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***** Word Puzzles + Home Decorating = TRUE! *****

Ready for a new type of creative adventure in word games?

Jump into the excitement of Word Mansion! This unique story-based game combines the challenge of word puzzles with the creativity of home renovation and decoration.

Say hello to the star of our game, Anna, who just inherited her uncle’s mansion. Join her as she meets new people, explores the mansion’s and her family’s past, and builds a new life! Anna will need YOUR help to solve puzzles while creating the home of her dreams.

Best of all, Word Mansion gives you the option to select from various character reply alternatives! The “choose-your-own-adventure” gameplay will lead to one-of-a-kind adventure and drama!

Word Mansion Top Features:

Solve word puzzles and help Anna build her dream home!

– INTRIGUING CHARACTERS AND STORIES: Get lost in the narrative as the characters’ stories unfold!

– REPLY ALTERNATIVES: Control where the adventure leads you!

– TOUGH PUZZLES: Show off your word skills as you tackle challenging puzzles!

– CREATIVE GAMEPLAY: Use creativity to renovate and decorate!

Now it’s time to play! Explore a new world of word puzzles, fun characters, and home decorating with Word Mansion today!




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This game was pretty fun at first. I was up to the 500’s levels when the amount of stars you need to complete an object changed. Until then every action used 1 star, but now it takes 7 stars just to enter another room and 5 stars to text your friend. It’s just not fun anymore because it takes too long to build up stars only to use them on silly actions that aren’t decorating the rooms. Also, a lot of times, the options for decorations are not great.


I finally found a game that I super enjoyed for a very long time and it doesn’t cost money but the more puzzles you solve the less NORMAL vocabulary words you discover I’m not about to spend money for this game however I so love it and I’m older and the more I know the more stars I have to gain to learn the modern world words and lingo If you can’t be fair with the elderly then I have to find word games for my generation Great game if you’re not OLDER! I been playing this game for a very long time and it’s a great game for exercising your brain but the higher points you earn the more words come up that are not familiar This world has no heart Too many outsidersBoo!!! I’ve been playing this game for 6 months or better and the more you play the story never ends and the words keep getting more stupid and words I’ve never heard of What’s the point?????


I love decorating and crossword so this game is perfect for me! It’s so fun and I’m never bored!!!


So tired of talk to Sam, make an excuse. No more designing I’m up there over 800 puzzles plaid. Getting really boring. Sad it started off good.


I love this game it’s such an amazing game and I love the developers job into this game I think they took so much time and effort and she just enjoy the game and I think you should I had like how many words you get is how many points you should get it all because it takes a while for me to get a lot of stuff done but I really love the option to here so I definitely give developers a lot of credit to this no stars being take back I don’t work out that I love this game even though I just got it it’s still an amazing game so I hope you all enjoy it as well as I do and yeah so I hope you guys have a good day in necklace that earlier give the developers great reviews because they put a lot of time and effort in this they just need to add some updates and I think it would be


You must be wondering why three stars……cause I find it extremely ridiculous that you have to use three or more stars for a ridiculous conversation…when one could use it to decorate the room…and I notice sometimes it takes five stars just to do a task……getting tired of it…


This game is amazing!!! *WARING you will get addicted to it*


It’s gets soRidiculous in the storyline you have to play 5 levels just to red a sentence. They ran out of stuff and are just trying to keep you playing but it’s not worth it. I wish I wouldn’t have spent this much time on it.


This game I can play everyday when I am bored and I love this game so much


The game could be fun, but you have to spend forever solving the word scramble only to get one star. It requires 5 stars on most levels to add an item to a room. It’s extremely frustrating and not gratifying. Some of the words are words I’ve never heard of. In order to get a hint for a word, it costs 250 coins, which takes days to obtain. One hint (of the multiple puzzles needed to gain one star) takes all your coins. I feel it’s a waste of time.


I love this game it helps me get smarter and not that much adds


I absolutely adore this game! I am currently on level 430, the only problem I have is that I need 5-6 stars to complete tasks now. I dont know if its a glitch or on purpose but its making the game insanely difficult!


Only thing is- I had to start from level 1 again! I lThis is 3rd time I’ve loaded this game & the last one- before it all went black & wouldn’t reload- was the farthest I’ve ever gotten. I see the distance you go is related to the answers you give.


So I just started its amazing good story line good options in decorating I love word games and I might right another review if I'm over level 100 probaly and so far its amazing No problems or anything just a very good game that I like and if you get something wrong the dog just shakes his head no instead of doing EHHHHHHHH or WRONG so I love this game -Zemylimecookie review for the makers of this game I give 5 STARS!!!!!thank you for saving your time for my message or even wasting it anyway just thank you very much


I got so confused by the words this game is so stupid!


Love the game but I was playing and I clicked on the thing that says free spin for ad and then I clicked it and it landed on the finger and I got stuck in that level so now I have to delete it and re-download it


i have only been playing for maybe 30 mins and i am having the time of my life. i have not seen one add at all! i love the dog rex and i love the story line. its honestly really wasy to pass a level! and i love how u can make the house ur own and not just clean it up and make it look ugly. overall this is a great game! i would recommend


I love this game so much. I only got it two days ago and I am already on level 122. I have been obsessed with it the moment I started playing. I love how there is relationship drama and also a secret old mystery AND you get to decorate an old house. Everything is amazing and I love the little characters. However some of the words I put in the game it won’t accept as a real word. One of those words was “rape.” I know that people don’t like to talk about it but this game accepted other words similar to this one so I fail to see why this specific word was not accepted. Yes it is a terrible thing but we can’t just pretend like it never happens. That’s my only complaint though. Great game, I love it, highly recommend.


Finished the game didn’t care for the story line enjoyed decorating all the rooms ended at the playroom. If keep playing only options os to accumulate starts to continue the story and play or feed the dog.


Way too many puzzles to do each minuscule thing. Not getting anywhere in the story. 7 puzzles for a dog to search??? Seriously!!