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We've improved the stability of Yammer in this release—we hope you enjoy it!


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The Yammer mobile app helps you stay connected from anywhere – driving employee engagement and participation across the entire company like nothing else can.

Yammer helps you connect with leaders and peers, share and discover knowledge and engage in org-wide communities that matter to you.

Yammer for iOS keeps you informed and in touch while on the go to:

Engage with Leadership:
Yammer app enables leaders and employees to engage and co-create company culture.
You can watch and participate in Live Events, Townhalls, All-hands videos and to stay aligned with what’s top of mind for leadership.

Share Knowledge
Ask questions, share knowledge and feedback, crowdsource ideas using org-wide communities

Build community
Discover and participate in org-wide communities to connect with colleagues with similar interests and skillsets

Stay connected
with Yammer for iOS you’re just a tap away from leadership, coworkers, information and conversations whether you are in office or on the go.

Rich intuitive mobile experience
Yammer enables you to engage on mobile in a way that is intuitive on iOS. Share photos and videos with your colleagues, respond with a quick GIF to welcome a new employee or praise someone.

Get interactive notifications that are tuned to the right amount of information you need. Access these notifications from your lock screen.




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Our company uses our employee ID to log in, not email, so this app doesn’t work for us.


I really like the app I use it for communication in my company


Just need it to be a little similar to Twitter. I feel like they making harder than it needs to be. Few bugs


Horrible amd229 this is horrible stalking me so I can’t work or do anything with my life ever again what a joke


I have just downloaded this and it’s asking me for a work email which I don’t have, I need help another way to get this set up. I’ll give you another rate for better use.


I would like to give a big shout out to two guys that helped me with an computer issue. These guys did not stop until they fixed the issue. My INC 25678349 incident number and the guys are Jonathan Oaks from HDIT and Steffan Cook from ASR. These guys are great and extremely computer smart. Thanks guys


Apps is to slow !!!


Can't stream video via AirPlay.


Causes battery drain


Be warned. 3rd party integrations such as Trello and Google Analytics to post actions and updates to a Yammer group are useless with new Yammer on the web and the mobile app. In both cases the post header is the only thing that’s visible. No details of the post such as Google Analytics metrics or the details of action on a Trello card. This is useless for me unless they fix it and allow the same details as old Yammer layout.


For the last 6 months, Yammer has had daily issues. The app is frequently out of date and won’t let you post a message. It also continues to give a red error message every time I check messages or try to post something.


Echoing what others have said. Having the newsfeed out of order unfortunately makes the app entirely useless for day to day use, which is a shame as it was previously a great app. Notifications are also broken, and only notify on mention rather than for the groups/communities set. Developers great at correspondence, but I don't think a fix is in their roadmap for the future, sadly. Here's hoping either it reverts back or an option to turn off the new ordering is enabled.


Love the opportunity to engage with colleagues. Just wish they’d change the way names appear. Don’t want people to think of me as Hart, Todd.


Please simplify the newsfeed like it used to be. I don’t want to see old posts from a month ago. We need to see the latest, most recent posts in chronological order for my job. The app is useless this way with all the posts mixed up. We don’t need a “algorithm” type view of the newsfeed.


The news feed is now showing posts from a month ago and I can’t see the current posts, not cool, please fix it! Use the app daily for work and it is not convenient to have to keep searching for most recent posts. Thanks, app is great otherwise.


I use Yammer to lead groups, collaborate with peers, poll my clients and extensive backbone of usability work. I wish we didn’t need to be behind the firewall so I have to VPN to use the mobile App. Otherwise, SUPER helpful and fairly intuitive.


This is an amazing tool and I have to laugh when people say it is confusing. It is basically Facebook for your organization. We are seeing 110000 active daily users and it has increased our organizations communication reach. Like any tool, you have to start with “why?”.


Love it when I’m in! But it logs me out so often and when I put in my credentials it won’t let me in unless I log in to my desktop first! Really is inconvenient! Fix this and I’ll edit my review!


Only use this app because of my job. Thankfully I don’t have to consistently use it because it annoys me at times. Settings could be so much better... the whole app just needs work. I can’t even update my pic..


Yammer has been crashing every time I attempt to open a file in my iPad. It has made distance education more difficult