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European war 2 is a new style strategy game on the background of WWⅡ(Super Risk).In the game depending on troops you can compete for territories such as lands,cities and oceans,further for resources,develop economy and military,conquer enemies’ capitals and destory the enemies.There are 28 European countries including more than 200 land and sea areas,you can choose 12 countries from the Axis Powers and the Allies while enjoying kinds of game modes.

During the game you need to operate and distribute the three basic troops reasonably which include soldiers,tanks and artillery.(Soldier troop with high yields but general attack,tank troop with high attack and continue action when complete destroying the enemies,artillery troop attacks soldier troop and tank troop while they cannot strike back),judge on the current situation correctly at any time for the AI is outstanding.The attributes of arms are different from each country.For example,the tank of Germany is most powerful but with high price,the soldier of Soviet Union is cheapest,the navy of Britain is best.

In the game you need to use military cards to cooperate to the battle.
– Soldier Card (produce soldier troops)
– Tank Card (produce tank troops)
– Artillery Card (produce artillery troops)
– Battleship Card (take actions on the sea )
– Fortress Card (cannot move and attack during 3 rounds but improve defending)
– Construction Card (construct territories,improve taxes, highest level can draft army troop )
– Airstrike Card (Air attack the enemy of adjacent territory)
– General Card(equip a general to the troop for enhancing the attacking power)
– Marshal Card(equip a marshal to the troop for enhancing the defending power)
– Special Card (only owned by Germany,Soviet Union,Britain,France,Italy and used once every 7 rounds.)

Include two modes: conquest mode and battle mode

Conquest mode:choose one country from the 12 of the Axis Powers and the Allies to dominate Europe.The others will be your allies,enemies and neutral.
Battle mode:the main line to 4 countries (Germany,Britain,France,Soviet Union),16 battles for the game.

Chapter 1 Blitzkrieg
Chapter 2 Maginot Line
Chapter 3 Operation Barbarossa
Chapter 4 Top of Europe

Chapter 1 England Channel
Chapter 2 North Africa
Chapter 3 Battle of Berlin
Chapter 4 Battle of Eastern Europe

Chapter 1 Defend The Motherland
Chapter 2 Battle of Apennine
Chapter 3 Battle of Balkan
Chapter 4 Battle of Eastern Europe

Soviet Union
Chapter 1 Defend The Moscow
Chapter 2 Counter Attack
Chapter 3 Duel
Chapter 4 Top of Europe

Magnificent fighting music and sound can make you feel involvement.

– conquest mode and battle mode
– more than 200 territories
– 28 belligerent states
– 30 millitary troops
– 15 millitary cards
– 5 levels
– 17 battles
– autosave




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I like this version, but I do not enjoy the newer versions. My phone says this needs to be updated because it may slow down my iPhone. Software update would be appreciated.


Bad. Unlike units cannot occupy the same hex. No such thing as combined arms tactics. Please, somebody correct me if I'm wrong. Wanted to like this game, but ended up playing a broken version of "Risk".


Tiene algunas cosas que no tienen sentido, como llevar una unidad hasta arriba de bonificadores y que aún así la eliminen como si no fuesen na, no sé si seré yo pero a los alemanes siempre les sale a pedir de boca porque por lo demás a veces te dan unos mazazos... Tampoco me gusta el hecho de que no puedas reiniciar la partida en la que estás sino que o bien mueres o bien inicias la campaña otra, sinceramente no lo recomiendo, me parece que hay juegos mucho mejores.


I bought this on a bundle for 99 cents. Decent game but my biggest gripe it's made for an older version of iOS and there are black portions on the screen.


Too simplistic for my taste. Also turtling is way too easy. 30 tanks in a castle can hold off an entire nation's army for almost eternity. Makes clearing maps tiresome.


Game can be fun and addicting, but more times than not I get disgusted and quit when 3 AI infantry manage to defeat 17 of my fortified tanks or the like, even on the easiest settings.


it is totally rigged


It is better to go by risk instead


not bad but can't get the world part working


But good game


I used to play this app a lot but now I rarely do as I have done everything possible on it. If multiplayer is added I'll definitely come back to it. Still a good app.


Everything made by the Germans is incredibly overpowered, for example, 3 German infantry destroyed my 5 British battleships, its just unrealistic. Lose the godly powers that the Germans had, and then 5 stars.


I can't touch anybody! I can't destroy 1 German with 99 Russian soldiers! This is a bug. Fix it! >:(


I am a big fan of war strategy games and this one makes me want my money back! I don't recommend it


Well after buying it I had enjoy playing the conquest mode to it, but after awhile though it gets boring like any other game. I would have really help if they had a pass & play mode.


Was fun but then became impossible to win with ridiculously unfair dice in favor of the computer. Seems like a bug??


To be fair, I was hoping for a game along the older panzer general lines. If you are looking for Risk with a few twists, this for you. If you're looking for a good WWII strategy game, keep looking. The lack of maneuverability or the ability to move a unit more than one space at a turn is an anchor on the game. the game quickly becomes redundant, yes allies "attack" you by occupying you vacant spaces, but again, that is the Risk element. Do not expect any historical accuracy in this game beyond the names of the countries. If only someone had the moxie to design an Avalon Hill game like Blitzkrieg or Third Reich as an IPod App........oh the joy!


good game, but gets 1 star for a few reasons. first, when you are allied with a country shouldn't they abstain from attacking you? FIX THAT FIRST! second, add the US somewhere, we played a major role in the war and it would only make sense. third, please please please please pleaseeeeeee add multiplayer. even if it's just two people on the same device, that would be amazing. this game has so much potential but lack of effort surely showed. if these are fixed, (mainly 1 and 3) I will give 5 stars. also please add the ability to zoom in and out of the map. would be very helpful.


The map is tiny and misses alot of relevant parts of Russia/turkey/middle east, such as Egypt and mountains between Otto/Russia. Good new concepts on original game but very poorly implemented. Same dumb-as-nails AI from first game. Overall boring and massively outshined by other games in the risk genre.


This is a great game, like axis and allies meets risk, but feels unfair at times. Like how the enemies will stack hundreds of units into a single space, making it impossible to destroy them with out spending every last penny on airstrikes and upgrades. As well as your allies randomly attacking you and taking your unoccupied spaces and killing your units.