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We've fixed a few issues you guys have reported - thank you! We have a major new economy engine - featuring stock market crashes, surges, house market dips and peaks, as well as regional market fluctuations. We've also added twins and triplets to the game, boarding school (in case you want a break from the little ones), reasons for marriage rejection, house renovations, inheritance, fixed a boat load of bugs, and updated the daily rewards to provide boost coins.


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Life Sim features some of the most realistic gameplay in a life simulator game. Handle your education the way you want, get a job, look after your social media, run your own business, get involved trading stocks and shares to keep on top of your finances. The game features a fully realistic stock and housing market with surges and crashes.

Play life the way you really want. Finish college, get a job, be a social media star. Or run a business, adopt a pet, meet someone, start a family. You choose your story.

Just some of the many gameplay elements include:

Go to work and earn a living. Which career will you join? Select a career and work your way to the top. Who will you choose to emulate? Train hard and reach your potential.

Social Media
Become an influencer and work with brands to promote your cause. Earn money and become famous.

Think you have what it takes to become a global superstar Actor? Or how about a Singer? Maybe your ambitions are a little closer to home and your passion is Vlogging? Work on your talents and become the best.

Buy houses, rent them out, sell them for a profit, keep an eye on the market prices as the economy fluctuates. Be a landlord, mortgage your properties and evict tenants. Add new rooms, build the house of your dreams! Renovate til your heart’s content!

College And University
Leave college, go to university and study hard to unlock more advanced careers. Choose your own path. Maybe you’d like a career in Rocket Science? There’s a course for that.

Relationships And Family
Get engaged. Take it a step further and get married. Then you’ll have to think about kids. Remeber to keep your relationship in check. You don’t want things getting complicated. The game sims their life too.

Friends and Colleagues
Make friends, lose friends. Make new friends. Keep the conversation flowing. Visit friends, go on days out, keep them happy. Keep in touch with work colleagues.

Start your own business, complete contracts and hire or fire employees. Invest in your company and profit from it’s success.

Make Money
Choose how you want to make it – you could get a job, or you could go solo. Be a business owner, concentrate on social media, sell shares. The choice is yours. Life Sim lets you play the way you want.

Keep fit and healthy, go to the gym, make the best decisions you can to live a long and happy life.

Shop or Save
Shop for your favourite things, or save the pennies. Invest in stock and see the dividends.

Adopt pets, the cute, the scary and the weird. Pets help unlock extra features or careers but they do come at a cost as well!

Subscribe to the latest fad service and keep in touch with friends on your phone.

Move Out
Make plans to move out of your parents and start a life of your own. Own your own property, or rent one. Get a mortgage, or save up yourself.

Go on vacation with your family. Don’t forget your passport.

Daily Rewards
Keep coming back to improve your character and see what direction their life will take next, drop by the daily reward screen to get a little helping hand.

Can you unlock them all? Over 24 achievements available, easily accessible to the new player and some challenges for the veteran.

Can you survive the longest and reach the top? Challenge Friends and compete globably.

Wanting to get a head start? Earn boosts every year, or build them up yourself, to further advance your finances.

Life Sim is an indie simulator game built by a sole developer.

The majority of icons are provided by icons8.




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Game is great. How do I use the boarding school feature?


I paid $6.99 and I’m still getting ads.


Y’all should add the kids appearance and more actions with kids and exs that’s are the parents


I have so much money I’ve made from my business but I can’t withdraw it and but it in my bank account


Like the but you should add an inheritance system and a dynastic as well as a generational system


This game is really nice. It has a great design and concept. I really really hope they improve more and update with different things to do.. other than that, this game is really addicting.


The only weird thing I ran into is that some people or dating options have weird faces like masks or robot faces. Why is that


It takes forever for stuff to happen. Graphics could be better


Can u make it so we start at one and the time goes by months to our own accord instead of going by a day every second or so? Also, we need siblings and have to be able to have nieces and nephews and what not, and I want medical conditions and grandkids! So far it seems you can’t have grandkids. And we need more pets and whatnot. And if we go on vacation, can we like actually go there? And can there be lessons on how to use the stock market cause I don’t understand that. Basically, can u make it more like bitlife WITHOUT THE INAPPROPRIATE STUFF


It’s got too many ads, and the format is all over the place. Needs work.


Although the game is too simplistic for my liking and the shops and options are sort of out of the place and unorganised, the game is actually pretty enjoyable. The random events, dilemmas, daily rewards- everything about the game so far is pretty awesome. I’ve been playing this game for, I think, 15 minutes just exploring the options and I got not, even once, seen a single ad. Everything about the game is just wonderful. I would love a little bit of organising in some of the options but if you would prefer it to be that way, it is completely fine to me. I love it, and it’s extremely pleasant. Thank you.


“Buying a mansion” app


The game is fun, I enjoy it. No fancy graphics, who needs them! :) However, there are several things that require marriage to do them. That’s just stupid.


Yeah I like them but when you get a divorce someone should pay child support or a battle custody


I was looking for a wife and just chose the first option which turned out to be a femboy and I didn't realize until I tried to have kids. 10/10 for realism.


The game is fun but i has a lot of drawbacks when compared to other games of the same genre. 1. The Menus are spread out too much and feel cluttered and some of them are difficult to work with like the sliding menu for manufacturing .It is difficult to just pick the thing you want to make and not everything else unless you pause the game. 2. I like that the mechanism for being too low in something has a redeeming option like to watch an add but, it’s really annoying that I have businesses with millions of dollars or assets I can sell and I don’t have the option to when the prompt comes up. 3. There is no way to scale a business you create because automation and manufacturing is slow and singular. and it makes no sense that you can only make one thing at a time because some items you make require multiple resources. You can make multiple companies to achieve this but the game gives very little consideration to multitasking and makes you feel rushed and unable to focus on a single task, time passes either very fast or very slow and you can’t change this setting in the in game menu. 4. Automation is really non existent you can’t hire someone to manage your companies or social media as others have said and it means that you have to micromanage everything by itself and you really can’t because there is to much to do and the clock is always ticking or not ticking which makes the game frustrating. 5. Lastly I think. I don’t know if others feel like this but going back to the menus format when doing some things like certain educational tasks and/or talents the benefits of those those tasks are not clearly communicated. Like you can do social media as a talent but it’s not clear if that has any beneficial correlation to the separate task of being an assumed influencer. like it doesn’t say that you have an increase in followers or sponsors due to the fact you have achievements in that talent as a matter fact when I did that career I was able to put myself at the top without ever even doing any of the achievements in the talents tab. So it’s like why is it there? In conclusion the game is a really good proof of concept and it is unique from other games in the same genre. In my opinion it just needs a little cleaning up and maybe a little simplification in some areas but overall good job.


Why am I getting ads if I paid 7 bucks for no ads


When I try to invest money into my business or withdraw money it doesn’t do it please fix this overall the app is fun


I love the game! It’s very intriguing, the only frustrating thing is that I almost went bankrupt even though I had thousands of dollars sitting in my business!! No matter how many times I close out the app, or save and restart the game- it will not let me withdraw ANY amount of money!!! It is becoming so frustrating I am considering deleting the app. Other than that issue which can be easily fixed, I enjoy the game.


I know it is just a game..but it is still very unrealistic you have very limited options on almost everything,and you can date several people at the same time?Without them finding out?!And by the way I have been trying for what the game says is two years to get married to a guy and every single time he says two soon,okay….?I also find it quite boring ,but it is very clean and kid friendly,thank you for that! Anyhow,pls consider fixing these things.