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1. Added new main story quests and optimized combat experience. 2. Optimized the interactive experience. 3. Optimized relevant experience about Eitr. 4. Optimized the performance and compatibility of the game.


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Higan: Eruthyll is a 3D real-time combat RPG that brings fantasy to theater. Planet Eruthyll is where you can use diverse tactics with dynamic instructions and enjoy the touching stories presented by fantastic cutscenes.

Shuttle between Worlds, Reclaim the Reality
As the acting Director, you will lead the Gopher Troupe to fight against the Arrival of Fantasyland, rescue people from the death-like sleep, and reclaim reality from the eternal nightmare.

Immerse in Gorgeous 3D Cutscenes and Intense Battle
Spectacular 3D cutscenes are made more engaging by top-notch voice actors.
Immersive experience provided by dazzling ult skills, movielike ACT gameplay, and elaborate chase camera.

Dynamic Instructions, Dominate at Fingertips
Unique gameplay features dynamic instructions. Employ tactics in bullet time to dominate the battle.

Control the Magic Tech, Embrace a Renaissance
Distinct art style marked by magic plus technology.
Indulge in visual wonders such as hyperspace, refraction of light, and more.

Build Your Own Squad, Rise against Fantasyland
Deploy powerful characters of 6 classes and 5 elements, and arm them with Play Inspirations of multiple themes.
Build your finest squad, rise against Fantasyland, and break the dawn for Planet Eruthyll!

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love the graphics, characters, story, and combat. ... VERY pay to win. drop rates terrible (after first week). prices insanely high... i am a whale and find nothing worth purchase. $35 dollars for a single 10x pull... 99% chance of all junk characters. all good characters event only and expensive. energy system... terrible energy system. so bad you cannot grind or farm. current 3.9 overall rating is generous and too high. rewards very very small. MANY games FAR more generous and fun to play.


I pre-registered this game back when I first saw an ad about it several months ago, and I was very much excited for when it finally decided release earlier this month. Everything about this game is exactly what I wanted out of it: smooth gameplay, anime style, (harem undertones ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), idle and afk for some parts, convenient leveling and character upgrading system, and the overall appearance, aesthetic, and appeal that I often like to attribute to it if I wanna immerse myself in the world they created. The gameplay is exactly what I wanted out of it, as it doesn’t require me to do much, but it keeps my attention. I like that. My only critique so far is eitr production being at 6 minutes, and capping off so low. This is good and bad, but it’s something I personally don’t mind. Good in the sense that you don’t have to spend all day on the game, and bad if you do, or if you wanna level your characters up fast and must farm materials, increase troupe strength, or also get through the story. Again, I personally don’t mind, it’s just a matter of how much you wanna grind. Perhaps consider increasing eitr in bigger increments the higher a player levels. Another issue I have is lore and story. We’re kinda thrown into the mix of things without really knowing much about the locations and backstory involved, but maybe that’ll grow over time. I can kinda follow what’s happening, but I’d like to be able to interact more with my setting so I can understand the complex lore behind the world. The loading screens so far have helped me understand its function, but to accommodate, consider including a detailed synopsis after each chapter and part, summarizing in more detail the nuances of what the troupe got themselves into. The “Guides” tab does help, but I personally think they could be expanded more. Other than those minor things, I love this game. I love the characters and interacting (romancing) some of them. I’d also wanna know their backgrounds in more detail as well, as some come from different factions, so I’d like to know how they function as well. Anyways, congrats on releasing, and thank you for your hard work. This game will certainly earn its place at the top of the charts some day 🙌


Story is horrible, could not follow what was happening or make sense of things. Char design are original and decent. Gacha rates are actually fair; was able to pull most banner units in first gold pull. F2P friendly and gives good amount of currency. If you can’t manage your currency properly, not developer’s fault. Aside from that, game is simply a PvP game. You are basically lvling your units to compete with whales. This game is NOT long term for F2P, tbh. I don’t know why I am still logging on; maybe because I still have currency (13k) to pull. After I run dry, don’t see a reason to keep playing.


The game has been great so far but there’s a bug on mission 1.9 and whenever I get close to beating it forces me out the game. Can you please fix this


Hello, I have an issue with this game. Recently, I downloaded Honkai Star Rail. You know what happens? This game and ToF start to download. Now, I searched it up, and maybe I did automatic download but idk. Does anyone know the answer?




I really wanted to enjoy this game but it just doesn’t run. After beating a certain mission in the tutorial the app crashes constantly. No matter what I tried, I could not get past this point due to poor programming or optimization. I’m not the only one either it looks like.


