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Performance improvements and bug fixes.


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ESPN New York 98.7FM. Your City, Your Teams, Your Station. Seated at the intersection of life and sports, our knowledgeable and entertaining personalities take you through your day. They don’t just talk about the game … they’re in the game! It all goes down in the greatest sports city in the world. ESPN New York is your radio home of the Jets, Knicks, Rangers, Islanders, NBA Finals, and the World Series.



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Great app, but it would be even better if there was an Apple Watch app, so you can listen without your iPhone. Would be a great update!


iPhone 13 Pro, updated to lastest iOS version. Love the content but it stops playing in the background when I move away from the app (and even when the screen turns off when idle), despite having “Background App Refresh” enabled for the app. Pretty much makes the app unusable for me, please fix ESPN!


Super easy to use


Definitely better than the stock ESPN app, however still has some bugs. For example, if paused while listening off screen, I need to close out of the ESPN app and reload before it will play again. Really strange.


The audio goes on immediately, which is OK. The problem is you can’t turn it off. If you just want to see what is going on you have to listen to the current talk. I had to delete the app, way to annoying.


App stops working after a week. Have to keep deleting app and reinstall


It says unable to download content and check internet connection. Of course I have connection because I just downloaded the app.


It’s easy to find local content on this app but I still use the regular ESPN app for sports news. So it’s a push. Option for autoplay upon opening app stopped working but I deleted and re-installed the app, which solved that glitch.


Well designed but inability to listen to podcasts at higher speeds make it a non starter vs Apple Podcasts. Unfortunate.


Great App, super easy to use interface. Only thing I would like to see is the option to play podcasts at higher speeds. Usually dont get the chance to catch Rick & Dave in the morning so listening to the podcast at 1.5 speed is key!


This is the best radio app out there! I only have a couple suggestions for improvement, 2 are just nitpicky things, one is a deal breaker. 1) The app doesn’t save your spot in the podcast when you leave the app or if it refreshes. The regular ESPN app does so I feel like that’s an easy fix. 2) I can’t see the episode descriptions. Not sure why, but you can only see the first few words. Not the biggest deal. 3) DEAL BREAKER!!!! The worst thing about this app that needs to be fixed immediately, the DiPietro & Rothenberg show is listed first before Michael Kay show. That is the worst thing in all Apps right now. It’s criminal really, and I’m going to delete the app if they dont fix it. There is NO chance they are more popular, they definitely aren’t better than Michael, Don and Peter, so there’s no logical reason for it. They can be 3rd after ENN, that’s fine. But that needs to be fixed right away.


Thank you for bringing back the app! I love how it’s organized but it can be a little friendlier to people who don’t want to miss anything. - make it easier to find where you left off - make it easier for you to see what you’ve already heard and what you haven’t - there should be a queue list or at least an auto play to a next episode I only put the low stars to bring attention to these issues but I love that the app is a thing again


App is so much easier to use than trying to navigate live radio on the ESPN app. However, I see no option to cast to speaker, etc.


Thank GOD! The TuneIn app was horrendous. How many years I had to deal with that weird 10 second loop bug that would happen?! This app is setup for performance execution. Pleasuring listening experience - please commence.


Very easy to use and great place to have all the shows in one place. Very cool and convenient


It’s easy to use and has great content


It appears to be a pretty decent app to start but the one thing I find missing is a rewind function. We should be able to start from beginning shows from the last 24 hours. Just like another radio app in the NY area that allows that. Add that and I would definitely bump this up to four maybe five stars. Is that in the works? Would love to be able to rewind to beginning of shows instead of just being able to listen to podcasts, which I do like but please rewind function!


Have loved the Michael Kay Show forever but lived outside New York. Listened after the fact, but could never listen live. Much love to all y’all for making this happen 👏


One place to visit with all of the 98.7 content you could ever dream of. Live feed feed as soon as the app opens - perfect touch. Being able to listen from knobservations all the way to ENN in one location, what more could anyone ask for. What a wonderful app.


I only used the ESPN app to listen to ESPN New York live radio and podcasts. After several emails asking them to #fixthat they did. Has everything a New York listener wants. I can even live stream Brazil in the Euro’s! @jimfromstamford