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- Fixed bug where the game becomes unresponsive after a review pop up appears - Improved the font generation algorithm


【图】The Chronos Principle(截图 0)【图】The Chronos Principle(截图 1)


The Chronos Principle is a beautiful journey through a series of intricate puzzles that explore the concept of time manipulation.

Immerse yourself in a serene atmosphere and enjoy this mind-bending experience.


– 77 handcrafted puzzles
– A calm and relaxing atmosphere
– Time travel and various other mechanics
– Supports both light and dark mode
– Cloud saving
– Optimized for both phones and tablets



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This is one of my favorite iPhone games. Super-clever. I’d love more levels, and an editor to make your own levels would be great, too.


This game is a perfect pick-up-and-play, I-have-a-few-minutes-to-kill kind of game. The concept is straightforward and simple, but stylized with care. The puzzles are never too difficult, but nevertheless rewarding once solved. Everything is fair, well-paced, appropriately challenging, and aesthetically pleasing. I only took a few sit downs to finish, but a worthwhile experience each time.


The game is simple, but very clever. It requires to you to remember what you did before in order to progress. But that means you have to think not only about what you did, but what you’re going to do. So you’re constantly switching back and forth (especially in the later levels) between thinking into the future and then back into the past. It’s incredibly satisfying, and not overly challenging like some games. I would say it’s struck the perfect balance of being challenging and rewarding. There are currently only 77 levels, so you may only get a couple of hours of gameplay out of this, but at the “end” it says “Stay tuned for more to come”, so here’s hoping the developer continues to innovate and deliver more levels.


awesome game. challenges your vizualization skills. very unique and ingenious creation. cant wait for the next phase…


Love the design of the game. Derive from simple principles and build mind blowing levels. It is fun to figure out how time tricks work. To be honest the most levels before 76 are hardly challenging and acts as tutorials. Level 76 is perfect designed to use all skills learned from previous levels. Hope there will be more levels like Level 76. If the studio need level designer, I am interested to contribute to this game. Have lots of ideas in mind. This game reminds me of Jonathon Blow’s Braid.


Thanks 👍


Good game


While the idea is nice, the puzzles are really easy. Too many puzzle games with high ratings don't pose any serious challenge for the first 20 levels, or more, and I'm just not willing to keep playing until it gets hard. I can understand the need to have some training to learn the mechanics of a game, but 20+ levels of training is a bit much.


This game is unique, challenging and a blast. If you love puzzle games based in logical problem solving, you will fall in love with Chronos


I enjoy puzzles and this game has some clever ideas. Love it. Great job! I hope to see additional levels in the future


I really enjoyed this innovative game. My only complaint is I wish there were more levels! Maybe more to come… ??


There are many puzzlers in the App Store, many of which involve sliding blocks to their intended slot and proper destination. This one is head and shoulders above the rest with the added time-dynamic! The level of thought and forethought required to complete these puzzles is second to none, yet the difficulty is not such that you can’t work it out for yourself. Brilliantly crafted and planned, and an exceptionally executed game. An iOS must!


This game has brilliant bite size puzzles. Clever mechanics are introduced and compounded upon to perfection. The app is sleek, makes you think, and best of all is unobtrusive without any ads or IAP. I got this one for free during a temporary “sale” but would gladly pay several dollars for this. Great job to the creators, truly excellent!!


I never write reviews, but felt like this game deserves one. This is a puzzle game that uses spatial logic sequentially. Not a new concept, but the new game mechanic added to this is that distinguishes it from others is that it combines the ghost car concept from MarioKart and gives the ghost “physical properties” that differ from the original. To continue with the analogy, imagine you shooting a red shell at the end of lap 1. Now you’re driving in lap 2 and at the end of it you see your past self shoot a red shell and this time it hits you. Definitely check it out. To the devs, please add a game mechanic of single use filter cloaks. You can equip your current and also drop it where a ghost running over it would then have the cloaks properties. Keep queuing the actions the same way just use a double screen tap to de-cloak


This game is amazing. From the preview, it looks as though it is just a slide and complete game, but there are far more features than its initial impression. The tutorials show the “easier/basic” levels, but the game’s difficulty increases with each level. It has kept me engaged for the last couple of hours! The one think I cannot figure out is how to sync it with my iOS devices. I’m signed into my Game Center account on both my iPad and iPhone, but it starts at level one on my iPhone if I try to pick up my progress from playing on my iPad. I’ve gone through the settings several times. Is there something I’m missing? That said, I give the game five stars, with the exception of the syncing issue, but that might be user error too! Great job developers! Please reply if possible. Thanks!!


This game is fun when you have nothing better to do. It makes you think on how you should move your blue square to the green door. I’d recommend.


This is a really good game. The mechanics are creative. It looks really good - great design. There are no time wasting levels and no IAPs. Puzzles are fun, challenging, but never impossible or intimidating. Very much enjoyed this one.


I was expecting your standard slide through a maze borefest. This isn’t that. It’s easy to pick up and yet still challenging. Great job dev!


This game is a lot of fun. The puzzles makes you really think before you even move your square. Each level has a new, interesting, fun way to get to the end. This game keeps you interested with each new concept it introduces. I recommended this to all my friends that like strategy games. This is a fun puzzle game that keeps you eager and excited for the next stage. Great design to keep the player wanting more. Highly recommend.