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QuestMobile is an easy-to-use trading app designed for anyone who wants to invest in the stock market. (A new advanced trader app, which will include options trading, advanced order types like bracket orders and stop orders, and powerful tools is currently in development.)

With QuestMobile, learning how to trade and invest is now at your fingertips and easier than ever before, with the all-new Learning mode. With it you will find helpful definitions detailing stock (and ETF) information you’re seeing on screen so you can grow your understanding of how the market works and become a better trader.

You can trade, research, and move your money all through one easy-to-use interface. And its intuitive design makes it easy to see how your portfolio is doing while keeping an eye on relevant news on-the-go.

You can also use the app to invest in a pre-built diversified portfolio of ETFs managed by experts through Questwealth Portfolios. This is a service provided by Questrade Wealth Management Inc.

With this brand new app, we rebuilt the trading experience from the ground up. We will be continuously adding tools and expanding account management capabilities, so keep your version updated to make sure you always have the latest features.

Why people love Questrade:

– No account opening fees
– Dual currency accounts allow you to hold both Canadian and U.S. cash in the same account avoid unnecessary currency exchange fees
– Fund your account instantly (up to $3500 per day)
– No annual RRSP or TFSA account fees
– Buy ETFs commission free
– Transfer your existing account to Questrade for free

What makes the QuestMobile great:

– New Learning mode
– New design allows you to go from your account balance to researching a stock to placing a trade faster than ever before.
– Fast biometric log in
– Click and own any stock or ETF you’re interested in with market orders that execute in real-time. You can also trade with limit orders, that give you the flexibility to set the exact price you want to pay.
– Instantly know how well your portfolio is performing with a single-screen view of all your accounts (RRSP, TFSA, Margin, etc.). Whether you have a self-directed account, a Questwealth Portfolio, or both, you can see your money all on one page. – You can also dive into the details of a specific account with a swipe.
– You can get real-time snap quotes as soon as the market opens.
– Easily track the stocks and ETFs you want to keep an eye on with customizable watchlists that sync across devices.
– Receive instant notifications with customizable alerts and notifications on stocks you are interested in so you don’t miss out on market opportunities.


The information accessible is more limited than the information available through the website or through your statement, and is not an official record for the brokerage account(s) to which it applies.

We provide you with data and information under license from third parties. We accept no liability for any information provided by third parties and make no representations or warranties that such information will be accurate or timely.

By downloading the QuestMobile app, you consent to future updates and upgrades. You can withdraw your consent at any time by deleting the app.




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This app is hard to use. The momentum price is hard to see. There is no fresh button. And this morning I want to sell stocks I owned, it gave me a warning. As I need to figure out what that warning is, it delayed my entry. The warning should be present when buy stock not selling stock.


Loving the new look and feel compared to the old Questrade app. Would love to see better integration with iOS keychain and 2FA - currently it doesn’t recognize my saved Questrade credentials because it’s looking for “QuestMobile” in my keychain. Great job overall though, really happy with these changes!


New app is very pretty but not very feature rich. They took away all reporting capabilities from this version. The app is slow to pull up portfolio data. It would seem they paid a ton of money to improve the UI without investing in backend systems and features. This app is a terrible example of "upgrades". Questrade please invest in developing feature rich applications and not just applications with snazzy interfaces. Thank you


I love you new app design. Your next step is to offer buyer stock for free like wealthsimple.


seriously? it is 2021 and this new app doesnt even support the ipad….