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Every week, we polish up the Pinterest app. This update includes: - Bug fixes - Performance improvements Tell us if you like this latest version at

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Pinterest is the place to explore inspiration. You can:
– Find what inspires you
– Easily organize your ideas
– Shop based on your taste
– Learn from creators
– Inspire the world with your ideas

Explore billions of ideas to turn your dreams into reality. On Pinterest, the possibilities are endless: Design your cozy oasis. Nail your winter nailscapes. Hack your home organization. Browse your next car purchase. Create a life you love.

Why wait? Download today to create a life you love.

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Pinterest is the place to explore inspiration. You can: - Find what inspires you - Easily organize your ideas - Shop based on your taste - Learn from creators - Inspire the world with your ideas Explore billions of ideas to turn your dreams into reality. On Pinterest, the possibilities are endless: Design your cozy oasis. Nail your winter nailscapes. Hack your home organization. Browse your next car purchase. Create a life you love. Why wait? Download today to create a life you love.
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I cannot sign up on Pinterest I tried deleting it and downloading it again..and fail and I am 15 I hate this so much! Pls help me figure this out!


I'm legitimately so done with Pinterest and it's "help center." Firstly, I once sent an email about being stalked and waited four or more davs and a bot answered me and told me everything I had already done. Even with evidence of said stalker, you all did nothing about it. Second, you need the option to be able to just turn of messages all together, thats a huge issue that has never been fixed. Lastly, you need to delete old pins/old comments when someone actually deletes them instead of just keeping them on file. Somehow, people keep liking comments from 3 years ago and pins that I've deleted. How is that possible??


tapping folders causes it to close if held too long. hate it especially if im scrolled down so far. also the update causes the folder to scroll back to the top when i click on a pin and go back. i want to go back the original scroll position….. its very annoying


It won’t let me sign up and I love the app DONT get me worng but you should fix this and I put 25 as my bc I’m that age


Compared to 2012 before the “ changes“ Pinterest was one of the best social media, quietly better than Facebook or Twitter. but now it’s really a cesspool. It’s really stagnant. You’re not able to find human interaction here anymore. And they actively discourage it. The goal was to separate people because WEF and others felt that good people were having too much contact. The place is now a cesspit of censorship, and you are not allowed to post black African-American Christian conservative womens’ videos, nor links to their videos. Posting African American Christian conservative women chitchatting and talking and making those videos, is considered to be “spam” and get you instantly banned even though there are no other punishment or warnings on your account that is in good standing with a clean record. For a school history project I posted from the Russian Pravda website and they actually took me to a special webpage and congratulated me for putting communist content on Pinterest. So you can have a bunch of white male communists, but you can’t have black female American patriot women. I’m not kidding, when I posted from the Russian communist newspaper, they actually congratulated me for doing it. But if you post anything that is politically to the right hand side of Chairman Mao of China, you’ll start getting banned. literally for nothing that you did wrong. they don’t even give you a warning or say hey, we don’t like this. Because they would have to explain why, and they can’t explain that. Because there’s no legitimate reason behind it. It’s really stagnant in other ways as well. About 90% of the contact on Pinterest is being recycled. There’s no new content, and they really try to pigeonhole you. It’s entirely run by an algorithm so it’s not really a randomized shuffled deck of cards. Before 2013 it was really an open river of ideas, something new and unexpected every day. But now, After one or two things that you put in, you are pigeonholed, and that’s all you’ll ever see. For example, if you post some pictures of sports, the only thing Pinterest will ever show you are more pictures of sports. You will never get to hear about science fiction after that. If you post science fiction, it will take you to the science fiction, pigeonhole, and you will never leave there. It will never let you encounter a new idea that you didn’t already indicate a desire for. It’s like being in jail. There’s no way to learn something new, discover something new, find something new, or encounter something or someone that you’ve never seen before. You are only going to get the boring and limited collection already there that is curated by the algorithm AI, based on things that you’ve already looked for before. It’s a very limited selection of images. Even though they’ve been around for years, the Content on Pinterest is very bland. It’s not even exciting anymore. at least, if you were pigeonholed in a vast library, that might be OK. But it’s just so scarce. Like people burning down libraries, or like Germans burning books, Pinterest is more interested in deleting people‘s content, than providing a good service. Pinterest should not complain about having a lack of content, because they burn books. well, guess what, we’re not scared of bullies, and we don’t care what you think Pinterest. Your opinions are worth nothing. The Internet is forever and our photos exist forever and we’ll just make a replacement for you. They delete not just one post, or one photograph, but entire profiles and entire boards, because they believe in mass destruction of information. In their acted-upon opinion, if somebody has 1 million unique and valuable photographs, but one of them supports Donald Trump, they would rather burn the whole place to the ground and lose all that content. The Trump photograph may be nothing more than a happy photo of trump sitting at his desk with two black, conservative fem talk show hosts, standing at his left, or right with an American flag, but that would be considered so horrible for a bunch of demented lunatics at Pinterest, they would destroy 1 million unique works of art. I don’t think Pinterest deserves your time, effort, or consideration. That’s the kind of attitude on the app. That means they aren’t worth your time of day. they have a weird idea that’s almost religious, despite 1 million unique paintings, they will burn them all for one Trump photo, because they think it’s “defiled“ or something. They are a bunch of wackos and nuts. You have to explicitly search for things that you want to find, and that also limits what you will find because it will only be based on what you already know to look for. You’re not able to wander through the library and find a new book. You’re only able to find things based on what you’ve already found before. Before 2012 we were able to talk with people and have conversations and make friends and find out who originally posted and follow content creators but now you are totally isolated from human contact. This is a clown world app run by loons. They are so crazy. They don’t see how crazy they are. It’s shameful and they should be ridiculed. Just like Facebook, they’re being bolstered in the App Store, to promote the failing app, because we’re not allowed to dislike them, even though they are past their prime and have jumped the shark. Pinterest is dead. I don’t honestly believe there’s that many people using it anymore. It’s just been in a state of decline and it will continue to do so unless they become free speech platform. But Pinterest is openly, the communist, repressive, authoritarian, collectivist, and inhuman. They’re not going to change. So woke Pinterest will continue to go broke. As for me, I lost all respect for Pinterest when I was instantly banned despite no previous “violations” because I posted a link to some black African-American Christian conservative women with their talk show… wholesome stuff. Because that’s NOT “allowed” on Pinterest.


