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An exclusive social app that is designed with your security in mind.
Klique maximizes your chances of finding an ideal partner while you are our member.

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Meet new people at University!
Uni-Dating is a University exclusive dating and social platform for students in the UK. By signing up with your University email address, it guarantees the people you meet on Uni-Dating are real students just like you! Uni-Dating was made completely with students in mind and was made by students for students. Whether it is matching with people you see every day on campus, or meeting someone completely new from a University close-byUni-Dating makes this possible. Select your Course, Year Of Study and your best photos and get liking people you are interested in! If you like someone that also likes you, you can start chatting and hopefully plan to meet up!
Make Friends on Snap, TikTok
TiTi give you a new way to find out insteresting people on Snap&Tik. You can get better know about the new friend by following tik, or add snap. You can make new friends by the following steps: 1. Swipe to match people 2. Check the bios if it's insteresting 3. Send request to exchange Snap&Tik ID; TiTi have many ways to earn free unlimited diamonds: - check in every 5 hours - share sticker on snap - create tik video with hashtag - accept friends request
Friends all over the world
Togoo is an instant chat app that takes you around the world. You can build friendship with friends from all over the world, get to know local people and broaden your horizons through this app. From Asia to Europe to North America, you can leave your footprints. Here, you can meet friends from more than 180 countries around the world, including China, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Japan and South Korea. And just use your native language to communicate, because the app can translate conversations in real time. Special feature: [Global Dating]: A large number of high-value little brothers and sisters are online all over the world, know what you think, just chat if you want; [Global Travel]: Choose the country you like and find someone you like; [Simulated refueling]: Simulate the aircraft refueling experience, bringing you a different way of playing. 【gold】 1. Buy 230 gold coins for 30 yuan 2. Buy 460 gold coins for 60 yuan 3. Purchase 750 gold coins for 98 yuan 4. Purchase 1,500 gold coins for 198 yuan..
Muslim Polygamy Matrimony App
WE ARE THE FIRST & ONLY ONLINE MUSLIM POLYGAMY MATCHMAKING SERVICE. WE BELIEVE THIS SUNNAH BADLY NEEDS TO BE REVIVED, ESPECIALLY IN THIS AGE OF FITNAH. JOIN ONLY IF YOU ARE SEEKING MARRIAGE & DESIRE TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM WHAT IS FORBIDDEN. # So why We are the first, the largest and only service of this kind. We have over 400,000 members. Pornography, easy hookups, extra marital affairs, prostitution is now ever so common & accessible for non-muslim men & women. Polygamy is a much more safer & honorable option for both Muslim men and women. # But Why Now? There is no better time than now. We are living in a time where alternative lifestyles are becoming more and more acceptable and all taboos are being broken. We would like to warn you that "Legal Polygamy" is still a crime in many countries. We are strictly endorsing religious and faith based polygamous marriages & marriage ceremonies. # We need more Women! For every premium male member, we have 4 females members for him to communicate with. But as..
The no-strings dating app
TapDat is the new, honest hookup app: dedicated to helping people have casual, non-committal fun in the best way possible. We like to be body-positive, make jokes and want people using TapDat to be cheeky, naughty, and have a good time. We're here to match together flirty daters so they can chat, message and connect in an adult but responsible way. Download TapDat and help us build a community to find a perfect coital companion! WHAT IS TAPDAT? Navigating the world of online dating can be a rough ride. TapDat is here to make it simpler, by connecting you with people who are into the same things between the sheets, and getting you communicating in a way that makes everyone happy. Whether you’re a beginner in the bedroom or a seasoned pro, TapDat is for anybody who wants to enjoy themselves with a partner in a healthy, positive and sexualised way. TapDat is also an app for responsible adults only, and promotes safe and consensual encounters between parties who are legally allowed to have them. Stop letting your imagination run..
Mingle app
IMHERE is a new kind of chat app which helps guests at bars, clubs and events to meet, socialize and capture the moment. To give the users a right here, right now feeling the app only works in IMHERE chat zones at carefully selected locations, all hosted by different brands. A safe and user-friendly way to meet new friends in a digi-physical world.
One Night Dating, Adult Friend
Hookoo is a new and most importantly, FREE social space, where everyone can make friends, meet people, gain friendship or a new relationship in a new way. Unlike other traditional social apps, there are no unlimited sliding cards. Yes, Hookoo is different from other dating apps and hookup apps. We create a new pattern for people to find relationships and love. Follow your inner heart and choose a bubble. Let’s leave the rest to Mr. Cupid and his arrows. Let fate play its’ magic! Your Mr./Miss Right might just be hidden in one of the bubbles in only one shot away! Wouldn’t it be more exciting to leave a little mystery on the road of exploring life and love? You’ll never know what’s hidden in the next bubble. With the help of Cupid, the god of love, you’ll definitely have better chance here to find whatever you are looking for! It's a whole new and interesting way to explore and discover new relationships. With the function of voice self-introduction, Hookoo allows you to show your highlights more prominently. Don’t underestimate..
Features: - Private Chat: Chat with friends or any Instagram / Facebook user privately. - Nearby Chat: Easy to discover the most popular InDate users nearby and set them as your favorites. - Instant Chat: See..
Features: - Private Chat: Chat with friends or any Instagram / Facebook user privately. - Nearby Chat: Easy to discover the most popular InDate users nearby and set them as your favorites. - Instant Chat: See who’s been online recently and start chatting with them. - Match and Chat: Swipe through profiles to like people and get your match! - Global Chat: Change your location to meet people around the world. - Chat Now: Check out your visitor list and match list, see who might be interested in you!
Your nightlife companion
Nightsetthe ultimate party planner and your companion for the night, enables you to discover the best events and clubs in London tonight. Whenever you party hard or prefer a house party, this app will let you find perfect places to enjoy your evening. See the real time feed and livestream from the clubs, book tickets for parties and get on the guestlist easily with one tapUse the dating feature to meet other party people and find singles you can dance withenjoy the romance! Share your vibe with like-minded party people! Turn any day into the best night of your life. Life’s a party. Featured by Forbes, The Huffington Post, Metro, Tech City News, The Guardian, Real Business, and many more. Nightsetthe ultimate app for partying brings you the following features: LiveSee where local party people are, what they’re doing, and who they’re with. See the real time feed and livestream from clubs to know where to go. Explorefind the best events and parties to go to tonight. Save them for later, invite your friends, book tickets and join guestlist with..
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An exclusive social app that is designed with your security in mind. Klique maximizes your chances of finding an ideal partner while you are our member.


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