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Wavelength Messenger App DESCRIPTION

Wavelength is a new group chat app that seamlessly brings together your friends, AI, and intuitive threading for a totally new messaging experience.

• Talk to AI with Friends: Effortlessly add GPT-3.5 by OpenAI into your group chats. Just mention @AI to invite your intelligent virtual assistant to join the conversation. Wavelength is the first messaging app that lets multiple people talk to AI together.

• Intuitive Threading: Say goodbye to confusing and cluttered group chats. Wavelength’s intuitive threading system allows you to have multiple simultaneous conversations in a group. Keep discussions organized and easy to follow.

• End-to-End Encryption: Conversations on Wavelength are private and secure, using state-of-the-art double ratchet end-to-end encryption. Only messages that mention @AI are shared with Wavelength and OpenAI so that the bot can respond.

• History Sync: The history sync feature makes group onboarding a breeze. When a new member joins, existing members will automatically re-encrypt and securely share recent message history. Wavelength is the first end-to-end encrypted messaging app to offer a feature like this.

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In high school I was the computer nerd and no one wanted to be friends with me. This app is like that. You can’t do anything in it when you onboard unless you are already in a group. At this point the app is yet another online profile that has no useful capabilities because they are all locked behind a closed door. /shrug Deleted.


It's a chat app, just like all the others but missing a lot of the polish you would expect. (E.g. can't edit profile photo, "mentions" don't work unless you use the drop down, emoticons don't convert to emoji characters) The "Help" panel is literally, "Help isn't available" The onboarding experience is particularly onorous: Install native app, add phone #, confirm phone #, paste invite code, grant access to contacts ("Just NO and effyou for asking!"), upload profile photo... with no options for skipping any of that. Seriously? Just to get to a basic chat group? There's hundreds of web-based chat apps available that don't require any of that. The AI chatbot "feature" is useless... it's just a thin wrapper around ChatGPT, with no meaningful integration within the app. (E.g. can't actually create reminders or notes.)


I love how “native” the app looks and feels. There are some rough edges (URLs really need to have image cards vs. just pasting naked like they do) but it’s looking very promising. Biggest challenge is convincing my contacts to come over from existing messenger (ahem) apps.


This is an awesome app and I love the AI feature!


Smooth app, easy understandable UI. I do miss the lack of emoji responses in threads (Feature Request)! - but the initial interaction has been great. i like how they handle photos - smoother than Slack, but only allowing photos from the photo library vs any image collection you might have in iCloud, for example.


Tried the phone number multiple ways - seems to default to the number without the country code no matter how I type it in. Any suggestions? Thx


Any app that starts by asking for a phone number gets deleted. So much for privacy.


Awesome app. My whole family uses it. Replaced Messenger and Text. Look forward to any updat. AI was a brilliant addition


The thing I like best about Wavelength is how the little touches help create a kinder community.


So some context - I am both a skeptic and a planner. My friend group in SF has been using FB Messenger for years to plan trips, post updates, and just chat generally, and frankly, it leaves a lot to be desired. ESPECIALLY for planning - details get lost, especially as people want to make jokes in the chat. It's not uncommon to have to scroll through literally HUNDREDS of messages to find the details for a house ski trip. Wavelength is awesome because you can have one group chat with different threads, and if the thread isn't relevant to you, you just mute it. So you can keep important details in one place. And, if someone messes up and puts jokes in the planning chat, you can move to another thread. We've used it for our main friend group and it's kept things so organized. I hope they add: - Better video support - Emojis on messages - Android version But even without these things, this app is awesome. Highly recommend!


I love this app. It allows me to have multiple conversations with the same person at the same time! If you have having a reply quote on every message, you should try this app for sure.


Clean and simple to use -- and I hate almost every group comms / social media app out there.


No more group chats in text. This app is so great for friends to organize conversations. Love this app


As a group messaging app, it's also a social media app. There is wonderful community on Wavelength and I've been a very happy user since the first beta.