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Thanks for using The Weather Channel app! We are constantly working to add new features and improve your app experience. Please email us at iphonesupport@weather.com with any suggestions or questions.


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The Weather Channel is the World’s Most Accurate Forecaster**. With extreme weather on the rise, prepare yourself for storms, snow & wildfires. Track daily forecasts and receive live radar updates, storm alerts, & local precipitation updates.

Our live Doppler radar maps, storm watch, and rain tracker can warn you ahead of time of heavy rain, heat waves, or an incoming flood. Receive your forecast updates and rest assured with our weather warnings. Severe weather is increasing across the nation – our severe weather alerts have you covered.

Plan up to 15 days in advance with forecasts from the World’s Most Accurate Weather Forecaster, so you can plan ahead with confidence**. Manage personal weather alerts, so you receive notifications that are important to you.

Download The Weather Channel to get you through storm season, hurricane season & extreme weather warnings.

The Weather Channel Features:

Today’s Weather Forecast:
– New 15-minute forecast for rain intensity up to 7 hours in the future & radar on your homescreen
– Check weather forecasts up to two weeks in advance!
– Snow Intensity: Track snow intensity up to 7 hours in the future
– Snow Accumulation: Track snowfall over the last 24 hours and monitor the next 48 hours

Widget & Homescreen Features:
– Our smart widget offers more weather in detail at a glance and one-tap access to the forecast
– Check your local radar, get severe weather alerts in your area, and check the forecast for the next three hours on your homescreen

Additional Features:
– Dark Mode compatible for a great viewing experience
– Detailed information on sunset times and allergy & flu forecasts
– Keep informed with the latest weather news
– Stay prepared during extreme weather events, hurricanes, and earthquakes with live breaking news alerts

Upgrade to The Weather Channel Premium for our most comprehensive, dynamic, and precise weather experience available. Exclusive access to:
– Ad-free weather
– 15-minute forecast details
– Advanced 72-Hour Future Radar
– and more!

You can cancel The Weather Channel subscription anytime through your iTunes account settings, or it will automatically renew. This must be done 24 hours before the end of any subscription period to avoid being charged another fee. Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Privacy & Feedback
•Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here: https://weather.com/en-US/twc/privacy-policy
•Our Terms of Use can be viewed here: http://www.weather.com/common/home/legal.html
•If you have any questions or suggestions about our weather service, please do not hesitate to get in touch at iphonesupport@weather.com

**The Weather Channel is the World’s Most Accurate Forecaster. ForecastWatch, Global and Regional Weather Forecast Accuracy Overview, 2017-2020, https://www.forecastwatch.com/AccuracyOverview2017-2020, commissioned by IBM.

*The World’s Leading Weather Provider: According to Comscore, The Weather Company, parent of The Weather Channel, is the largest provider of weather forecasts worldwide based on total monthly unique visitors in 2020. Comscore Media Metrix®, Worldwide Rollup Media Trend, News/Information – Weather category incl. [P] Weather Company, The and [M] Weather Channel, The, Jan-Dec. 2020 avg.

The Weather Channel app had an average of over 35 million combined smartphone monthly active users worldwide from March through October 2021 according to internal analytics. Over 2M total 5-star ratings out of over 3.0 million total reviews since January 2018 according to Apple’s App Store Connect.

The Weather Channel® is a registered trademark of TWC Product and Technology, LLC, an IBM Company.




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This is an excellent app because it gives more info than any other weather app I’ve been able to find. Very insightful and lots of information. (examples; daily forecast, hourly forecast, moving radar forecast, information video clips, sunrise and sunset, and many other things).


This app is absolute trash. I’ve had this thing for probably 7-8 years and due to the fact that I can’t stand change, for some insane reason I continue to use this for my weather app. It crashes constantly, the new radar update is absolutely terrible. I actually paid money for the advertisement free version years ago, but got a new phone and guess what? The paid version doesn’t transfer. I honestly like the weather channel, and I trust their forecasts, but this app is just not good. At all. Try some other weather apps before you settle on this because this one isn’t it.


Good one


No matter how I try to adjust it, this app (& widget) consistently set my location many hundreds of miles to the west, where the weather can be quite different.


App has become unusable due to the number of ads.


Someone apparently doesn’t know what they’re doing, it’s a joke, when it says sunny it’s cloudy, seriously?!


I used to like the Weather Channel app but not anymore. The radar is way too slow.


We previously were able to set radar in motion to see if the rain/storm would hit us an about what time. Now we can only see where it is located at the time we looked on radar. Is this so we will be forced to purchase upgraded/premium to get what we had previous?


More of a Climate change platform. Weather bug less ads more accurate IMHO




Hello: I have been enjoying the weather channel app for some time now I have a few suggestions 1 can you re invent the stories tab by making it a little like TikTok where you can swipe to find a story then tap to move through each story 2 can you get rid of the polls section or at lest add a button in settings to disable them 3 can you make a separate radar app with more details and fog notifications Thank You!


App has gotten significantly worse in last year with way too many ads and non-weather links. Runs much slower than before.


Hi weatherman


I am not sure what changes have been made to the app recently but it now taking close to 30 seconds to open the weather app. As an IT guy it shows poor quality control


This app works great because I am a Weather geek. The only thing that bothers me is that the app continues to automatically crash every once in a while. I have tried to delete and reinstall the app but I still have the same issue. It freezes and crashes. But other than that it is an amazing app


This app has great features, but it also have the most cluttered from page of any weather app. I assume they are trying to click-bait you to their website to support ad revenue, but for the cost of the premium plus subscription, we should have the ability to customize the front screen to remove the noise and clutter and get right to the data we want.


I had to dump this app. Too much propaganda and advertising and not enough data.


The map on the update is substandard. I feel like I am back in the 1990’s with pixelation. The developer needs a quick update or go back to the former program which was much better.


I’ve had this weather channel for many years and was satisfied with it. Now they upgraded it which in some parts it’s all right but I liked it the way it was, and I am not going to pay a premium to get more readings when before it was free.


This used to be a top of the line free app. Now it’s a ad nightmare. It’s o reloaded with ads and everything but the weather in hopes we will spend money to see the weather. 😂 developers may be smart but they lack common sense. Y’all messed up what was functional, accurate, & dependable. Now it’s trash.