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We have fully redesigned the iOS application to match the website experience. You'll now have access to all our new features, including GameLock, which allows you to reserve a game in advance to save your place in line upon release day so you'll always get the game you want to play.


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GameFly is the ultimate video game and movie app including:

– Get info on thousands of games for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and more.
– Rent the latest Blu-ray and DVD movies.
– Buy new and used games, and Keep games and movies you rent. Plus, we now have consoles, controllers, and collectible items you can purchase.
– Most up-to-date gaming news.
– Check out user reviews and ratings.
– Browse screenshots and videos.
GameFly members can manage their Q and account on the go.
– Sign up and become a member now!




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I love GameFly so far, it usually ships quick and It has all the new games and most old games. The only complaint I have is that I suggest a way to track where your package is. Example I’m waiting on elden ring and it’s taking longer than usual and I’d like to know where it is. Other than that I love everything about GameFly


It'll send you something from the bottom of the Que. The order is literally not how they pick what you get. It sent me a game with low availability that was at the bottom of my Que before 3 other games that were high availability at the top of my Que. I'd advise just putting 1 game in your Que. Kinda dumb


This used to be a good app, but now I can’t log in anymore. The login button doesn’t work when I put in my username and password.


If you like a 10 day turn around to get new games this is a must have. Better to buy and sell your games than this scam.


The app will not allow me to login.


I admit the prices on some of the games are way better than other stores or places but when I purchased a copy of Call of duty Black ops Cold War I was sent a copy of Modern Warfare and when I reported it I was told I could buy Cold War again even though I paid for it before hand already.


Can no longer log into the app on iPhone since update. I put in my email and password and the login button is grayed out. Others have posted about the same issue up to four months ago and it’s still not fixed…unacceptable!


This app is fake


This App Is Perfect please don’t ever cancel or shut down this App!!!!


I just subscribed to a two game out at a time plan. I am extremely happy with the turn around times I put a game in the mail on Friday and another one on Saturday and I happily discovered that two new games were being sent out on Monday due to fast return I recommend GameFly to everyone who likes to play games and are unsure what games they’re wanting to try without having to buy games first to discover if they like them or not.


Fix your app I can’t login into my account


Like the title say, I wish they never changed the app from what it was previously. Before it felt like an actual app for GameFly. Now it looks and feels like you’re on a desktop/mobile version of their website. It’s responds very slow too. Before the change, tapping on titles/navigation menu would react almost immediately. Now it takes 2-3 seconds before it responds to your touch. It is no longer user-friendly and I really wish that you would change it back to how it used to be, or update it to something infinitely better than what it is now.


Ever since update 10.01.014 or 10.01.015 I have not been able to log back into the app. Restarted phone, deleted and reinstalled app. I even factory reset my phone in case something in the background was causing issues. None of it worked. Can’t get past login screen so the app is unusable for me. Will just use a browser widget.


GameFly kept hounding me with free trial month offers. I finally took the bait. They never sent me any of the games I had in my Q. So I cancelled without ever getting anything. Seems like quite a racket to me. Very much like a scam of some kind. I wouldn’t recommend it at all. Don’t waste your time and get your hopes up. I hoped I could try a new game or two to get a feel for whether I’d want to buy them. GameFly failed to deliver anything. Extremely disappointing.


The application has not been working for a long time, always errors fixed this problem …..


This is an excellent service at a great value. Especially if they’re offering certificates and you’re able to pay for a year upfront. You save almost half the cost of a normal subscription. I have had a great experience over my years with GameFly. Highly recommend!


I didnt like the Customer service and how long it took to ship a game back and forth. Where talking 2 weeks before i could get a new game and customer service would only give out automated responses. Im pratically giving money away at this point and i can find a better way to give then this.


Hey ps4 I was wondering if you could make venom game on the PS4 and make it teen pls but make like the gta mod of venom but make it teen and in the spider man games can you make is so you drive cars this is the only way I thought I can reach out to you?


Love the service shipping time is a bit long but not to crazy and a lot cheaper then buying the game now the app could use some improvements it bugs out sometimes but all in all I like it


The app is slow on loading it takes 5 to 10 minutes to load into the main screen