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Do you want not only to learn all the notes, but gain the ability to hear the music when you see the notes and vice-versa write any melody you see in a very fast, efficient and effective manner in a matter of days instead of years?

We present to you the innovative Notes by Ear, part of the revolutionary ‘…by Ear’ series, which treats the written notes system as the instrument in itself which you learn like any other, thankfully the modern technology provides us with that possibility, unlike the past centuries. Not only you will learn all the notes fast in both treble and bass clefs, but you will learn them in a meaningful manner that will tie the notes to sounds relative to the key.

You learn the notes not only by their name, but by the exact thing they symbolize – the pitch of sound in general (absolute pitch) and relaitive to the key tonal center (relative pitch). This system is unobtrusively tied with the relative pitch concept that would make you easily connect it to any other app in our series which makes for a very round musical education much faster and effective than traditional learning. A true revolution!

You also can imagine this app as the unique notes instrument that would be very hard to create in real life. Because really this age old system is very different to any other instrument in that you would have to retune it every time you change the key. If you learn this system like a musical instrument you will be unstoppable in all your music indeveours because it is the solfege, music training, music literacy, improvisation and many other concepts all in one package!


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