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From the creators of Cute Pocket Cat and Puppy 3D and other Cute Pocket simulator series.

Would you like to have a cat or a dog on your smartphone or tablet ? Let us bring to your attention the game Cute Cat And Puppy World. You don’t have to choose between a kitten or a dog because you can get both in this game.

In Cute Cat And Puppy World you can get a sweet puppy or a kitty, that you should name; you should play with them and take care of them. If you do not pay enough attention to your pets, they will be very sad.

Add friends and see when they are online to join them.
Realtime online multiplayer – Face new players from around the world and play with friends or allies in this cat simulator and dog simulator game.
Use battle mode in OnLine multiplayer game to show your fighting skills.
Create clans and fight against other online players in Clan Wars.
Leaderboards rank the best players by points. Try to get top 10 of the week!

Moreover, you can do quests, take a part in competitions, OnLine chat or fight. You will meet other players’ kittens and puppies In OnLine town. You can chat with them and play together.

Visit Fashion Shop to give your kitten or puppy a special look. Buy collars for you cat or puppy, toys, costumes, hats, wings, trails, socks. Your pets will be very happy if you buy something for them. Visit Barbershop to change your pet’s skin.

A cute, fluffy and adorable puppy or kitten is waiting for your attention and affection in this cute game.

Adopt cute pets in this free animal simulator!
Look through our other animal games.

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When I am almost finished with a quest I start to glitch a lot and I don’t even know why there are bug glitches so please I’m begging you to fix the bug glitches.


I love this game


I don’t know how to get quests done


I love this game so much it is amazing best game ever ever five star the only thing is I wish they would add more skin but it is still the best best best game ever I love this game so much!!💗💗💗💗


Then why did you download this game??


I've had this gane fir 4-5 years now, and The New update is really boring and Can't do many things on the new update, The old update had clans, dating abd other things.. And i think you should do like girls cab date girls and guys and guys cantik date guys and girls.


I love this game it’s wonderful thanks for makeing this game I played this game for like 1 to 2 years lately I love this game your my favorite game player


can you all bring back dating, and clans? the new update isn't for me. and i would really appreciate if you added it back. if you can please do so!, also can y'all add the buy gems option back.


I had this game ever since i was little. I quit for a couple years, now im back. Back then was so fun, my friends, dating, clans, leaderboard. We all miss the old version and this game is getting out of business. We really wish we can get the update back so the game wont get out of business. I know you work super hard for this game and i love it! All we want is clans and dating back! We love you guys so much. Keep doing you :)💕💕💕


While this game is great and I am so glad it is now on IOS, it also had more features on android. I miss clan dog and clans and dating.. keep it on iOS but bring all the cool things back. OH AND I think girls + girls or guys + guys should be able to ask each other out, not everyone is straight.