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1. Improved game system. 2. Bug fixes.

Dungeon Slayer Game SCREENSHOT

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Dungeon Slayer Game DESCRIPTION

No more boring and slow SRPG! Experience a new concept of SRPG!

■ Strategic battle with new move style!
Familiar Turn-SRPG based on strategic moves.
New and intuitive control method that visually draws your move direction.

■ Cute 2D Graphics.
Cute and unique heroes and monsters.
Unreserved spectacular battle and skill display.

■ Form and level up your own Adventure Team.
Let’s recruit talented heroes and set off on an adventure!
Challenge various dungeons and level up your Adventure Team!

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Enjoying the strategy and graphics. Reminds me of langrisser.


So this game is pretty interesting, especially for tactical rpg fans. I used to play Fantasy War Tactics and this game sort of reminds me of that era. Great game without the best visuals, but really good gameplay. Characters are free but you earn shares to power them up. The gacha seems fair so far as the amount of crystals they give is plenty, and initial packs are cheap for those wanting to support developers. This can be a great game as long as the developers continue to work on it and aren’t focused on being a cash grab. Has 5 star potential. I’ll update as I continue to play.