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The My Verizon app is the all-in-one hub of your Verizon experience, allowing you to keep track of account changes and the latest offers, easily switch to Verizon, and much more.

With My Verizon, you can:

• Switch to Verizon in minutes (and bring your phone), thanks to auto-detection of your device and the ability to scan your ID for quick setup.
• Check to see which offers you’re eligible for.
• View your account in one seamless feed.
• Get on-demand support tools, such as Live Chat and step-by-step troubleshooting instructions as needed.
• Monitor data usage via a control center that lets you see how much data is being used, who is using it and how to get more when you need it.
• Change or manage your account safely anywhere, anytime.
• Switch to a different plan easily or go Unlimited right from your device.
• Make secure payments quickly. Manage and pay your bills easily, or simply enroll in Auto Pay.
• Score rewards, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exclusive perks from your favorite brands when you register for Verizon Up.
• Shop phones, wearables, smart devices and accessories, and get delivery as quickly as the same day.

Download My Verizon now and control your entire Verizon experience in just one app.




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Overall the Verizon app is very helpful with data plan and billing information, but when it comes to calling customer service is not. When selecting the Contact us, then selecting the reason for calling from their menu and finally tapping on Call Us, nothing happens. I have to manually look for the customer service number in order to call and speak with someone on customer service. It will be very helpful if the developers can fix this inconvenience..


I pay $200/month for 2 lines just so you can monitor my communications, sell my data/info to whoever you want (and not compensate me for it), hand over my data/info to agencies that have circumvented my 4th amendment rights via the patriot act and other nefarious schemes designed to erode liberty, and then you take the profits you make from all these immoral acts and apply them to a political agenda that destroys us and our country. You’re one of the worst companies in America and I dream of the day that you will held accountable for your actions.


We have very poor reception in Porter Ranch. Can’t dial out nor receive calls. Poor signal. We’ve complained about it and nothing happened


This used to be a top notch app but no more. The days remaining counter has been BROKEN FOR DAYS And the account usage total functions no longer work


Main gripe is that you can’t payoff your device in the app it seems. You get stuck in a loop of trying to add a payment option. I was told the only way to do it is on the desktop site. So, why is it an option in the app? You’re just refusing to fix it but will keep the feature? Weird.


I paid for a new phone and Verizon has charged me for unwanted insurance This company is crooked. I have complained twice at the local Verizon store and am still being robbed


Today is 3/27/2022 and the Verizon app won’t log on to my account or show me Verizon up offers. All this app does is display ads for Verizon equipment and phones. Can I get a minus 4 stars option?


I am approximately 1/4 mile off a major US route in the city limits. I receive no 5G & 1 sometimes 2 bars. Get no reasonable answer from Verizon customer service.


Spent time on hold for 29 min then get disconnected tried on the iPad I’m always speaking to a computer one they have you signed up its. Impossible to speak to a person there the worst I should never have switched


The Verizon Data usage is not working this morning. Seriously, what do I pay the big bucks for?


Is the system down? It’s just the sign in button and it does nothing. I want to fix my disconnected number and reload my account but I can’t even get my information online


Is this app even real? It doesn’t function. At all. I am actually embarrassed for this company. I regret switching to Verizon. Employees are completely clueless. The rebate crap is a scam. I’m reporting to the BBB and finding another provider. What a horrible experience.


Everytime I log into my account the phone will log me out after 1 min and request a code but once I get 3 codes I can’t get into the my Verizon app anymore and customer service can’t help me I’ve tried because it tells me to call Verizon and to no avail I can no longer log into my account


On 4/23/22 I called to purchase an iPhone 13 Pro Max. My purchase had included a bundle with a phone case, a glass screen protector and a fast charge power cord. I also wanted to order an iWatch Series 7. To complete these purchases accurately it has taken, 7 days, 10 (no lie) different individuals, a 60 mile drive, and about 8.5 hours of my time. Also included are countless callbacks to cancel an inaccurate order, to validate the bundle order which was never placed after all, and to ensure I was getting the trade-in deal and packaging which also was never processed. A TOTAL cluster! Verizon should be completely embarrassed at the ridiculousness of just two, what should be simple purchases. Atrocious, absolutely not customer friendly and I’ll say Spectrum is looking more appealing after this mess.


I have been a Verizon customer for over 20 years. I contacted them to inquire about adding international service. After getting thru their robot I was told that I would be put in line for a human. Instead Verizon hung up on me.


Current version of data usage page is giberish


New version is broken. When app is open, nothing to show except Sign in on top screen.


FACE ID doesn’t work. The app errors out consistently. I’ve just been chatting with support on the app and an error occurred closing out the chat. It’s the least reliable app that I have.


I have miss placed my bill and I do not have an address to send the payment. Please forward the address for payment.


Update: months later and the app is still inaccurate on data usage. Every day it shows the correct percentage of data left but always shows zero days left. And instead of quickly seeing what my data usage and days left. And the widget is even worse is it never reflects correct data and days left unless I actually open the main app first so what’s the point with the widget I thought the point of the widget was not to have to open the app to check data usage is. I have to tap three times into the app to get an accurate stat of data usage and days left I find the Verizon widget terribly inaccurate for keeping track of data usage. It will say I have used all my data for the month but I will actually have more than 50% remaining. As for app it will tell me two different things.... when I open it I’m told I have certain amount of data but when I log all the way In I’m told I have a very different amount. As for Verizon service and reliability I love it. But this app and widget need major overhaul.