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Escape is the latest hit interactive story game yet to be discovered! Get ready to dive into your second life, full of romance, drama, mystery and fantasy – where you get to decide how you want your story to play out.

Play the role of a vampire vixen, fall-in-love with a powerful mafia lord, or take over the school as the head queen bee. Whichever story you choose to play, you’ll get to make choices that’ll lead you to different paths. Will you play nice or be bad in your story, is all up to you!
Experience stories that will touch your heart, keep you in suspense, and captivate your imagination, leaving you wanting more.

Escape: Interactive Stories brings you the best stories from genres in romance, drama, fantasy, and more!
• Pick your story from our growing book collection with weekly updates
• Customize your character look from hairstyle to outfits.
• Get hooked into an immersive visual story of “choose your own adventure” game.
• Change your fate through choices you make.
• Discover countless endings

Feature Stories You’ll Be Hooked!

All The Wrong Places: Two week in Paris and living under a fake name isn’t going to get you into too much trouble… unless you end up falling for a hot charming artist.

Crave: You thought the Academy would be like any other prep school, but nothing is as it seems. The male alpha at the school holds a deadly secret – and he’s taken a dangerous interest in you. Will you be able to resist him?
Behind Closed Doors: Your childhood crush/roommate invited you to a weekend at the lake. Will this be the perfect time for you to let him know how you feel and if you do, will he feel the same?

Valkyrie: You’ve traded in your beauty queen crown for combat boots, in order to fulfill your dream of becoming the first female Navy Seal in history. But when the Seal commander shows up to train you, you’re both drawn into a whirlwind of danger. Will you come out with your life — and heart — intact?

The Naked Truth: You’re a high-powered lawyer on the verge of a life-changing promotion— until an old flame, ex-con and billionaire re-enters your life as a new client. Will you risk it all for this forbidden romance… or will the naked truth be too much to bear?

…PLUS more new stories and episodes EACH WEEK!

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Stories aren’t loading anymore


Hi! I absolutely love this app and the stories but waiting two hours for only one ticket then being capped off at two tickets is horrible! I get into a story and I can’t even read anymore of it because I’m capped off and I can’t afford the high prices for the tickets! I think doing thirty minutes until the next ticket and having five max at a time would be the best and there would be many more happy players! I personally know many people who have gotten this app fell in love with a story then got rid of it because they couldn’t ready anymore of it because of the long wait and only having two tickets at a time. Like I said I absolutely love this game but there needs to be improvements if you want more users. I personally am one who is about ready to get rid of the app because of this. Edit: I took away another star because lately I’ve had the issue of the timer for the two hours not starting until I open the app. I always wake up to two tickets ready to go but for the past three days every time I go into the app I have no tickets at all and the timer then start’s. It’s extremely annoying when we already only get two tickets and it takes two hours to get another.


it’s forcing me to comment


to many diamond options like i just wanna read thru without so many diamond options


This app to me is a knockoff of Chapters and Episode just kinda worse. The app sometimes just breaks all together and I can’t play for the next 2 days or so. Also everything is so expensive in the story’s and I shouldn’t have to speak 2 dollars just for 20 diamonds (at least one option is 17 diamonds sometimes 12). It’s a ripoff just go get Chapters or Episodes. It’s my honest opinion sometimes you can even see other people complaining about the price when you look on the story’s chat. But the bright side is they have warnings on the books to inform you what triggering things are in the book. The only reason I gave it 2 stars was because the books are nice to read and they are starting to post more books to read.


Hi to whoever is reading this but don’t waste your time with this game. The “developer” of this game just took everything off of Chapters by Crazy Maple Studio. They’ll probably reply saying that they are a part of Crazy Maple Studio but that’s a lie. Their developer name in the App Store is different than the official developer. If you click on their name only this game shows up and there should be others (Crazy Maple Studios has a few other games on their developer page). If this was a new app put out by Crazy Maple Studio they would have released it under their own App Store page. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ON THIS APP! Go to the official Chapters game and download that if you want to enjoy the stories!


I haven’t even got this game yet but I can already tell I’m gonna love it Especially cuz the ad that was awesome


The things cost so much!!! I am so upset!☹️☹️


This isn't the type of game I normally download. I was watching an ad for it and got thrown into the App Store. Had no other choice but to download and try it.


This app has stolen stories off of the app called Chapters. The people at Chapters could seriously file a copyright claim.


I’m always playing chapters and I ran out of diamonds and tickets. So I get a different app to keep me not bored. When looking through the games, most of the stories are just like chapters(the app) stories. And there both set the same way. Chapters is better and I feel like this is just copied version.


I deleted the game right after it said use 17 gems like for what


So expensive and the way you get free diamonds/gems is stupid. Just let me watch ads like the other apps 😒😒


literally just a copy of chapters.. no new stories or anything… the only good thing is that escape’s layout is better and easier to look at


There is no option to watch ads to earn diamonds and other than connecting your account when you first sign up, there is no other way to earn diamonds without paying. There is supposed to be a follow others option as well, and I don’t have the option to even see anyone else or follow someone. Very poorly done app, really need to add more or get some good updates, otherwise don’t waste your time.


The entire content of this app is directly from Chapters and from the same studio. This smells like a sinking ship waiting to happen and the studio is hoping onto the new boat. Whatever the case is, this is extremely lazy and weird.


This App is a rendition of Chapters. Same stories.


Why are these the same stories that are on chapters? I’m not going to pay for diamonds and tickets twice to complete a story the way I want .


This is a copy/paste of Chapters. It’s by the same studio. I find that extremely lazy on their part. They might have added a few new books but much of what is on Escape is from Chapters


Either take a boring path or pay $5 every 3rd choice to keep it worth playing, no thanks.