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What kind of photo sessions do you capture?
Albumera offers complimentary 30-minute* photo sessions with a professional photographer in over 2 major touristic cities. Our shoots are primarily outdoor for optimal lighting, though there are covered areas where we can shoot.

Our team of talented photographers is trained to shoot all different types of portraiture and photography that help capture your best. Visiting the city and want to catch some action shots of you romping through iconic sights? Want to turn your business or dating profile photos up a notch? Did you get a fresh new haircut and want to show it off? We got you covered!

Our photographers cover a wide range photography styles including but not limited to: business headshots, acting headshots, dance shots, lifestyle, fitness, family, newborns, maternity, engagement, tourist, and more. Anything you want to shoot, we’re happy to help you capture it!

Albumera offers the unique mix that nobody else offers: high-quality photos without the high prices and an experience that you’re going to love and remember. We want you to feel good in your skin and to have those wow factor photos to reflect that. We love and respect our customers, and we believe your full Albumera experience will prove that.

Note: Your session will consist of 25 minutes of active photographing; the other 5 minutes is reserved for moving around to different spots for a change in scenery and backdrop.

Who are your photographers?
We maintain a team of professional photographers that we have vetted for strong technical skills, an impressive artistic eye, and a winning personality! We wanted to only offer the best photographers to our clients, and our team is trained to work with all different types of shots, body and skin types, and personalities and moods. Feel awkward? We totally understand and will work with whatever you bring that day!

We know how to capture your best angles no matter if you’re looking for more formal business shots, family shots, or fun lifestyle shots. You name it, we can do it and also make sure you have a ton of fun during your Albumera experience! Because we know that when you feel amazing, you look amazing.

Why is your pricing so low?
Besides helping people get great photos, Albumera deeply believes in supporting photographers. Albumera’s offer of convenient 30 minute sessions and photos from just £12.5 each creates demand for photo sessions that wouldn’t otherwise happen – bringing photographers back-to-back clients all in one location.

Many great photographers today spend more time searching and waiting for jobs than they do taking great photos. Our ability to aggregate demand for our photographers allows us to pass the benefit on to our customers in the form of affordable pricing because we believe that nobody should have to spend thousands or even hundreds of pounds to have amazing photos!

Why is there a £30 charge on my credit / debit card?
After you book your session, the £30 charge you are seeing is a temporary pre-authorization hold to make sure you have the funds to cover a last-minute cancel or no-show for your session. It should be released immediately (if you don’t see a credit, please let us know at info@albumera.com!) We’ve had to institute this pre-authorization out of protection for our photographers.

Weather is bad?
Albumera typically works rain or shine, so if you are not willing to be photographed in rain, snow or other various elements, please proactively cancel your session before 10:00am 2 days prior to your scheduled shoot. Failure to cancel will be taken as a willingness to be photographed in these elements.

Albumera sessions are outdoor and photographers strictly maintain a distance from clients, so risk of exposure is minimal to none. We will only be sending healthy photographers wearing masks! If you need to cancel your session, please do so by the 2 day cutoff out of respect to our hard-working photographers and to avoid late charges.




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