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New Hero: IO New Package Items: (Snowman Hat Package, Baby Penguin Package, Chilly Breath Package) Guild Raid error message fix


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Ragnarok: The Lost Memories, the follow-up to Ragnarok Online, is finally here! Ragnarok: The Lost Memories brings back all the nostalgia and classic game experience of the original. You can now enjoy the Cinematic Newtro RPG experience on your mobile device!

Experience a storyline never before seen in the Ragnarok series. Choose your own path as you unlock the story and truth in Ragnarok: The Lost Memories. It will keep you engaged and wanting to know more about what happens next. Play at your own pace without feeling pressured to keep up. This is an adventure RPG, so expect to face challenges to beat the monsters, clear dungeons, and battle bosses to move forward with your story. A free to play adventure strategy game with a card battle system and character collection system!

Unique Card Battle System
● All cards come with unique abilities and stats. Offense, Defense and Support
● Plan your own unique strategy and deck to conquer different Ragnarok monsters and bosses
● Create a deck of up to 10 Active Card and 5 Passive Card to start your fight
● Visit the Card Shop and use the Draw Card system to try your luck pulling (MVP) cards
● Level up your deck and cards to unlock more abilities and powers
● Earn free cards or more chances to draw cards by participating in the game events

Character Collection
● Collect and own more than 20 Ragnarok characters of different jobs to create your squads
● All Ragnarok characters have their unique skills. Build different teams to tackle Ragnarok monsters, bosses and other players in PVP
● Rank up your Ragnarok characters by challenging heroes in the Ragnarok Hall of Valhalla
● Develop your Ragnarok character abilities and powers through upgrading and levelling
● Equip your Ragnarok character with different grades of equipment to make them more stronger

Auto Bot Idle System
● A convenient auto-functions that allows you to battle and cast skills
● Idle and farm rewards and materials
● Adventure automatically across maps and fields
● No limitation on idling. Idle and earn gold, materials, drops and experience all day!

● Farm, purchase, craft, refine or enchant equipment for your Ragnarok characters
● Switch your equipment among characters to build the best setup for your team
● Create the best strategy for your attack and defense teams with equipment upgrades

PvP Arena
● Battle in PvP arena and achieve victory by taking down your opponent
● Set up your team of 4 to battle against another player’s pre-set team
● Get exciting rewards from participating in the PVP arena

● Join a Guild and participate in Guild quests to obtain exclusive rewards
● Defeat powerful monsters with Guild members and try to become the strongest Guild
● Guild Battles (GvG) to come in future updates

● Explore more than 200 different field dungeons adapted from Ragnarok Online
● Engage and battle famous monsters from Ragnarok Online!
● Get rare and exciting drops from dungeons to get stronger and increase EXP

Achievement System
● Earn Gemstones and other rewards from unlocking achievements

Daily Quest
● A list of daily quests provides players with EXP and “Adventurer’s Emblem”
● Adventurer’s Emblem is used to exchange for Adventurer Support Package, which gives goodies including Gemstones

Side Quests
● Endless side quests to unlock rewards and level up your characters
● Complete mission to earn various rewards (Gemstones, EXP, Zeny, Card Draw Tickets, and much more)

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories aims to provide an unique gaming experience for players through our exciting JRPG story-based game.




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So I got this game and absolutely enjoy the nostalgia from when I played Ragnarok Online, the game worked perfectly until I got my camp upgrades maxed and now every time I try to camp it says nickname already exists…. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but I still get the same message, I do also have this on PC and it works just fine there, this would be a 5-star game if everything worked but without being able to use the camp it is impossible to progress any further. As it stands right now I am only recommending people to get this on PC until this issue with the camp gets fixed, this is a great game but with a bug(?) that makes progress stop. On PC I got to the desert city just fine but on the mobile I am stuck in prontera because it won’t allow me to camp to heal, please fix this issue as this is a fun game.


This game is ridiculously over priced for a pay to play game. You can get through the first 30 levels without pay to play but the game becomes increasingly difficult soon after so if you’re a player who doesn’t want to wait you’ll end up paying to continue playing. With their most recent update, they reduced the healing of the high priest Elaine which I can see is to encourage players to pay for their new healer Charvel an acolyte. If you’re familiar with the game, a high priest should be able to heal more than a dumb acolyte. The game itself isn’t designed for you to make great achievements on your own without spending a lot of time in the game but even if you don’t pay to play it will take a long time to make progress, as in weeks to develop without paying for help. Do not play this game. These developers are truly trying to take advantage of people. There are better games. Move on.


Today when I logged in it keeps saying Server error. Return to the main screen. It was still fine yesterday. Please fix it Thanks


Why. It feels like just for the intro it takes 2 days worth of cutscenes. Stupid


please translate to Chinese


You know what would be really awesome that everyone would be really interested in? If you took some of the millions of dollars in profit from these cash grab mobile games and made a PC ragnarok “remaster/remake” like everyone actually wants. I’m sure you’d make loads of money from the inevitable cash shop too since that’s your main focus these days for the ragnarok IP!


Please make Backbone compatible


I really like this game,but if support Chinese I will give 5 Stars!


This Ragnarok have the same type of mechanic on ragnarok ds that i used to play long time ago. It about building your team and this game kinda exactly that except its kinda pay to win (which is to be expected since all the game are like that nowadays, not saying you cant finish the game without paying but its gonna be a struggle and a slow progress ). I enjoyed the game so far. However its too limited to build a new characters they need too many resources which kill the enjoyment of building team. You have to roll for souls, weapons and cards which is too many gacha going on. I feel like it would be much more reasonable if its cheaper or better rate for summoning especially souls. 750 gems for 10 pulls just to get a bunch of 1 soul i when u need like 600 souls to max ONE character and its random. Conclusion: The game itself is fun, great story, fun mechanic, and can be relaxing. All characters can be unlock as you progress through the story. However, It takes learning curve to beat many bosses and luck on your card summoning. To player out there : Use gacha materials wisely because they do not warn you or have any suggestions in game. All those materials are really valuable like I mentioned you need a LOT of resources to build a new thing and upgrade card that are the most useful to your team.


The game's kinda nice, but to make it better you guys could put an option to turn off the chat and the others players in the screen


I just done the tutorial and I love the game already. I missed the old ragnarok that i played before and this game has its charisma. I hope they add all story quest from the original ragnarok to play with.


Some of the bosses are way too hard for story mode. Exp: story mode maya. Maybe need to tune down the difficulty a bit


Absolute zero effort game with awful graphics, clunky UI, horrible gacha rates, and too pay-to-win.


The game is fun to play very relaxing!!!


Really enjoying this game so far, I love the combat system which is completely new to me from any other game I’ve ever played. I also like how you don’t have to spam the gacha system to unlock all of the characters, as you meet them through the story and can recruit later (I’m not too far so I can’t say this for all characters.) I also quite enjoy the cutscenes, especially Rina’s dialogue. The parts where she lights a man on fire, beats Per to see if he’s immortal, and tells her father that she hopes he gets struck by lightning all had me laughing. I do, however, hope we’re able to get more crystals from future events and such.


nice game


I can’t play the game it just black screen when open


Good game


Really enjoying this game so far. There are so many Ragnarok games out there, but this one really stands out! You control 4 characters at once, and use cards to cast spells and buffs during combat. Very original combat, for this type of game.


If you’re a fan of RAGNAROK then you would know this the NOSTALGIA at finest.