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DIVA: Fashion Dress for Girls Game SCREENSHOT

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DIVA: Fashion Dress for Girls Game DESCRIPTION

Discover DIVA-FASHION DRESS. Enjoy a new generation of fashion dress-up makeover clothes style apps for girls!
It is your turn to become a popular fashion icon!
Add your own face to dress you up like a model.


Option to add your face instead model face.
Unique challenges daily.
Create fashion outfits for your virtual model or yourself for a variety of occasions for your closet.

Your dream luxury outfit closet.
Choose from the exclusive and endless clothing and accessories and shop cute clothes with diamonds.

Exciting spirit of competition.
Enter challenges, compete with other users, our Artificial Intelligence will evaluate your awesome design.

Fashion inspiration.
Find inspiration to experiment with self-expression through fashion in real life through styling your digital model.

You can dress up your virtual model in clothes in real brands.
Combine unique makeup and hair looks created by our artists based on the latest trends in beauty.

Discover the latest trends in fashion and makeup mixing, and boost your dress-up skills.

Expand your real-life closet!
Download it now!

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Add your face to the model. It looks like you are dressing up yourself. The clothes are nice, thanks


This dress up game is very funny. You can add your own face into the model, so it looks you are dressing yourself. The dresses, bags, shoes, hairstyles…are awesome. I love it!


I love the challenges in this dress up game. This is very cute. The bags are awesome and also the shoes . Waiting to get more diamonds.