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Greetings, Version V1.3.0 is coming up now! Upgrade in an all-round way, and keep updating hot novels and genuine books! 1. Optimize UI interaction / function experience and improve system fluency. 2. Fixed crash and other known bugs caused by users upgrading the new version.


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Download eReader app, reading the latest and most popular we bnovels on the whole network, update quickly, all genres, and enjoy the fun of reading together.

【Massive Novels】
Romance,Fantasy,Werewolf,Vampire,Billionaire,LGBT+,etc. New stories updated daily!

【Smart Recommendation】
Scientifically and accurately recommend high-quality books for you, and customize the exclusive book list. It is no longer difficult to find books from now on.

【Personality Settings】
Complex and simple switching, reading background, font size, font, night mode, page turning effect, word spacing and other settings to create a comfortable reading experience for you.

Come and download eReader app. Particular and fleshy plots of novels on eReader deserves your focus!

【 Description of Auto Subscription Service】

1. Service Name:eReader Package Subscription Service

2. Subscription Period:1 week/1 month

3. Subscription Price:$4.99(1 week)/$9.99(1 month)

4. Subscription Benefits: book discounts for subscribers、subscribers can claim 100 coins every day

5. Buying a monthly subscription service will automatically debit your iTunes account and extend the service period of one month 24 hours before the monthly service expires.

6. If you want to unsubscribe, please open the iOS “Settings” —> enter “iTunes Store and App Store” —> click “Apple ID”, select “View Apple ID”, go to the “Account Settings” page, click “Subscribe” “, choose Big Dreame Bundle to unsubscribe. If you do not unsubscribe at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, this subscription will be automatically renewed.

7. Service Agreement:

8. Privacy Agreement:

9. Subscription Service Agreement:




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It is expensive to read good books! I could buy on Kindle a lot cheaper. And now issues loading. I even bought monthly packages and still had issues trying to read


I purchased coins and never received after the took money out of my bank account. This has happened a few times. And when I email EReader they never reply back. Also never give me my purchase. I will be deleting this app.


Amazing book but it’s ridiculous that I have to pay 62 coins a chapter so if I want to read the whole book (245 chapter long) I have to spend over 100$ and that is absolutely wrong. I have 7 different book apps on my phone and none of them gouge me for money like this one does


Most of the books on here are plagiarized and can be found on Kindle. Plus it is way too expensive and can be found cheaper on Kindle.


Found a story that I really like… but I’m just half way and I already spent 30$ … I’ll just have to imaging the rest of the story because I’m not paying 60$ to read a bloody book.


The fact the each chapter cost more coins and is not very long is crazy add to that it 100 coins a chapter your almost paying $1 a chapter just ridiculous!


This site is selling known authors works. Colleen Hoover, Penelope Douglas and Aurora Rose Reynolds just to name a few. Do not use this app. They are stealing stories and profiting from other peoples hard work.


Extremely expensive app. Other reading apps are much cheaper. I also can’t get this app to update in order to get my daily coins.


This app is filled with stolen books and they are charging triple what they cost! My book being one of them!!!!!!


This AP is stealing or allowing the theft of other authors work.


Do not support this app! They steal stories from mother platforms and have you pay for them so the author gets screwed! Don’t support this app!


Do not support this app. They not only allow people to steal other authors’ work but also promote it. I’m appalled by this app’s lack of integrity and lack of responsibility by not holding their author accountable for stolen works. Instead they promote them and their stolen work.


This is ridiculous. I have yet again purchased an additional coin package and it is not credited to my account. This is now 40.00 worth of coins in limbo. I have shared my purchase history with you, I have shared my bank account transactions with you. I have contacted Apple with this information and have shown them on emails. They have reviewed my purchases history and can see where I made the purchases yet you have failed to provide the goods for your services. I will be getting a full refund from Apple and deleting this app which is SAD because the stories are great. Shame on you and your customer service. I came in with proof of purchase via multiple outlets. I’m not looking for a handout or free coins I only want what I have paid for.


Scrolling to read and it freezes and spazzes out quite a bit . Chapters cost wayyyyyy too much ! Only reading till what I have left and deleting


As stated before by somebody else, they want you to spend money on coins to read. They make it impossible to use your bonuses that you collect. The chapters are overpriced or not even listed with a price so you are left guessing how much it is. I’ve seen other apps so this and honestly it’s the ones that are poor quality that copy from other apps or infringe on copyrights. They also have too many typos in their stories. You can probably find the same stories on other platforms from where they took it from. Don’t download this app.


This app has user infringing the copyrights! My book was plagiarised from another reading app on to this one! They don’t provide a DMCA take down form and the support email doesn’t even work!!! I’m the owner of Luna’s Replacement and own all the copyrights to it. Remove it from from your app immediately as I DID NOT GIVE PERMISSION to publish it on your website/ app. Or face a lawsuit!


It’s ridiculous, spent $20 to ready a book and still didn’t get to finish it, your better off with kindle where at least you don’t get grammatical mistakes all throughout the books smh. Not worth it at all, removing this app.


Some of the grammar is not right but the books are all great to read


The chapters you have to pay for are to short and they cost much more then they are worth. Then it has errors all the time with loading new chapters. This is just a big scam up to get you to pay lots of money for nothing.


I like this app. Stories are very nice. Just too many coins for one chapter. But still continue to read.