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Easily track your vehicle’s fuel economy and vehicle maintenance records. Set up reminders to keep on top of maintenance tasks such as oil changes and tire rotations. Fuelly makes it easy for you to save money with gas mileage calculations (MPG) and service reminders.

The Fuelly app seamlessly integrates with Fuelly.com, the web’s most used gas mileage tracking website. Easily manage the cars in your garage and log each fuel-up. At each fuel-up, just add the miles, gallons and price per gallon and see your MPG data grow. All data is beautifully displayed and perfectly synchronized with your vehicle on Fuelly.com

• Tracks gas mileage and vehicle maintenance
• Attachments to store photos and PDFs
• Online sync to Fuelly.com
• Charts: MPG, stats, gas price, gas expenses, service expenses
• Customizable service reminders, with presets like oil changes, tire rotations, and more
• Priority support via in app messaging
• Supports multiple vehicles
• Store vehicle data: VIN, License Plate, etc.
• Excel compatible email reports (CSV attachment)
• International Units: MPG (US), MPG (Canada), MPG (UK), MPG (Imperial), L/100km, gal/100mi (US), gal/100mi (Imperial), km/L, km/gal (US), km/gal (Imperial), and mi/L

“App Store Pick of the Week.” —Apple

“Gas Cubby makes its mark not only with its power, but with its flexibility.” —Kyle Baxter – Macworld

For more information visit: www.Fuelly.com
For priority support, contact us via in app messaging. Or you can contact us at support@fuelly.com

Also available from Fuelly:

• Remove ads
• Add photos and PDFs to records
• Auto completion of locations when adding fuel or services

$0.99 monthly •$6.99 annually

Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase.

Privacy Policy: http://www.fuelly.com/privacy
Terms of Service: http://www.fuelly.com/terms




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I have been using this app for years. Great to see not only fuel economy but service history. It’s a must have for anyone wanting to track all costs associated with their car.


This is a good app but there needs to be a specific data field for gear ratios if the desire is to obtain remotely accurate mpg data. This will allow proper comparison amongst like-kind peer group . Yes, there are literally infinite variables in tracking this but the axle ratio is one of the most significant. This is especially true with so many people adding on larger aftermarket tires. You can currently notate that within your profile but there needs to be a dedicated data field so that results can be sorted based on that data field.


App pastes from clipboard every time I open it. I love this app, but you can’t have my random clipboard data, bye bye.


Fuelly has been fine but I don’t like how it nags me to buy a subscription every time I open it.


In app ad forced App Store to open to Credit Sesame app installer


It was great before all the ads. The newest trick where the app takes you to the App Store 3 times by itself is taking ads way too far. I will be deleting this app as soon as I can find a replacement.


As a fuel tracking app, Fuelly is very good. Has almost all of the functionality that one needs. However, the app automatically pastes whatever content is in the iOS clipboard to the app whenever you launch and shutdown the app. This is unacceptable for any app. I’d rate the app as 5* if it didn’t do paste data.


Sometimes it asks me for login and password even tho i use free version. Then I’ll go in later and it lets me in. Not sure what’s up with that. Like it otherwise.


Warning this review is meant for nitpicky people such as myself if anyone thinks they fit this description I hope it is helpful for them I have a couple of problems with this app I have used it for years I have the premium version and with the premium version I have lost pictures pending transactions of gas just because I have left the Avenue sometimes I’ve had to start all the way over to get this app to work I’ve been trying to reach Support about this issue but it seems that the developer doesn’t do anything more with this app if I can start all over I would pick someone else To support but I’ve been using it for so long and pretty much is what it is for me buyer beware is our sometimes does not load properly actually requires Internet connection to calculate such a simple purpose


This is a great way to track fuel usage & maintenance.


I paid for aCar premium on android for a one time purchase. The it became Fuelly. Now you I pay annually. Then I change platforms to an IPhone. I get to pay again. Even though I just paid over on Google play.


I’ve used it successfully for years, but now it thinks I’m logged out if I don’t have a Wi-Fi connection.


I could find no way in the app to import data into the iOS version from my exported Android app. I’m not inclined to pay for the subscription as there doesn’t seem to be any info what is included. Furthermore I sent a message through the developer’s website a week ago and have not gotten a response.


Bought this app before they had a subscription service and though the app works well enough I’m constantly asked to upgrade to their subscription service. The only options are to subscribe, review plans or “skip for now”. That means they intend to keep asking in perpetuity. Still asks me all the time to upgrade.


Hasn't been updated in 2 years... Canceling my subscription!


Needs an easy way to submit missing gas stations. I have now typed in the same gas station several times and the app will not save this location. It’s a well known Costco, so it should be verifiable. Would be nice to get current data from users on gas prices. Works well overall. Keep up the good work.


Great w


The app pastes from your clipboard every time you open the app. That’s a major breach of privacy and needs to be fixed.


I paid for this app when it was called gas cubby to remove ads. I’m not paying for it again. Please stop telling me to pay for it again every time there is an update.


I inherited this app because Fuelly bought Gas Cubby which was a good app. Fuelly ruined the app but I’m over that now! It’s a good app to track your fuel efficiency. The problem is that the app constantly asks you to sign up for their subscription service. Fuelly, I’m not interested in getting your subscription service please stop asking. No matter how many times you ask, my answer is still no. I’m really getting tired of answering this question.