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Hidden Motives Game DESCRIPTION

Play puzzles and brain teasers in our fun hide and seek hidden objects games! In this one of the top mystery adventure games, your goal is to find the hidden objects needed to become a hero!

It’s the Wild West, and you’re the sheriff’s daughter! Or at least you’re playing one as the lead in a movie. But what should be the role of a lifetime becomes more than you bargained for when you’re transported into the film itself! The city of Redsand is plagued by bandits, and a recent string of murders has residents blaming the fabled Diamond Ghost. You’ll need to play your part perfectly to uncover the truth and get back home before it’s too late! Do you have the chops to get the job done? Find out in this sensational Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure!

Didn’t you think that investigation was over? No, there is another little task waiting for you. We are sure you will cope! In the story games you need to solve puzzles, brain teasers and mini-games.

A collector’s item is waiting for you at each location, so be extremely careful! Do you see something that is not in its place? Click boldly on the items of point and click adventure hidden object games!

Our search and find games are filled with beautiful wallpapers, pleasant music, picturesque concept art and interesting videos, so hurry to play to immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of hide and seek games!

Find yourself as an excellent designer and find objects hidden better than others to decorate your Saloon! Then go through the full version of the best finding games, brain teasers and mini-games, as our games will make you think about how to search better!

Stuck on any finding objects game? No problem – our built-in walkthrough will always help you!

This game has a free trial part. You can unlock the full version through an in-app purchase.

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I paid for this game and I can not play. It starts out fine, but when you leave the tavern the screen freezes and won’t let me go any further. I would like a refund


The screen is going black and I bought the game I’m not happy I want a refund or fix the problem please


Oleg, please listen to what Lynx Minx has been saying for a very long time! I haven’t purchased your games in quite some time due to all the issues Lynx Minx points out. Along with said issues, the F2P is an insult to not only our pocketbooks,but to the dedicated players who so love HOA games.I want to support your efforts and loved past games, but the declining quality and innovation is making it difficult. Please bring on Eipix and please take the time to make 1 quality game rather than an assembly line of games full of bugs.


This is a good game in that there are lots of things to do and find. Unfortunately I am finding the story line boring. Will finish the game as I need entertainment for the holiday weekend. Will be glad when this is adventure is over.


This game was a disaster from start to finish. The only thing original was the western theme. The map does not indicate either actions available or collectibles. The mini games are iffy and some don’t work at all. We deserve better than this. How about releasing some EIPIX games??


Have deleted and reinstalled, have started over and still no way to complete this game. This is a problem with almost all of the paid games from this developer. I’m soooooooo sick and tired of spending my hard earned money on a game that starts out enjoyable but can’t be finished the same day, or ever for at least 3 games. Maybe we should all be demanding refunds EVERY time this happens and we will get an actual response. TELLING YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS TO TAKE SCREEN SHOTS AND SEND TO YOUR SUPPORT TEAM IS NOT ACCEPTABLE WHEN IT’S HAPPENING WITH THIS FREQUENCY ! Paying for and playing games are impulse buys. They are not like rent, food, medications that we need. We buy games to have fun, relax after working hard all week and you releasing game after game that can’t be played through without glitches is mean, borderline abusive and I feel like my money has been conned out of my account. I buy with the promise of an enjoyable game and get stressed. WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION ?


