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Become a runner gives you 19 guided training programs, and gets you in running shape in 8 weeks, even if you are not in shape beforehand. Each running lesson is guided by our audio coach, who is in your ear and helps you throughout the program. She also gives you good advice along the way and you will experience that it feels like you are running next to each other as she herself runs in the program.

Each workout is made up of intervals where you alternate between walking, power walking and running. And don’t worry, the pace is completely calm from the start, so you will experience success after every hour.

Along the way, you get a lot of good advice about running technique, motivation, injuries, diet and learning about your body, and you can also ask personal questions to a hotline that you have exclusive access to during the entire course.

Then put on your running shoes and put on a pair of headphones and it’s just out the front door. We guide you and are with you all the way.

As soon as you are registered, you will be sent both the running programme, login, hotline contact and a personal welcome message.

You can choose between 3 km courses in 8 weeks, which are for you who are beginners or have taken a long break. Or our 5 km course in 8 weeks, which is for you who are lightly trained and have run a lot in the past or a little within the last year.

If you are in doubt about which course to choose, it is possible to change course once along the way.
We would always recommend that you start quietly and choose the 3 km course if you are in doubt, as in this way you will strengthen your body properly and lay a good foundation for your further development and so together we ensure that you will reach the finish line. Pace and distance can always come later!

Our course has been developed by our running experts who have full focus on the motivation around running, as well as many of the challenges we all experience when we put on a pair of running shoes. Therefore, you will experience that becoming a runner is not only pure training, but also a personally guided running school, where we go in depth with challenges around our mental mindset, physical challenges and any frustrations that arise along the way. We want to give you a complete package to get to know yourself both physically and mentally. Knowing this, we help to give you the best preparation to be able to run on your own after completing the course.


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