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Die FIT&BALANCED MeTime ist deine Auszeit für Körper, Geist und Seele. Es erwarten dich abwechslungsreiche Fitness Workouts für jedes Level, Yoga Flow Sessions zwischen kraftvoll und entspannt sowie immer wieder neue Programme rund um ein Fokus-Thema.

Mit dem Download hast du sofort und kostenfrei Zugriff auf Programme wie die Yoga-Woche oder auch Yoga & Journaling.

Mit einem Pro-Account bekommst du Zugriff auf laufend neue Workouts.


Sync your Body and Mind
- Bellabeat has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, TechCrunch, Venture Beat, Digital Trends & more - Over 1M women achieved their personal wellness goals with Bellabeat products - Bellabeat is a brand dedicated to innovation in the field of women’s wellness Bellabeat Wellness Coach App is a combination of a holistic wellness coach and tracker designed for women. Access our personalized coaching programs that helped thousands of women achieve their wellness goals. Our specialized programs are enhanced and released to the Bellabeat Wellness Coach App every month. With the help of the Bellabeat Wellness Coach App, you can also access Bellabeat’s vast wellness content library covering fitness, beauty, mindfulness, and nutrition. Bellabeat Wellness Coach App pairs with all Bellabeat products, including the “Leaf” Wellness Tracker, “Time” Hybrid Smart Watch and “Spring” Smart Water Bottle. The app collects all the captured information from your Bellabeat devices and translates it into useful data that can help you reach your wellness goals. SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Want more than just tracking and data insights? Get personalized wellness coaching programs, full access to our extensive..
HIIT for fit arms, legs & abs
WeBurn is the ultimate solution for at-home workouts tailored to women’s needs and conditions. Lose weight effectively and get in shape in as much as just 7 minutes per day with short HIIT or high-intensity interval training exercises, weekly workout programs and 30-day fitness challenges. The best part is: You can do it all at home, without gym equipment! Modern women are too busy with work, friends and family to invest in fitness programs. Your options to resolve this problem are either too expensive, time-consuming, or inconvenient, like hitting the gym. But you don’t have the time, money or energy for all those. That’s why WeBurn is meant for you: It’s much cheaper than a gym membership, it takes only 7 minutes to complete an exercise, and it fits your pocket so you can work out anywhere, at any time. GET FIT, FAST WeBurn’s well-designed at-home workouts, especially for female users, let you: ◉ Burn calories and lose weight faster ◉ Tone your body shape ◉ Build muscles in specific areas such as arms, abs, buttocks or legs ◉ Try..
Workout program
We have prepared for you a 30-day workout plan, as well as a set of exercises that help create the perfect training for you. Following the training plan you will tone your Abs,Buttocks and legs and make your body even more beautiful. Daily we will increase the load, so do not forget about the rest. Exercises are prepared specifically for the house, they can be performed by anyone and anywhere. With these exercises you will noticeably improve your body shape. You can chose one of 3 levels (beginner,intermediate,advanced). You can easily keep track of your progress in the statistics section, and reminders will help you do not miss training and make you even more disciplined. Key features: - 30 day workout plan - 3 levels - Create your personal training with set of exercises - Animated exercises demonstrations - Exercises Description - Statistics and reports - Reminders about workout
My drink water reminder - app
Start drinking enough water right now! • Smart drink water reminders during your day • Track water in any drink: water, tea, matcha, coffee, juice, smoothie, soup, soda, beer, wine, cider, vermouth, liquor, etc • Fun Challenges: Sober Bear, Weight Loss Sloth, No Cheat Cheetah • Widget • Streaks habit tracker free • Fill up cute characters • Celebrate your day with a shareable recap illustration • Calculate daily water intake goal based on your weight, activity & weather • Set Custom drinking water goal • Custom drinksset a name, icon, cup size, hydration ratio & caffeine • Water intake calendar • Apple Health sync • Oz/Ml units • Water tracker Apple Watch app Benefits of drinking water + Weight loss & healthy skin + Improves productivity & mood + Relieves fatigue & boosts energy + Healthier heart, immune system & brain + Regulates blood pressure & body temperature Waterllama water tracker free app is simple & fun. Get reminder to drink water regularly. Join healthy challenges like Weight Loss Sloth which will motivate you to drink water only, help..
Lose belly fat
SlimQueen is brand new Home Fitness app. New workout every day, bodyweight exercises, 100% Personal Training Plan, Challengesstay safe & healthy with SlimQueen. The app has women tone of voice. As women we know how hard it is to stay on healthy track and find self-time between family and work. We experience the same difficulties as you do so we’ve developed the app which helps you create healthier and happier life. 
Workouts include only safe bodyweight exercises which are proven to improve physical condition and health. SUBSCRIPTION UNLOCKS LOTS OF FEATURES: - Never-ending Program of daily workouts adapted for your activity level and your goals. - Everyday workout: daily set of exercises personalized by intensity. - 30-day Workout Challenges: exercise plans with gradually increasing intensity. - Collections of exercises suitable for particular occasions: “In the office”, “On the beach”, “Before running”. - Collections of exercises targeted for particular areas: “Waist trimmer”, “Abs killer”, “Booty booster”. - “Stress Relief” collection of exercises which help you to come down. - Special “Mom Programs” which were designed to take care of yourself after..
Fitness exercise at home
