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Thank you for using Silvianna! This version lays the groundwork for bigger updates in the future. Additionally, the following new feature has been added: - Multi-account support. You can now use multiple Anilist accounts on the same device (Requires Silvianna Pro)


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Silvianna is the best Anilist client for iOS.

Anilist is the popular website for anime and manga fans, where you can keep track of your favorite series, or discover something new to watch or read.

Silvianna comes packed with power features for list management. The app allows you to modify anything about items on your list as long as it is supported by Anilist.


– Friendly on the smallest iPhone and the biggest iPad.

– Keep track of each anime Season with a Chart feature, keeping track of everything that will air soon and receiving notifications as series start to come out (as long as they are on your Plan to Watch list).

– Keep track of series that are currently airing easily. Series that you haven’t watched all the episodes of and are currently airing will have a visible red banner telling you how many episodes behind you are, making it easy to keep track of everything you watch.

– Home Screen Widgets for airing episodes. You can choose to see the next airing episode or the last aired episode.

– You can turn on the ability to receive notifications when new episodes come out for series you are watching.

– When you finish watching a series, you will automatically be prompted for the rating. You no longer need to navigate through different screens if you weren’t able to rate something you watched.

– When rating a series, it will use the rating system currently set in your Anilist account. It doesn’t matter if you are using the standard 10 point system, 10 point decimal system, 5-star system, or even the Emoji system – Silvianna supports all the rating systems provided by Anilist.

– If your rating system supports Advanced Scoring, Silvianna will grab your parameters and you will be able to also perform advanced scoring according to your custom parameters.

– You have access to your Anilist profile, so you can access your Manga and Anime lists easily and quickly.

– Multiwindow support on the iPad.

– You can search the entire Anilist database for Anime and Manga.

– You can view other users’ profiles.

– You can view character info and what series they are from.


The app is freemium, meaning you can unlock more functionality by buying Silvianna Pro as a one-time purchase within the app.
You will unlock the following features:

– No limitations on the number of Airing series shown in the Home tab.

– iOS 14 Widgets allow you to track your airing episodes, right from the Home Screen.

– If you have the Donor rank on, the app can take your custom profile color if you use one.

– The app will respect more of your Anilist settings when searching for content.

– You will be able to edit all the parameters for media in your lists, including start date, finish date, custom scoring, and more.

– When rating a media, you will be able to rate the media in your selected rating system. Otherwise, it defaults to point10.

– Change the app icon! Choose from over 10, for both light and dark interfaces.

– Multi-account support.

You can try Silvianna Pro for one month free of charge by “buying” the trial for free.

This is just the initial release of Silvianna, and we are excited to make the project grow with your feedback and ideas.




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Why pay for being to use widget when it was a free update from apple? That sounds $ grabby there. I think the word is exploitation? Idk.


It’s really helpful to have all of the information on the website, here on the app as well! The UI is nice and clean as well, definitely worth paying premium for! Here’s my feedback: - I like to see my score on my entrees so it’d be nice for them to be displayed - I use exact decimals (ex: 8.9, 6.3, etc.) when scoring my entrees, but the app doesn’t let you rate so precisely, so it’d be more efficient if I could do so from the app


Maybe let us write and view our statuses like the ALchan app android other than that this app is great !


This app is great with just one issue. I cannot see other user’s profiles. Everything else works perfectly though.


I like this app because It adopts many features that I haven’t found in other Anilist apps for iOS. For example, it is the only app that lets you edit advanced scores and add anime to your custom lists. The notifications for new episodes are very helpful too. My only suggestion would be to add Staff data si se can see the voice actors for our favorite series.


1. Its really glitchy right now 2. I think you should make anime and manga lists easier to scroll through. I have a bunch of manga im read and paused, etc, but its taking me a long time for me to scroll through. i thimk you should make it more practical 3. when i go to my profile it looks kind of... cramped?? 4. when searching for an anime/manga, i thimk there should be something that differentiates that?? and when looking for characters etc. 5. OK i like how we have the activities it hasnt been in any other wnilist app 6. last thing. i think it might just be weird for me but... When. i goto my manga list, i want to filter by lists but its not letting me?? it only letting me filter by "All" not the other lists. It works fine with my anime list, though. And when i try to filter by media type with my manga list, it says the same thing it would say for anime. (TV, TV short, ONA, Special, Music, etc) shouldnt it be something like..."Oneshot, Light Novel, Manga"??? I think the app is good it just needs to have somethings changed and fixed.