Took me 70+ pulls for the first , which wasn’t Sharu, the banner character. I then went 50+ pulls for each of the next s, losing 4 “50/50s” in a row. The SR character on the banner is maxed. Imagine spending $500 and not getting the banner character. F this game.


Game is solid for what app games are nowadays. I can tell the devs are working hard to fix bugs through frequent hot fixes, but honestly I never noticed any bugs while I was playing. PvP and Maze will keep you occupied if you beat the game. Art work and design are stellar. If you wanted a HT game, find other platforms. This game delivers


Thought it was time for a review. I have been playing daily since release. * good*One of the things I seen in this game not in others is when upgrading your characters it will take you to The event or level or your inventory if you have it When your missing a upgrade material. *Bad* the labyrinth is dull and not fun it’s really just a chore. This function is not needed because the tower is very similar. Or there just needs to be a Option to stream line or skip. *Bad* it only shows you a red dot on top of the character if you can ascend. It does not mark them For upgrading or upgrading plays. Speaking of plays there needs to be a auto or function that explains which play is better for each character. *Good* Battle animation good character design. I do suggest to anyone that has played games Like epic seven or fate grand order. Good game just needs fixes to keep player Longevity. My honest review :)


The game lowers the quality the longer you play (main story disappears suddenly), no more animations etc just mindlessly pressing auto for three stages and waiting for another day.


You guys have potentially a great title but I feel like the PvP is holding it back. The PvP doesn’t feel competitive at all. 1) you should lose points for losing. I can pretty much make it to top emblem for free 2) make it 10 charges for pvp and give it a passive recharge so ppl can engage in PvP more. Or keep it 5 but please add a passive recharge. 3) improve overall weekly and seasonal PvP rewards. Both are absolute garbage.


Unique concept except for the fact it a pain to get what you want, also the idea where you can top 2 dollars to get a 5 star character and much more is outrageous p2w… also the story gets very boring later on kinda just, predictable or bland? But overall I love the card and energy system type game, but the hud, story, pull for characters, and so on. Just outweight the idea to go on.


It’s a fun game. It’s got the same graphics as Genshin and it has real-time RPG fights.There are bosses that have immunity for 20 seconds and my characters stand around doing nothing. The Auto logic for characters is dumb. I have max energy and they do nothing. Fix your broken AI logic please. The game is constantly crashing…


Checks every box for a cookie cutter mediocre game. Power, stamina and level gates. Typical mediocre starter banners followed by a limited banner and, I’m sure, some broken limited character everyone regrets not saving for after the first limited banner ends. It’s fun for a minute but, for a game with multiple beta tests and a soft launch, it lacks polish and qol improvements. I don’t want to say it’s a cash grab, but it’s not helping itself escape the title.


It’s alr, I liked playing it but definitely gets boring after some time


This game tried really hard to be Genshin and they didn’t get away with it. The MC is faceless which is terrible. Lacks inclusiveness, I mean, even an option with the MC being exactly the same except female would be better. You don’t care about him or any of the characters you meet and play with. And everyone is in love with him for some reason? The story is honestly really boring too. :/ They also immediately drop a limited time banner days into the game. It just feels like a giant cash grab. Also, you can easily finish all your tasks in like 15 minutes and there’s nothing else to do until tomorrow. There’s not a lot of content. There are too little characters and very uneven distribution between classes. It’s like they already had all the characters drawn up and they removed a bunch to sell more banners. And the 1 dollar Fene seems like such a steal that everyone bought it which seems like you killed everyone for cash.


Playing this game with a sole purpose of collecting waifus, and somehow all my SRR pulls gave me the dudes. Like bro. Uninstalled and never looked back.


So far i’ve been having a lot of fun and it gets more addicting as i play! However there are some things that bother me, one of the most annoying issues is the energy consumption to play (eitr). It’s takes a lot of energy to play and it’s especially difficult when trying to farm for materials to level up characters. Let’s say it takes 25 eitr to farm for 2 materials, when your max eitr is capped around 125 it only allows you to play 5 times and then you have to wait again for it to increase to continue cleansing or the main story. It also takes an absurd amount of time to fully reset to the full amount of eitr. Although you can recharge using the eitr refills, i still find it really difficult to get ahold of those. I hope this can be fixed a little in the future and considering it’s still in its early stages i’m not too bothered. So far it’s been a really fun game and i’m enjoying it a lot! i look forward to what it has to offer in the future


Wasted $10 on this game and it kicks me out every 5 minutes. Could be a fun game but I’m tired of starting levels over and over.