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Violin Scales by Ear App DESCRIPTION

Violin is the most beautiful sounding musical instrument known to man. With this app you will be able to play it totally by ear from day one as easily as if it were just another mobile game – yet with your real violin as the gamepad. But also for seasoned violinist this app gives enough ear training and practice ideas to make great progress fast.

Learn all the violin scales shapes in a very effective manner, by ear, becoming comfortable with playing melodies and solo passages very fast.

Scales are the abc of every instrument. Since it is so common place, you do have to know them, but how to ingrain them in the most effective and musical way possible and include the most amount of notes combinations into your practice. Violin Scales by Ear comes to rescue! Part of the revolutionary “ Ear” series of apps, not only does it help you learn all the shapes in the most efficient way possible, it also helps you understand the role of every note and gain inner musical understanding and grants you the ability to play any melody you want by ear even without sheet music and all that since day one of using the app!

Your playing will never be the same, after you try this app, and if you are a complete beginner, it is your lucky day – you will learn musical use of the scales in a matter of days, something other people spend years and sometimes decades to achieve!

This app contains very beautiful violin sounds, with a very high quality high-priced antique italian violin used for the sounds, never stop being inspired and enrich your musical landscape with the age-old tradition even while you are learning!


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