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Every week, we polish up the Pinterest app. This update includes: - Bug fixes - Performance improvements Tell us if you like this latest version at https://help.pinterest.com/contact


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My home feed won’t change. It’s stuck on the same pins no matter how far I scroll down, it won’t reload. I’ve made a new account and tried it and the same thing happened. I’ve logged out and back into my current account and it’s still stuck. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app onto my phone and it’s still stuck. The same thing is going on, on the website. What is happening????


I very much enjoy Pinterest, however the recent updates have been messing everything up. First of all, I’m really hating the “helpful” button where the likes used to be. Like not every comment is helpful dudes, sometimes I just like what someone said. Also it doesn’t count a lot of the “helpfuls” that people give, which I could live without, but it’s annoying when i get a notification saying “someone liked your comment” but my comment has no “helpfuls”. Also, a couple of updates ago, my feed just sort of stopped refreshing. I keep seeing the same pins over and over, no matter what I do. I tried hiding pins, exing out of the app, restarting my phone, deleting the app and putting it back, all the stuff the help section suggests- but nope nothing seems to be working. Its very very annoying, and honestly its kinda pushing me away from Pinterest. Hope the feed stuff gets fixed soon or something.


I had so many boards and pins, probably like 10 years worth. And now they’re all gone? One of the updates I did must’ve deleted everything. I’m a baker and all of the recipes and design inspiration and everything I had saved is all gone now. Horrible and so upsetting


I used to constantly use pinterest. It is my favorite app to rewind and relax and I can scroll through it for hours. I love how organized and neat it was and how easy it is to use. The new update takes those features and crumbles them into pieces. It is so difficult to use and figure out. Everything is disorganized and messy. Almost all the pins are just videos. It seems you can only search for pins, not boards or users. My own pin boards are confusing. You cannot search for a specific board and instead you just search through all your pins. Its frustrating. It is so cluttered and disorganized and overwhelming. I definitely preferred the older version..


Iv had Pinterest for so many years the updates have been a little annoying but I can deal with it but now there is absolutely nothing In the browser iv refreshed, cleared cache and even deleted the app and there is still nothing in the browser no matter how many times I reload it please fix this iv been a long time supporter of this app and this has been very annoying lately


when will the pinterest creators bring back the “search by board” feature on mobile? it’s the entire reason i used to use pinterest religiously and now the app is getting worse and worse every single time a new update comes out


I love the app but no matter what I try it won’t refresh the app. The same pins have been on my home feed for days and won’t change


There’s a glitch where you can’t refresh the homepage. Please fix it


I love Pinterest but recently they have been increasing the number of “story” like posts and when you try to swipe to the next pin it automatically pulls up “more content by by this creator” rather than moving to the next pin meaning I have to back out to the feed every time I want to swipe past a story. Please create a different tab for stories if you are going to keep this annoying “feature” I have not liked the stories. Honestly it has made going on to Pinterest frustrating especially if you want to just browse Pinterest.


Three days now! Feed won’t refresh… tried uninstalling, clearing cache, logging out, etc.


I don’t know what’s the problem but it’s the second time While playing the videos the sound doesn’t play it’s been a long time that I use this app but recently this sound problem really gets annoying please fix it:(


I keep seeing the exact same pictures on my feed even when I refresh the page!


My page won’t refresh. It’s been like this since the last update


The app hasn’t reloaded new pins in 2 days. It’s not a Wi-Fi problem, I really think it’s the app.


The last 4 days I’ve been unable to view anything on the Pinterest app. I just did an update to my iphone (this started prior to the update), after the update I tried opening the app, still had the same issue. I deleted the app from my dashboard, reinstalled it and it still isn’t working. Turned my phone off and back one… still nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to contact Pinterest or any solutions for fixing this? Thanks!


Pinterest’s updates are most of the time pretty useless. Like removing photo comments/Trying pins. The thought was there, but the execution was poor. Also their constant updates on idea pins. The people on this app are pretty awesome. Some people would think Pinterest was just a bunch of middle aged mommy bloggers.


As of about 2 days ago, my home feed is blank. I still get notifications of boards/ideas I may like, but there’s no home feed


i love the app and everything but why when i search something up it shows blank pictures? it’s not anything with my wifi or nothing it’s just the app glitching. every time i update it still does the same thing. one day it works and then the next day it doesn’t. y’all need to fix this or imma just delete the app cuz….


Used to love Pinterest but recently there have been an absurd number of promoted pins. When using Pinterest on my phone they take up at least 1/3 of the pins in my feed.