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1.Control the notifications you receive from by customizing your notification settings within the app! 2.You can now customize your Club's Fan Pass pricing and duration to attract more Followers and grow your income! 3.Create tournaments and grow a community around Hands of Victory! May the bluff be with you. 4.Upload video shorts with a plethora of new additions and improvements making it easier than ever to upload and increase your Club's popularity! 5.Our Bug Exterminators went to work and eliminated a few pesky bugs. We've also made various improvements within the app.


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App DESCRIPTION is the world’s #1 mobile eSports gaming platform that is empowering the rapidly rising community of content creators and eSports fans. Come, be part of a thriving community of passionate gamers, die-hard eSports fans and an ever-growing roster of gaming content creators, who are making a living by earning real money on the platform.

For Creators
1.Earn recurring income as a Creator
Create and manage your own clubs, and monetize exclusive content. Use the power of your community to build a regular income stream.

2. Wow fans with Fan Pass
Give your loyal fans access to exclusive content with daily, weekly and monthly Fan Pass subscription.
Exclusive Privileges For Fan Pass Holders
– Gamers enjoy exclusive tournaments, shorts and streams created just for them
– Premium badges to show off on all possible avenues
– Priority selection in tournaments
– Fans’ Zone – private chat rooms to know other Fan Pass holders and the Creator

For Gamers

3.Dive into epic gaming content
Follow your favorite clubs, watch shorts and livestreams.

4.One platform. For all your tournaments
Play and create tournaments for your favorite games at one place.

And there’s more…
Check out other cool features too:
– Gold Coins that can be topped up to buy Fan Passes
– Chat rooms for each of your clubs to catch up with your fellow gaming peers
– Team chat and call during matches to stay in sync as you carve your path to victory
– Club Wars pitting clubs against each other for a fight to the top
– Leaderboards to see where you stand vis a vis other players.

There’s so much to do and explore, so get started right away.
Do reach out at if you have any doubts, suggestions or questions.




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I can’t get money sense the new update came, there is no Minnie games Like it use to be where you could play games and then if you win u get the rewords. Can you help me is there any way I can play minnie games and win money again/beside tournament.


👋 Hi! support team. You’ve made this app so well I don’t have words to tell cuz this app is excellent ;’)


I am playing free fire from 2 years🙂🙂 recently few months ago i knew about app and make a squad and start playing tournaments . Few days i have started playing tournaments in app but their are too many fake tournaments and management problem in this app .


Why can’t I search up a tournament? I wanted to register for one that my favorite youtuber was streaming, and I downloaded the app to join it only to find out that I have to scroll through hundreds of tournaments just to find one


When I saw the bot on discord I knew it was my last hope and I was good at one of the games. TAHT day if I didn’t play my landlord $120 I would be evicted and I was $5 short. So I competed and came in 1st and won $10! Thank you if it wasn’t for you me and my child would be on the streets by now 🙏🏾❤️


Anytime I register for a tournament I get ready for the tourney and wonder what to do when it supposedly starts. It only takes the organizer 3 hours to actually give out codes to servers/parties. Sad part is, I’m never there to participate in it and then I get booted from the entire competition. Make some sort of rule in which the tourney creator can’t wait more than 15 minutes to actually start setting up a tourney. I get disappointed when I keep checking back every 10 minutes, give up, and then see that it started only 3 hours later. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS!


Especially Esports is Increasing in India So To Boost Esports With Free Tournament with Prize , is Really Doing a Great Job


Best app for hosting tourneys Great feedback and team Let's go Brawl stars


I watch tsg in it


Just downloaded and participated in tournaments and won money


Best app for free tournament. In a one word just loved it😍


On the website I can find all the upcoming tournaments but in the app I can only see tournaments from the guilds I’m in. The website tells me to go to a tournament calendar tab on the app but there is no such thing. Additionally on the website the register button is bugged sometimes and won’t allow me to register or join the discord. The app is formatted bad in the way that I cant find anything I want to find such as new tournaments.


I think this app is best for organising tournament Live this app Thanks Game.TV


The app is really good and it helped in a lot of ways


When will the next up be coming out love the app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 10 stars


Changed my life


I have been playing freefire for 2 years now. And I love that game and playing it almost every single day. When i heard about this app from a youtuber, I downloaded this app as soon as possible, I didn’t know playing tournaments was this easy! It is just the right app for playing tournaments but not just freefire But also some other games like brawl stars, COD mobile, pubg and many more. Although there are some bugs like not updating results of some matches but overall its the best! The guild function is really an easy way to support out creators and find others gamers to play it.


I like it


This app is amazing I love how they really made it, it so interesting and cool


This app does not let me login and I need a tournament to do so I rate this a 1