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Ukulele is one of the most cheerful feel-good instruments there is but it is actually a very powerful chord instrument and also one of the most useful instruments to master to learn music, because with only 4 strings it provides all the music knowledge in the simplest way possible allowing even to go into the jazz territory much quicker and easier, than any other musical instrument. Yet now the task of learning it has become even more simple.

Part of the revolutionary ‘ Ear’ series, this app provides you with the fastest way to learn all the chords and become fluent in playing the ukulele, also being able to transcribe real songs and their chord progressions on the fly, with all that in a matter of a week or two instead of years of practice. And many people after decades of playing still don’t possess this skill so no matter which level you are, you will be able to gain powerful results from this app.

You will learn all the chords and all the most frequent chord progressions in one sweep, all that in a matter of days. This kind of skill takes many hours with a tutor and many hours of homework to master yet this app provides you with the most streamlined way to achieve that.

The instrument used for the sounds is a very high quality concert ukulele, this kind of instrument is very expensive and is very hard to come by with very rich sound so as a bonus you get this lash sound in your pocket and it is a very inspiring way to practice.


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