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Saving time & avoiding traffic is even easier with this update: Fixed a bug that caused the app to close when choosing a different mood


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Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, crashes, & more. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time.

Why Waze?
◦ See what’s happening – Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive
◦ Get there faster – Instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time
◦ Easily listen to music – play your favorite apps for music, podcasts & more right from Waze
◦ Know when you’ll arrive – your Arrival Time is based on live traffic data
◦ Pay less for gas – find the cheapest gas along your route
◦ Drive with Apple CarPlay – use Waze on your car’s display
◦ Always find the way – choose from a variety of voices to guide you while you drive

Be prepared, drive with Waze.

You have full control over your privacy settings. Learn more about the Waze privacy policy, including what information is accessed and how it is used: www.waze.com/legal/privacy

Waze directions aren’t meant for emergency or oversized vehicles.




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Especially noticeable with Apple CarPlay it will often fail to start navigating. I put in the address, it draws a map to the destination and will not start to actually navigate. Your driving along and the map just looks at you, not moving. I find it necessary to shut my iPhone completely off and restart. Very frustrating. The built-in navigation system in my Toyota is vastly superior. All the advertising on the map makes the program almost useless. The advertising can clutter up and confuse what you’re trying to do. I have found Apple Maps to be much more useful and more importantly contains no advertising.


I’ve used this app for 10 years and it’s the best navigation app. Best user experience for updates and constant alerts on road conditions. Also, if police are near by 👀🚔 Love this app!


Enough said every route is to waste your gas now cus the world is moving towards electricity. So waze is trying maximize russia profits with every route they give you. Now the volume is higher than my radio at n carplay!!


We just updated Waves and now aren’t getting any voice to tell us when our turns or other stuff is coming we have a apple 8


This app is awesome my friend told me to download it before my 2,000 mile trip I LOVED it it is so easy to use and I think everyone who downloads this will love it too


I dont need a login to use a map book. Toodles


I was using Waze to drive from Flordia to New York and they keep putting me into standstill traffic and would never tell me where to turn to beat traffic would never recommended or use this app again


It isn’t as detailed as Google Maps in regards to satellite views. It only has offish map grids which isn’t good because a lot of people prefer the detailed view.


If you want to take s photo of a closure (reporting) the app crashes when you touch the camera icon. iPhone 13 pro latest iOS


I used Waze for one night of dominos delivery driving and here’s my thoughts. It’s great knowing where broke down cars, railroad crossings and police are but the directions weren’t super accurate. Buildings aren’t shown on the map which is kind of annoying especially when driving at night and not being able to see the numbers on houses. It takes awhile to notice that you have started moving and sometimes doesn’t tell you where to turn. I think this app has a lot of potential and could greatly surpass Apple Maps and google maps if they just add more detail and fix a lot of the bugs.


This app lies about ETA. It will tell you a better time than Apple Maps or google maps and then as you proceed it adds the time back on. So guess what?! You get there the same time that google maps said you would! I rather use google maps. At least it’s accurate and doesn’t tease shorter estimated arrival times.


Went downhill quickly.


Absolute trash app that is so inconsistent!! More often than not it adds time over Apple Maps.


Literally the worst GPS app in existence. It’s like they just guess where you’re going, or send you toll routes for their benefit. Do not install!


Like it says.


I love Waze and use it every time I drive - even when I know where I’m going. The biggest thing letting it down is when using Apple CarPlay you only show the speed and red light cameras when they are 500m away! When the speed limit here is 160km/h - that’s only a 11 second warning. If I don’t use CarPlay, all the speed cameras show up once within the zoom of the screen. Lastly, here in UAE - some cameras only pulse on the screen with no verbal warning and others pulse with the verbal (without changing any settings and I have all alerts selected).


Update: the launch issue went away, but now I have two more issues. First, it won’t let me interact through the CarPlay window. Trying to report or navigate and it won’t launch the menu. Killing the app seems to fix but it comes back in a few days. Second, it’s been losing my location regularly now. The split screen CarPlay map shows the general area I’m in but no marked location. If I launch the main app it’s in free scroll mode. Sometimes hitting the location icon will find me but most times it requires killing and relaunching the app. Switching to google or Apple Maps works the first time. I really like Waze, but for months it won’t get a proper gps lock when in CarPlay mode. Killing the app repeatedly sometimes works. Google maps and Apple Maps do not have this problem. The only consistent way to make it work is to open Waze before I plug it in. Fix this please.


I tried to set it up by email. Twice. No go. I can’t stand things that either don’t work or take forever to work. If it takes this app this long to send an email, I can’t imagine that the traffic info is very up to the minute. I’ll use Google Maps.


Like so many other Google and Google supported apps - it’s a good app, but WAY too intrusive. You don’t need to know my browser history or my financial purchases in order to get me from point A to point B. Mind your own F’ing business Google


Now it’s garbage. Never takes me to tight place always says error location doesn’t exist. Oh okay well the airport def still exists. Doesn’t report police etc. going back to google maps so long Waze.