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- Improvement have been done for fishes. - Minor bugs fixed. - Game icon changed.

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Idle Aquarium! Game DESCRIPTION

Let’s jump into aquarium and feed the fishes. Design your aquarium with dozens of different ornaments and fishes. Fun and colorful idle game!

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Let's jump into aquarium and feed the fishes. Design your aquarium with dozens of different ornaments and fishes. Fun and colorful idle game!
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The only real difficulty with this game is saving money for certain things at certain times, making this pretty suitable for players who hate serious challenges. The only nitpick I have here is that I’m limited to two aquaria. Needless to say, each time I log in, I am assured that my precious fish were fed while I was gone.


This game has been one of the best games I’ve played all year. These graphics are outstanding and the story is so complex. This cured my creeping depression and brought me and my friends closer together. Thanks and I can’t wait for the next big update.


The fish never eat anything fix my game now I want my money back