Choose your personal trainer, get your personalized weight-loss plan and start with beginner easy 6-8 minute home workouts perfect for women and mums. Download the app now! Fitingo® was developed based on the results of over 20,000 people who followed the 8-week fitness plan in 2014-2020 and submitted their weight and measurements on a weekly basis. Estimated results: 3.1-12.8% weight loss through a high-intensity fat burn or on average 19.2 lbs among women and 24.4 lbs among men who trained with the Fitingo™ workout plan and managed their calorie intake. Disclaimer: Your Actual Results May Vary You’ll be challenged daily by your personal Fitingo® trainer while you lose weight! Choose between easy beginner weight loss workouts or advanced HIIT training. HOW TO START ACHIEVING WEIGHT LOSS WITH Fitingo®: - Select the trainer for men or women - Choose the problem areas to focus on - Provide your current weight, age, height, waistline measurements - Enable reminders - Begin your first workout CHOOSE ONE OF SEVERAL WEIGHT LOSS SUBSCRIPTION PLANS WITH OR WITHOUT A 3/7-DAY FREE TRIAL*: - Weight loss subscription..
Strength Training Planner
The most intuitive workout and exercise tracker for any fitness routine. Strong is the simplest and most intuitive workout tracker, designed to help you get better results from your workouts. Whether you want to gain strength or just stay healthy, join over 1.2 million people who have downloaded Strong to stay on track in the gym. “I’d suggest downloading the “Strong” app before you return to the gym. It’s that good”CNBC “with apps like Strong, working out feels more like a game”The Verge “I have used nearly every logging app since the App Store launched. This is the best bar none” “I use this every time I go to the gym and seriously couldn't train without it” “Simple. Intuitive. Functional. Exactly what I was looking for.” “This is bare bones and serious. Right on, and works perfectlyI wish I could give 10 stars.” “It's by far the most intuitive and easy to use workout app I’ve used.” Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced powerlifter, Strong provides everything you need to record your workouts as effortlessly and as quickly as..
Fitness & Exercise Videos
At Home Workouts by Daily Burn — Get Fit, Have Fun, Repeat! Fitness training for real people with real goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain strength, tone your body, or build muscle, Daily Burn has a program and a personal trainer for you. The best part? You never have to step foot in a gym. ANY WORKOUT, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME With our expert-led audio and video workouts, the trainer and the class come to you. Whether you have 10 minutes or 60, there’s a program to fit your busy schedule. And with thousands of workouts to choose from — including yoga, cardio, HIIT, dance, dumbbell strength training, pilates, meditation, postnatal exercises, and more — you’ll never be bored. Don’t feel like choosing a workout? Tune in to Daily Burn 365. It features a different group workout class at 9 am EST every weekday, and you can chat with friends and trainers in the community during and afterward. NOT SURE WHERE TO START? We’ve got you. Beginner or advanced, all levels are welcome! Answer a few quick questions about your..
Waking Up Cycle & Meditation
A life changing alarm clock! From Ipnos, the creators of Relax Melodies with over 45million users. Your new sleep companion is here! Alarm Clock Sleep Sound is a progressive wake up and sleep-aid clock specially designed to give you a sweeter and better sleep experience. With the help of tuned programs enhanced by different stages of aural entrainment and custom melodies, you will get the help you need in order to sleep faster and wake up refreshed. But that’s not all! You can also use it while meditating, during your yoga class or even when you need a quick power nap! We have programs for all your needs. Sleep better, wake up refreshed and enjoy your day, every day! Great features * Guided meditations * Sleep programs: Get that sleep you deserve * Wake up programs: Get positive energy when you wake up * 3 different brainwave types to choose from: - Binaural beats - Isochronic tones - Monaural beats * Isochronic tones and Monaural beats can be used without headphones! * 44 high quality sounds to choose from to..
Home & Gym Training for Men
Start training today to see tangible results and get fit! Pro Fit is here to guide you and help you to building your core strength, melt your unwanted weight and improve your performances. We are the most reliable and user-friendly application. Not only it is going to replace your traditional coach but also will let you track your performances in a simple way in order to make precise analyses about your workout. And it’s like having the best personal trainer in the palm of your hand, available 24/7/365. Get your whole body toned and feel like the best version of yourself. Everyday you will get what you’ve never seen before on the market: new, powerful, progressive and personalized workout for your level and goals that will look like some Stories form in most social apps. Surpass your expectations, achieve your daily goal, and share it with your friends on different social platforms. See your weight drop and your muscle grow in no time. Key Features: - 350+ Effective exercises for each muscle groups; - Detailed description of each exercise; -..
Die FIT&BALANCED MeTime ist deine Auszeit für Körper, Geist und Seele. Es erwarten dich abwechslungsreiche Fitness Workouts für jedes Level, Yoga Flow Sessions zwischen kraftvoll und entspannt sowie immer wieder neue Programme rund um ein Fokus-Thema...
Die FIT&BALANCED MeTime ist deine Auszeit für Körper, Geist und Seele. Es erwarten dich abwechslungsreiche Fitness Workouts für jedes Level, Yoga Flow Sessions zwischen kraftvoll und entspannt sowie immer wieder neue Programme rund um ein Fokus-Thema. Mit dem Download hast du sofort und kostenfrei Zugriff auf Programme wie die Yoga-Woche oder auch Yoga & Journaling. Mit einem Pro-Account bekommst du Zugriff auf laufend neue Workouts.


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