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We continue improving the best basketball stats keeper app monthly! In this version we have implemented the next features so that you can continue tracking and analysing your team's statistics like the professionals do. - New lineups screen. Find all the statistics of all your lineups that have been together in the court. - New boxscore tables to analyse better the player stats.


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Basketball Stats Assistant will help you track and analyze your team basketball statistics easily. The best basketball stats keeper app in the market.

Discover the new season reports per team and player where you will be able to analyze basketball advanced statistics that will help your team improve their game.


– By dragging and dropping any basketball action to the selected player on court the system will record the stats so that you do not lose a second of the game.
– Track second plays with just a tap thanks to the continuation dialogs that will appear on the screen after any field goal is missed or scored, fouls are committed or drawn, steals or turnovers.
– Track the remaining time of the game and the current quarter. Also edit them easily by clicking on the scoreboard directly in case the time differs from the real one.
– Check team stats and player stats whilst the game is on
– Fix any mistakes quickly by dropping the red cross icon on the player that needs to be fixed. Also edit any shot position even after the game is finished.


– Shot charts ( Scored and missed shots as well as percentages)
– Free throws
– Points
– Assists
– Rebounds
– Fouls committed and drawn
– Steals
– Turnovers
– Blocks
– Time outs
– Minutes per player


Reports per game

– Stats per player and his/hers shot chart
– Team stats comparison chart
– Lead tracker chart
– Play to play
– Box score per team
– Efficiency
– Plus minus ( +/ – )

Season reports per player

– Shot charts and percentages per season
– Stats per opponent and date
– Season highs per stats

Season reports per team

– Shot charts and percentages per season
– Stats per opponent and date
– Overall team statistics
– Team season highs
– Individual season highs
– Advanced statistics ( Shooting, Ball handling, Rebounding and scoring – eFG%, TSA, TS%, FTR)


– Track the time easily with the center court play/pause button. In case any mistake happens whilst tracking the time or quarters, you can edit it easily by clicking on the scoreboard and updating it accordingly.
– Check the game score and fouls per quarter with a quick look


– Share your team unique link with your player or other coaches so that they can also analyze the statistics. They will need to log in to the app and click on the unique link you shared with them. They will start receiving notifications as soon as your game is backed up and will see the same stats that you tracked.


– Drag any player to the center of the court to see their live stats whilst the game is on.
– Drag any action to the center of the court or click on the interrogation mark on the right menu to see the icons meaning.
– Cancel the last action that you tracked on any player by dragging the cancellation icon ( Red circular icon with a white plus symbol ).




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Hey all, I’ve downloaded all the stat apps and this is in my top 2! It has the best aggregate stats with MVPs and leaderboards. It has ample data on every player and game. I will have to get used to how the stats are taken, but in a few games that should be done. For sure worth the download and test for your league/team/player. Customer service is also great. The creator emailed me back in a day after I asked a question about a feature!!! Hard to get that service anywhere.


I stumbled on this app looking for a way to keep up with the action in a fast pace game of hoops. The concept of this app using slide techniques to player numbers and then having a dialogue box pop up with the next likely action/stat really intrigue me. It eliminates having to tap way to many items to record things like assist and who got the rebound after a miss shoot. The app is coded to streamline that part of the game better than anything I have come across. It really does make it faster and more enjoyable. Helps keep your eye on the action. Sergio has some of the best customer service I have seen. He is very open to suggestions and what can be done to make the app better for the end user/customer. He responses quickly and updates his app often. He really cares about making his project one if not the best app for keeping basketball stats in the easiest most intuitive manner around. I requested a toggle option be added to his game settings and he had it done and updated in less than 2 weeks. Hard to get that type of effort nowadays. This is easily one of the best all around app purchases I have made. Furthermore, with his continued commitment to making it better I would gladly recommend this app to anyone interested in keeping stats for their child or team. He provides plenty of advances stats and shot options not seen on many other app for half the price. It well worth the price.


Very intuitive and easy to use. Provides all relevant game stats. It’s easy to save and share box scores with players and coaches. Best of all the developer is very responsive and happy to answer questions and incorporate proposed changes into the next version. Highly recommended!


This is the perfect app for a data assistant or parent volunteer to use to keep track of the most relevant stats in a basketball game. It’s easy to use and after just a few games it becomes a breeze to track player statistics. As added value, when you email for support the development team reaches out quickly to address your concerns, while also looking for suggestions for improvements and enhancements. It’s such a simple way to add an extra dimension to your program!


I’ve tried many stat apps that do only one thing well, but this app does it all! Very simple to set up your team, opponents and games. No matter what your level experience is using an app to track this is by far the most simplest and intuitive one out there, just simply drag what happened to the player. That’s it! Great pop ups to add secondary stat to each play (assist, foul etc). It’s the first app I tried that got the running game clock right. Substitutions...a breeze, just drag the new player in over the old player and done. Very clean and in-depth stat reporting for each completed game. Doesn’t matter how in-depth you get or what level your team is, it has all the stats you are looking for in an easy to read layout. Have I mentioned how simple it is to use? Simple to use, easy to navigate and serious in-depth reporting. None of the other apps come close. Thank you