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Computer basics quiz app with free download to install is a complete computer app (iOS) to practice 1500+ computer basics quiz based MCQs. “Computer Basics Quiz” app covers trivia questions and answers, BCS, BSCS computer science MCQs to solve self-assessment tests. “Computer Basics Notes” learning app worksheets with answers key helps to practice test questions for online homeschooling exam on iOS smartphones.

Complete computer basics quiz app for online degree programs covers basic and advanced computer science course with trivia quizzes. “Computer Basics Revision” app is a quick study guide for students, beginners’ learning and home-schooling with computer basics textbook topics as:

Chapter 1: Application software quiz
Chapter 2: Applications of computers quiz
Chapter 3: Basics of information technology quiz
Chapter 4: Computer architecture quiz
Chapter 5: Computer networks quiz
Chapter 6: Data communication quiz
Chapter 7: Data protection and copyrights quiz
Chapter 8: Data storage quiz
Chapter 9: Displaying and printing data quiz
Chapter 10: Interacting with computer quiz
Chapter 11: Internet fundamentals quiz
Chapter 12: Internet technology quiz
Chapter 13: Introduction to computer systems quiz
Chapter 14: Operating systems quiz
Chapter 15: Processing data quiz
Chapter 16: Spreadsheet programs quiz
Chapter 17: Windows operating system quiz
Chapter 18: Word processing quiz

Download “Application Software Quiz” app to install revision notes with MCQs: Application software, presentation basics, presentation programs, presentation slides, word processing elements, and word processing programs.

Download “Applications of Computers Quiz” app to install revision notes with MCQs: Computer applications, and uses of computers.

Download “Basics of Information Technology Quiz” app to install revision notes with MCQs: Introduction to information technology, IT revolution, cathode ray tube, character recognition devices, computer memory, computer mouse, computer plotters, computer printers, computer system software, memory devices, input devices of computer, microphone, output devices, PC hardware and software, random access memory ram, Read Only Memory (ROM), Sequential Access Memory (SAM), static and dynamic memory devices, system software, video camera, and scanner.

Download “Computer Architecture Quiz” app to install revision notes with MCQs: Introduction to computer architecture, errors in architectures, arithmetic logic unit, bus networks, bus topology, central processing unit, computer languages, input output unit, main memory, memory instructions, motherboard, peripherals devices, Random Access Memory (RAM), Read Only Memory (ROM), and types of registers in computer.

Download “Computer Networks Quiz” app to install revision notes with MCQs: Introduction to computer networks, LAN and WAN networks, network and internet protocols, network needs, network topologies, bus topology, ring topology, star topology, dedicated server network, ISO and OSI models, networking software, and peer to peer network.

Download “Data Communication Quiz” app to install revision notes with MCQs: Introduction to data communication, data communication media, asynchronous and synchronous transmission, communication speed, modulation in networking, and transmission modes.

Download “Internet Technology Quiz” app to install revision notes with MCQs: History of internet, internet programs, network and internet protocols, network of networks, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), online services, searching web, sponsored versus non-sponsored links, using a metasearch engine, using Boolean operators in your searches, using e-mail, web based e-mail services, and World Wide Web (WWW).

“Computer Basics MCQ” app helps to solve computer science multiple choice questions from every chapter, comparing with answer key after every 10 random trivia quiz questions.

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