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Swipe your character left or right. Collect the dogs on the way. Run away from the enemies.

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Run! Stack! Shoot!
Run! Stack! Shoot! The incredible dynamic shooter awaits you! Hidden power has made all farm's plants furious, and now you have to fight them! Save your friends by stacking them over, rush through tons of enemies to find a way to escape this madness farm. Game features: - Hundreds of enemies - Simple controls - Brand NEW Stack and Shoot mechanics - Various unique locations - 30+ levels - Modern graphic
King of Brick Breakers
Fun Brick breaker game. In the style of Arkanoid, with a modern candy twist • Compete against the public, friends, and family. • Relax, relieve tension and stress by smashing candy. • Get the highest score, progress the furthest along the candy path. (To see friends log in with Facebook) • Colorful levels with many different brick patterns (Nature, technology, Arkanoid, etc) • Relaxing gameplay • Shiny candy • Smooth 3D graphics • Multiple layers and different shaped candy • Moving candy brick • Exploding candy bricks • Many levels • Multiple ball types including Neo, Soccer, Basket ball, tennis ball • Use boosts including Power ball Lightning Multi-ball Large paddle Slow balls
Clear the biters!
Collect the energy, clear the biters and reach the finish line.
drunks are fighting in the bar
Bar fights have always been fun. In this game, our drunk friends are fighting each other. You have to defeat your opponent in order to progress in the game. But there are also people who are not happy with your fight. Bartenders can throw beer bottles towards you, you have to put your character in the right position to avoid them.
Hyper-Casual Hexagon Path
Be careful your choice maybe not true.
Spend all money
If you want to be a fancy person, you have to spend a lot of money. If you're wondering where to get the money, the answer is simple: sugar daddy. You can get rich by collecting the items you want with sugar daddy, but you must prevent him from getting poorer or getting killed by the grim reaper.
Sweet Characters
We must be catch bread. We are sweet characters. Jam, Chocolate, Butter and Honey. Our mission; catching bread.
fairy girl with the guns
Our main character is fighting for life in an alternative dimension. In order to get rid of this place where there are many different kinds of creatures, she must take all the weapon attachments and wing pieces that come across on the way. When the reach the end, you will face with the giant enemy to pass the level.
Build your home
It's time to buy new furniture for the rooms in your home. Choose the furniture you want to buy by controlling the room you will renovate and go over them. If you need money, you can collect the ones on the way. But be careful because you may also lose money. When you reach the end of the level, it is important whether your balance is negative or not, because you may lose the items you bought.
Run with your dogs
Swipe your character left or right. Collect the dogs on the way. Run away from the enemies.
Pop it up
Challenge your opponents with the right shots to pop-it, the new way to relieve stress. In order to win the game, you must aim accurately and act fast. Watch out for your opponent, he will try to get ahead of you by popping them quickly. At the end of the level, you must quickly tap to complete the pop-it.
cone, bouncing cone.
Bouncing cones are waiting for you. You need to collect the cones on the way by flipping the main cone. However, there are few things to keep in mind. Explosives and walls that you can pass when green is impassable when red can cause you to fail the level. You should also avoid dirty cones, as they can reduce the number of cones you collect.
Robot Wars
Use joyistick to move your robocar.Press fire button to fire. Every robocar has own fire type. -Ram kick the robocars directly. -Knocker kick the robocars from sides. -Jumpy throw away the robocars. -Gun shoots the robocars.

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