I love it


This game was a disaster! Outside of the novelty of the Wild West setting, there was no innovation whatsoever. The graphics were faded and dull and lacked visual acuity. These were the worst graphics I have seen in quite some time. We were treated to the identical inventory usage as always: fanning smoke, plugging holes, digging, using gloves to move thorns, screwdrivers, wrenches and lock picks. It’s the same in every game. Oleg, you need a new creative team! Thank goodness we have a new Friendly Fox game to play so we WILL have novel gameplay! (Dark City: Budapest). The quality assurance was horrible. Did any of you realize that you paid to customize your game, and there were no available actions indicated on the map? Normally we have exclamation marks for actions and collectibles, and the development team omitted them, so basically you all wasted your money! In addition, some of the mini-puzzles were impossible to manipulate, such as the maze. Certain puzzles would not lock into place, so they had to be skipped. There was a general lack of touchscreen sensitivity on the gameplay interface. Plus in the bonus adventure there was a near FATAL error. When I tried to manipulate the skeletal hands, the mini-game “disappeared “ and I couldn’t progress any further. If I clicked the hint button, it would tell me that there was nothing to be done at the location. I had to RESTART the bonus adventure and it finally worked on the second attempt. There is no excuse for this level of quality assurance. Oleg, get your act together! If I didn’t play for free, this game would have been a definite skip! My actual rating is 1.5 stars. I was extremely disappointed in the way this game functioned. I love crime-themed plot sub-genres , but this game had too many technical problems to enjoy. Don’t waste your money. Maybe if you didn’t rate it immediately upon release the developer would have an incentive to fix all the technical problems. Start being objective! I am very upset for the gamers. Most of you (practically all of you) do not realize that every Domini game is identical, and the developer needs to give us unique inventory usage and perfect gameplay. Enough is enough! Why don’t you start releasing EIPIX already? They always had the most unusual inventory usage, many different alternative puzzles and unique storylines! I killed myself to obtain those games for Domini, and Oleg won’t even give them a chance. It’s unfortunate because the Domini games have been dull and stale, and we deserve some exciting gameplay! Gamers, if you don’t ask, you don’t get, so I urge you to write to Domini if you want those EIPIX games. Don’t you all remember how much you loved them? Attention: Domini Support! The gamers don’t NEED to write to you to inform you of the technical issues! All you have to do is read the reviews to see what they are experiencing. They are telling you during the review. Don’t worry, gamers. I wrote on your behalf anyway. You deserve way better games. Oleg, if I were you, I would seriously discount the next game for the players after this mess. How dare you charge so much for such a poorly organized and cheaply created game with a huge host of quality assurance issues! Lynxie wishes you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


I’m not happy at all with this game. Map doesn’t tell you where to go and you can’t see the collections at all. Touch sensitive while playing mini games. Please fix as I was looking forward to playing. Update November 14th. I finished the main and got stuck in the bonus chapter where the arm of the skeleton don’t work it throws you out. If this game didn’t have all these problems it would’ve been a better game


I was excited to play this new release and was prepared to pay the $6.99 to play the whole game. Unfortunately, the first 15% of the game (the free part) was so glitchy there was no way I was going to pay money to put up with all of the annoyances throughout the entire game. Maybe after the kinks are worked out I will try this one again.


I appreciated the change in theme from the usual horror, sci-fi and fantasy games. The update seems to have fixed the “no sound in bonus game” issue, but I had to go into the menu/sound settings to turn the volume sliders up to hear the sound! The sound was off by default🤷🏻♀️ (At first I thought the update hadn’t fixed anything, and all I heard was light background noise like water dripping).


useless map. match 3 with barely visible cells that light up. yep, DoMini is offering up games to us lately, hoping we are starving for games and will pay $7 for their crap.


Great game until the bonus game when at the skull puzzle, it stopped working. When you put the skull and board in, the puzzle disappears and you can't complete the puzzle so you can't play the rest of the bonus game.


First of all, for people who like active tasks and collectibles show on the map, you’re out of luck because they don’t show up here. Regardless I finished the main game without any problems and was almost done with the bonus chapter when I hit a glitch. When I reached the part with the skeleton arms, I was unable to play the mini game at all. The game was not bad up till that point (although as some people have noted about other games, it’s the same type of game as always.) What a shame because the story line was at least different than the usual Domini offerings, but being unable yo finish the game leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Domini please do a bit better with quality control.


Absolutely loved it especially the gorgeous scenes. The sound isn’t working in the bonus chapter though.


Please fix.. I can’t purchase game. I really want to play and buy.