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Delete After Reading Game DESCRIPTION

A book you can play, or a game you can read, Delete After Reading is a crafted combination of an adventure story and puzzle games about cheating your destiny. An original storytelling format for armchair detectives and escape room aficionados of all ages.

On the worst day of your life, you find a strange device with a file named “Delete After Reading”.

It’s a classified document. Nina, Cinco, and Tomate, a clandestine group of kids (they happen to be dead, but they’ve never let that small detail interfere with their daily, uh, lives) want you to join them on a secret mission to repair Destiny’s latest injustice: the despised millionaire Martin Skrilhex has stolen the only existing copy of the highly coveted videogame “The Curse of Penguin Island” so only he can play it.

Together you’ll have to sneak into the magnate’s mansion and steal back the videogame, so kids around the world can play it.

But this mission will only be successful if Destiny does not find out that you are changing his plans, so never ever forget to delete the file after reading it.

Main features:
– Text is the gameplay, a cool and innovative mix of interactive reading, story, and escape room puzzles.
– An immersive storytelling format that broadens the view of what games (and books) could be.
– A thrilling adventure story for the whole family.


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Not certain how many chapters this game has bc I'm not about to pay for it, but immediately after Chapter 1 you hit that paywall. Strongly dislike games that do this without giving enough to even evaluate. The symbols are also out of order FYI.


This game is very fun, good plot, good puzzles, AMAZING GAME one flaw though. This isn’t worth $5 it’s kinda like $3-$4 so AMAZING GAME overall, I had ALOT of fun figuring out the puzzles and playing the game, very unique!


I forgot to check and I think I might have payed for it by accident


Hello Developers and Future Players, This game is awesome, especially, if you enjoy reading, puzzles, point and click adventures, and interactive literature. It even has graphics and sound. It’s like basically the book is alive and it wants you to help it’s character before it’ll let you read more, but your inside the book and you are the character. Best way I can explain it. Devs, I just was hoping you could try to add a save feature, it is so frustrating, getting into the book and a puzzle, typing it in my notes and figuring it out and then the game just goes right back to the main menu and I have to go through it all over again. I’ve done this too many times to count. Also, we need better guides, a step by step guide with the conclusions on how to solve the puzzle your stuck on. The internet has some guides with some weird input. For instance the phrase “Beware of Destiny”, they say is “Beware of Destitution”. This makes no sense and they don’t tell you how it got that conclusion. TLDR; The game is great, needs a save button, needs better informed guides, I hope the developers respond.


I love the art style and puzzle point and click games in general. However it was very difficult to navigate which made me stop playing the game after getting stuck on the safe puzzle.


I came into this game wanting to have fun finally finding a free game but I solve the only puzzle and I have to pay. But I do like how it has good puzzles and that’s the only thing I like


The format of this app is great, and the stories are great.


looks great so far :) i enjoyed chapter one, but before purchasing, i skimmed through a walkthrough and, with the many bugs i've encountered, specifically w/ the tv (didnt show channels 7-9 until reloading app) and audio (didn't play after reloading), it's more like a $3 game at this stage. i can definitely see it having potential in the future, and as a coder myself i appreciate the immense amount of work that was clearly put into it- alll in all, keep up the great work!


I think this is a great game with amazing ideas and puzzles, but there could be more to help the reader in this game. The first chapter had me stuck for quite the while because i had little to no idea on what I was doing. perhaps a few more guides as to how to scroll and progress the story may make the game feel easier to engage with. Overall, I think this is a very fun game with potential to be great.