using the app in the air
– With United Private Screening on select flights, watch TV shows and movies on your own device. Plus, track the status of your checked bags and see which gate you’ll arrive to once you land.

Travel-Ready Center
– Use our Travel-Ready Center to navigate everything needed for travel. Learn about COVID-19 travel requirements and upload the necessary test results, vaccine documentation, and destination entry forms. It even integrates with Apple Health, allowing you to seamlessly provide your proof of vaccination.

Have questions?
– Message our contact center directly through the Contact Us section in the app.




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Most of the app works until you have to enter all the COVID information three times.


Fee for seats, fee for baggage, fee for internet, fee for literally everything you could imagine. FEES


This check in process is way way way to complicated!!! Please work with these countries and simplify this process. Please have an efficiency expert review this checkin process and delete all of it. This insanity can’t continue!!


This app used to seem so much more powerful. On this 3-day trip I have experienced non stop “Unexpected Errors” that make it impossible to get any information or make any changes due to flight delays. The UI is not intuitive. Sometimes I am shown exactly what I am looking for, other times I go down a rabbit hole of links. What do I need to go to the website to select entertainment options just to be pushed back to the app?!


Your app is garbage and buggy. I literally can’t even check in without being told “something went wrong” at each step


Why force your passengers to use an app that doesn’t work? It took me 15 minutes to scan one passport. The other doesn’t scan at all. Complete waste of time.


I have the app using it as a guest and it works really well. Gives me precise routes to get to the gates without any issues. And it always keeps my information present even if I am a guest.


Great airline so far, keep it up!!


5 star service like always


It would be helpful to have type of airfare purchased as listed; basic economy, economy premium, economy, etc, etc. to better know baggage policy.


I found I was redirected back to the beginning a couple times. Also, I’m hoping my TSA number comes through on my boarding pass on my phone.


There is absolutely zero benefit being in this program, the app is a nightmare and confusing to navigate through. You are constantly being asked to sign up for United credit cards and are offered free bag checks, but when you are approved for a card you still have to pay for your checked bags. It just makes more sense to buy airline tickets from kayak or Expedia. At least with them you get some perks. My last United fight was supposed to include free WiFi but that wasn’t available and I was never refunded. Terrible service all around.


I purchased bags and the app says I have no bags purchased.. multiple phone calls to 800# turned out to be A COMPLETE WASTE IF TIME..


This app blows and so does United. Total waste of time with an interface designed by a blind moron who has never used an app before.


They need to make the difference between Badic Economy and economy much clearer. Perhaps name them something else. Distinction very unclear. Very poor customer relations


Both legs of my 4/18/22 wife and my flights were delayed and had a plane change. I Spent 2 hours and three calls on the phone to get our seats back to next to each other. I Got bumped out of first class to exit rows that don’t recline. I will be looking into other airlines to change my flights to and from the Philippines in a couple weeks. It looks like American has similar flights.


Seems like this checking is very cumbersome. I must have sent at least verification on passport and COVID information at least 10 times today


This app doesn’t work! It doesn’t recognize cities it flies to (West Palm Beach or PBI). If I ask for a flight status it asks me to choose an airline, but there is nothing on the list and if I type in United, it isn’t even on the list. It does seem to work if you have a flight, but not if you’re checking on a friend.


Why bother to give us a seat selection when you then change it with no choice on our part? This is disgusting, annoyed


Why is this app half a gig? Sloppy development.