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A good vocabulary is essential to your child’s future. SuperKids Vocab Apps provide a fun and easy way to master the words they will need in school, and beyond.

SuperKids’ users agree:

o “Just what we’d been looking for, vocabulary by grade level.”

o “This method really does work — and it’s a lot more fun than memorizing a stack of flashcards.”

o “… a great way to learn new words.”’s educational software experts have reviewed thousands of programs since 1995. Their teams of parents, teachers, and kids have been exposed to the best, and the well, not-as-good in educational technology. They know what works, and what doesn’t, and their word is trusted by a million visitors/month.

Here, in SuperKids Word-of-the-Day for 10th Grade, they have created a deceptively elegant app for the iPhone that can be used for a few minutes at a time while on the go, or in extended sessions to master 365 important words.

This app provides a coordinated drill and game pair that makes expanding your vocabulary easy and fun. Students use interactive flash cards to learn and review, and then practice their knowledge in a game of hangman. These elements activate different learning centers in the brain, and utilize active study and immersive recall techniques to improve memory acquisition and retention.

Special features include:
– definitions, synonyms, and a usage example for each word
– bi-directional learning: words to definitions, definitions to words
– learn in monthly sets
– automatic missed word tracking and review
– high score tracking for each player
– email report card and study review
– game position and status memory

Words included in this app are based on the vocabulary set honed by millions of users of’s online vocabulary tools over the last ten years.

A strong vocabulary is an essential element of understanding and communication. Use this app to give your child the linguistic foundation to achieve their potential, and become a SuperKid at school and beyond.

Questions or suggestions? Email us at And be sure to check out our growing family of educational products in the iTunes App Store.




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Been playing this game for a while now and I'm getting pretty good at the March list. My goal is to get a perfect hangman score on it before the end of March, then I'll be ready to go on the April one. Love the fact that you can just pick it up and even if you don't finish the whole list of words you can just pick up where you left off. Overall a challenging but fun game to pick up, and I'm actually using some of these words now!


This is a good SAT-prep app, especially for the Critical Reading sections of the test. Many of the words are on the study list we provide our clients, and the combination of flashcards and hangman games makes this work for those who like rote memorization, as well as those who like competitive games. Vocabulary is one of those fact sets that is easier to develop over time. This app makes it more fun, and 10th grade is *not* too early to start.


Another great game from Superkids! Easy to use, great continuity between 9th and 10th grade vocab. Still love the hangman games. Great graphics!


My brother and I play on the way to and from school every day. I get to play on the way there, and he plays on the way back, trying to beat my score. I usually win, but he's doing pretty well, especially since he's only in 8th grade. We've stayed with the same word set (February) so far, and I usually get all but a couple of words right. My goal is to get a perfect score by the end of the month -- no wrong words, no wrong letters.