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Explore who and where you came from through photos, stories, historical records, and so much more— even your ethnicity and family communities if you’ve taken an AncestryDNA® test. And with just one relative’s name, you can start to discover your family history anytime, anywhere with Ancestry®, the top genealogy app*.

Why you’ll love to discover your family story using the Ancestry® app:
• View your family tree, search and add new family members, upload photos, and share stories – all with just a few taps
• With a free trial or paid subscription easily access more than 30 billion records, photos, and more
• The dynamic Discover feed lets you review, dismiss, and save your discoveries and hints for later
• Activate your AncestryDNA® kit and view your ethnicity results
• See your DNA matches and compare your results with them
• Learn even more about your family story when you combine your tree with your DNA results
• Preserve your history with your own personalized family tree
• Collaborate with friends and family – it couldn’t be easier
• Our modern layout design makes it even easier for you to explore
• Discover stories, photos, and records about your ancestors with Ancestry Hints®
• Personal traits. Add Traits to your DNA results to see how your genes could influence 35+ fitness, nutrient, sensory and appearance traits.

Free Features:
• Build a family tree
• Search the census records and access more than 1.1 billion free records
• Receive hints based on your tree
• Scan or upload your own family pictures
• Receive messages from Ancestry members
• See your ancestors’ life stories on a map

Available with an optional free trial or subscription:
• View more than 30 billion records.
• Use Ancestry Hints® to learn about ancestors
• Find pictures of your family
• Discover new relatives
• Unrestricted messaging

iPhone and iPad Features:
• Curious about your family tree? Simply look up a relative’s name, discover their story, and then share it with your loved ones
• Remember the high school years by finding yearbook photos to share with your close family and friends, all with just one quick tap
• Review your personalized hints
• Add photos, hints, or ancestor stories and watch your personalized family tree grow
• Watch Ancestry Academy Videos that get you started with genealogy research
• Easily upload or scan photos and add facts or stories to your family tree
• Learn about historical events that affected your ancestors’ lives.

Apple Watch Features:
• Get on-this-day alerts for events from your family history.

Download the Ancestry Family History & DNA app to start exploring your heritage and more, today!

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I am enjoying Ancestry and reconnecting with lost relatives but as a widow on a fixed income I cannot afford the $29.99 monthly fee to do more research.


My nieces daughter it says she is my first cousin she is not


Getting lots of DNA matches to help my search!


Faces and facts about people I’ve heard about from family. What a great treat Ancestry has been for me. RichKMay


Is so complicated. My maternal great grandfather (John Swenson) had 3 wives. 1st in Sweden, they had 3 daughters and wife died. He left his girls with in laws and sailed to USA. He married a Norwegian woman and became an Ohio River boatman moving freight with his wife living on the boat while 3 daughters were born when wife #2 died after 3 daughter was born. Her parents took their granddaughters. John signed up for civil war (?) and was given acres in MN. He married #3 wife and had 12 children, my grandfather was the 12th. OMGosh!!!


Thank don’t really feel like people should have to pay to price together their families information & history… but I do enjoy the app & how easy it is to price together a tree…


I’m not techno-intelligent but it’s not required on Ancestry, the menus are simple and easy. I have found 2 lost grandfathers!


I cannot search for places, I cannot do a relationship map, except to the home person, I cannot do a “who was alive in 1725?” Search, the printouts are pathetic, the double up of birth and other facts are a total time waster. Ancestry! Do better! A whole lot better!


In the last year because of Covid I was able to stop and get on ancestry and find family I never knew I had : I only knew of 20 people now I have 20,000 and I have connected with them even on Facebook . It make me cry every time one of them calls me cuz : thank you so much for finding my family


I have added so much information into ancestry.com & now I can’t find it!


I really enjoy reading all about my family This app is great


I’m having so much fun looking at all these records. Discovering new family members. Calling my mom and nana having them help me confirm information about family members. & I’m the process of them confirming info I’m getting to learn new things about my family members.


I got more information in one hour on Ancestry than all day on my heritage. So happy I switched


There are endless rabbit holes to go down on this site. It’s fantastic!


No other app has the tree building capability or DNA ties to your tree that ancestry has. It’s outstanding… easy to use… easy to share.


I keep receiving information that I believe is wrong based on misidentifying my grandfather Howard Cleveland Miller 1886-1937 who lived and died in Bridgeport Connecticut with a man of the same birth / death dates and name from Oswego New York. A like between a Harriet Adelaide Crane and my grandfather Howard Cleveland Miller does not exist since his mother was Harriet Esther Laura Wilson-Miller and his father was Henry M. Miller. So all related Ancestors from Harriet Adelaide Crane are false I believe. PLEASE take note and correct


Love to see it wanna dive in more


Is it amazing? Yes. But, charging ungodly amounts is absolutely ridiculous.


I love the Ancestry app. I joined the app to help track my ancestors during conversations with my mom and other family members and it makes the task easy. Since my family immigrated to the USA, we lost contact with many family members. With DNA testing becoming more popular in the last five years, Ancestry has allowed me to connect to even more family members. My 88 year old mother has a very sharp memory and has enjoyed renewing with the reconnections and meeting their descendants. As I made new connections, my mom has also helped with providing family stories for our tree. Because of all the benefits I have experienced with the Ancestry app, I am a huge fan and sing it praises to everyone! Thank you so much Ancestry for making learning about my ancestors so easy!


It is a great app on commercials but when you actually download it and wait for a bit it does not work and get glitchy and starts going in and out so that’s why I get this a one star rating