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The Tele-Locqum app connects you with a healthcare provider to consult face to face or by text, book appointments, make payments, and get the help you need . Get the care you need, conveniently from your phone.
Once your healthcare provider adds you to their Locqum Practice [], you will be able to log in and use this application to take care of your health. Learn more [https:/].

Access and Update Your Healthcare Data from your phone
• Your Health Profile – Medications, Medical history, Allergies, Family Medical History, Social History, Surgeries, and Past Hospitalizations.
• Health Trackers- logs of your vital signs: blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse, O2 level, temperature; health condition indicators like HbA1c, TSH, cholesterol, Hb levels, mood, pain etc; general wellbeing trackers of sleep, exercise and food;
Health App integration: Sync information from Health App directly into your PHR with just a click. Update health readings, exercise, sleep, diet, and more directly into the Tele-Locqum app for your provider to review.
• Medical Records: view and upload medical reports in image, PDF and DICOM formats
• Health Journal: benefit from the therapeutic effects of journaling. Share your health journal with your healthcare providers so that they understand how you are doing.

The Tele-Locqum App integrates with the iHealth Smart glucometer.

Consult with Your Healthcare Providers from your phone:
• Text Consultations: Have a question about your medication or some symptoms that are troubling you? Ask your healthcare providers what you need to know. Attach photos or test reports.
• Video Consultations: A convenient way to talk with your healthcare provider, when an in-person consultation is not required.
• Monitoring Care Plans: If you have a chronic health problem or need monitoring at home, your healthcare provider can put you on monitoring plan.

Convenient Scheduling, Notifications and Payments
• Book appointments and online consultations
• Pay bills for healthcare services by your provider
• Receive important notifications from your healthcare provider
• Read useful health information shared by your provider

• Personalized and dedicated care from your healthcare provider
• Helps save time on unnecessary travel
• Anytime access to your health data
• A secure and convenient way to access your provider
• Collaborate in your care
Learn more [https//]

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The Tele-Locqum app connects you with a healthcare provider to consult face to face or by text, book appointments, make payments, and get the help you needGet the care you need, conveniently from your phone. Once..

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