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- fixed a possible crash when opening an item details view without a proper account (token expired or missing)


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GarageBuy makes searching items on eBay efficiently. GarageBuy synchronizes your searches and items you already saw through iCloud. Thus, you can focus on new items only, no matter if you are on your iPad or iPhone.

Main Features:
– setup sophisticated searches
– place bids and purchase items
– GarageBuy remembers which items you already looked at
– smart auto-read feature marks listings as read while you scroll
– can hide listings you already looked at from search result
– synchronizes your searches and viewed items through iCloud between iPhone and iPad version
– multi-account support
– multi-site support
– push notifications including current price for ending or outbid listing

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I really appreciate the continued support for this handy app. It’s a great way to keep track of items and categories that you’d like to follow on eBay without having to slog through the cluttered interface of the eBay web site itself. Perhaps the only really improvements I’d make at this point is updated iOS design language and refinement of the app’s interface ergonomics. Otherwise a great way to keep track of items on eBay!


Very snappy response, nice clean new look, very easy to navigate. Handles photo viewing much better, you can now scroll around an enlarged view. Thank you, iwascoding!


Really hard to use and manage


This app is a lifesaver! Replaced the eBay mobile app update v3.4.0 epic fail with GarageBuy. A little getting used to its not quite the same as eBay mobile v3.3.3 but just as friendly its interface. No spam either! Thanks, very much needed an alternative to the official eBay mobile app.


What a great app and what a great price!


This could be a great app if you are an ebayer. Everything is solid except that it crashes and " unexpectantly quits" all the time. Fix that and this one is a winner.


After downloading the latest update, iTunes won't load the application to my phone, which was already there and working properly before the update, because it says that the application is not compatible with my current version of OS. I have the most recent version of the OS and am using a 3GS phone. Had no problems before this update. This needs to get fixed, fast!


I use GarageBuy and GarageSale on my Mac to do eBay buying and selling and I love the software its intuitive and helpful. So far with GarageBuy for iOS I've been a bit disappointed. The software crashes, did not pull my eBay info for 20 mins, and would continually tell me I had no internet connection on my iPod Touch. When it finally did decide to work I found the search options in the program to be fair lax with no options for refining your search by product type or other such information. Over all when the App did work it worked "well-enough" for me to get things done but I find myself instead using the eBay official App do at least do my buying when I'm not home. I think iwascoding could do SO much better and I have a feeling that we will see this App take the shape of its bigger brother soon.


The reason I sought this app out was for it's ability to search eBay and sort the results by the number of bids. Unfortunately the default order of such a sort is ascending meaning it starts with 0 bids and makes you scroll/load through all the results to get to the ones with the bid amounts. And of course when you're dealing with queries that have thousands of results it makes this not worth using. Please add the ability to set avenging or descending sorting or reverse the default, which should have been an obvious thing to do from the start.


Let me qualify this review by saying that I never write reviews so this is rare for me to do, but this app absolutely deserves ZERO STARS! To the reviewer saying that people are too stupid to know how to use this app, I would have to disagree. I signed up and got my eBay token and tried to use it. The problem is this. This program DOES NOT WORK AS A SNIPING PROGRAM. It merely puts your bid in with eBay just as the official eBay eBay app does. Then it tells you either that you have the highest bid or that you've been outbid. Where is this different from the eBay app? If you think this waste of space is a good program, then you have no idea what sniping programs do. Let me educate you on the matter. A sniping program is a piece of software or a web service that takes your highest desired bid for an item and then waits until the final moments of the auction to place your bid. The benefit being that you avoid getting into a bidding war by not revealing your interest in the item you wish to win. By placing the bid at the last moment automatically, sniping programs save you the trouble of setting a timer and having to "be there" at the end of the auction to snipe it yourself. Simply put, save yourself a lot of wasted time and effort and steer far clear of this waste of space in the app store. Trust me I wish I had. A root canal might have been preferable.


If you want a basic eBay app for iPhone this might work. It doesn't compare to the eBay mobile app. I expected more from the company that makes GarageSale.


This app has a very long way to go. As it stands now, it is utterly useless. Why even bother to waste time with it when the developer obviously hasn't?


It's okay


Previous people rating 1 star obviously didn't know how to authorize token. Sheer stupidity is not developers fault. Good app works as advertised


Have the desktop version as well. Thanks for making good applications.


My eBay account is secured with a Verisign dongle/football keyring. This version is not compatible.


When the app actually works it does a decent job. But no matter what I do I keep getting cryptic error messages. Time for an update devs!


Had trouble using it. What does this do that eBay app can't??


I have the desktop version of this. This is a great app and does what it's supposed to well.


This app works real good with ebay