yall NEED to fix this bug where scrolling even slightly off, the board either refreshes or closes out entirely and kicks you back to your profile. and making it possible to search for boards again. thats 90% of what i was even using the app for in the first place. other than that its a buggy mess on ios and i cannot recommend it Less. just use the desktop site in safari and delete the app. it isnt worth the struggle.


Since there was a new update I been seeing that every time I open the app and go to my boards I try to go and scroll down through them but once I attempt to go any further it decides to reload and start from the top which it never happened before, so if there something you could do please fix that issue.


cool app but they removed the try pin option (yknow the thing where you can add pictures into comment sections) it was a really fun and cool feature that i liked to use but now it’s gone, and for what? i am literally begging you to bring it back i will do whatever it takes to finally add images in the comment sections once again. also the app sometimes freezes and i have to close it in order for it to work again kinda annoying but whatever




When i got Pinterest it wouldn’t let me sign up it would say “oops! You are not Eligible to sign up” i was wondering if anyone else had the same problem and how do you fix it?


i believe that this app is awesome^^ but i have a suggestion or two: . show weather or not friends are online (aka like discord) . make private accounts so you can accept or decline followers but this app is amazing i’m obsessed


pinterest is so fun and helps me kill boredom, not by scrolling like other apps, but by giving me fun ideas to inspire me and teach me new interests!!


Pinterest is great, but it won’t let me sign up I’ve tried so many times but it never works.


Awesome app


I’ve been a fan of Pinterest for many years, it is beyond wonderful,LolazoeyJ


This app is super helpful! You can find aesthetic wallpapers, kid birthday party ideas, interior design ideas, or even funny memes. I totally recommend this app! It really sparks your creativity.


I can’t sign up with any email address. I’ve tried with several addresses with no success. Please help.


I have been using Pinterest for years and you completely ruined it with this update where the heck did my boards inspire go how am I supposed to look and recipes or workouts related to the ones I’ve saved already? Now I’m supposed to watch tv on here that’s not wat the app is even about I’ve had Pinterest for years sadly I’ll be leaving after this update unless it gets fixed




For some odd reason it would let me login. It took me hours and nothing happen I tried different passcodes and emails but still nothing! If any know how to fix this please tell me!