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Your local dog waste removal app is here to save the day!

Dingle is a safe and secure way to connect local service providers to customers for all your dog waste removal needs. For all the times you don’t bother to scoop the poop, we do it for you.
Not only is Dingle providing a trustworthy and affordable service to keep our community clean and safe, but we also give back! Yes, that’s right, 51% of all profits goes toward a charity of your choice, so when you choose a service with Dingle, you also choose to give back in a meaningful way.
Our charity list is constantly growing, so you can support a cause that matters to you.
As a double whammy, you are not only supporting a charitable cause but also employment in your local area, and by doing so, the local economy. Now that is doing some good in your neighborhood.
How Does Dingle Work?
Download the Dingle App
Sign up for a free account
Choose your service frequency
Choose the charity which you would like to support
Receive confirmation and update notifications of your service
Save a couple of hours of your week to do… whatever you want!
Get notified when the job is complete
Safely make your payment in the app
Leave a rating and review of your service
Dingle is currently available in select Reno-Sparks areas of Northern Nevada.
With Dingle, you can be confident with who is coming to your home as we have trusted service providers who have all passed a background check.
Who Is Dingle For?
Dingle is helpful for anyone with a dog! Whether you are a:
Single female who doesn’t want to pick up poop
A married couple who are tired of fighting over whose turn it is to pick up after the dog
Busy family with small kids who don’t have time to pick up dog waste but wants their kids to be able to play carefree in the yard
Or an older adult/elderly individual who loves companionship from their furry friend but can’t quite get around as you used to
“I’ll admit, at first I was a little skeptical about the idea of someone I didn’t know coming into my backyard to pick up after my dog, but since I found out that Dingle hand selects their providers and screens every one of them, they’ve put my mind at ease! I’m so glad I decided to go with Dingle!” – Amy J.
“When I first heard of Dingle and its service, my initial thought was I could pick up my dog’s waste on my own, but as life has gotten more hectic, I decided to give it a try. Since I hired them, Dingle has created some breathing room in my schedule, allowing me to focus my attention on more important things. It really does make a difference! Thanks, guys! – John R.
Create a secured login account for free
Choose a cleaning frequency that suits you
In-app payment for safety and security
Leave a rating and a review of your service
Receive notifications of the start and completion of your service

Become A Service Provider with Dingle
Why be a Dingle Service Provider?
Get paid up to $45 per hour—partner with a company that gives 51% of its profit back to the community. We believe in a high level of excellence and want to work with the best gig workers in the area! If you think that’s you, apply today!
Must Haves:
Must be a pet lover
Get paid every couple of days. (That’s right! Get paid multiple times per week!!)
Make your own schedule.
See cute dogs all day.
Make a difference.
The Dingle app will allow you to:
Receive jobs nearby
Alert client when the job starts and when the job is complete
Receive payment
Review and rate client
Apply in the app or at




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Dingle brings relief to my hectic schedule. Since hiring Dingle, I know that my backyard will be clean and safe for both my dogs and my family. So thankful for service!!


What a genius idea for an app! Thank you Go Dingle!


Love this app! It’s easy to use and very user friendly. I felt like I knew what to expect every step of the way. Highly recommend.


So helpful for my parents who aren’t able to get out and do it themselves! I am able to make an appointment for them and can rest easy knowing they won’t hurt themselves.


Such a great app and such a great service! Apple is super smooth and easy to download and register! Service is fantastic! Well worth it!


Thank you Dingle for providing us with an easy way to have our dog waste removed. I love being able to schedule a removal every week and before having people over, so I can focus on other things. We love this service. I cannot believe there wasn’t an app like this sooner.


This app is super easy to use and a great idea for someone needing some work!