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In this update: - redesign of the owner's profile - pet profile deletion function - Arabic language localization


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Pet Сare App by Animal ID is your pet’s digital profile. Save documents, track weight changes, keep a calendar of events and notes of reactions to food and medications. Safety is an additional feature. Registration of the microchip and synchronization with international databases is free. Other identifiers may be added to the profile of a pet.

The Care Diary is made for easy pet care. You may keep a diary for each pet separately, set up event categories, and don’t forget about important things to deal with. You may write down important events, set reminders and the pet’s reaction to food, medicines, or other products in the notes in order not buy again what wasn’t suitable.

Save and organize documents of your pet in this section. They will be within easy reach whenever needed.

Thanks to the excellent Weight Trackerr feature in the Animal ID application, tracking of your furry friend weight changes is no longer a problem!

Registration in the app is simple, fast and free. There is a separate profile for the owner and for each pet as well. The microchip of your furry child is registered for free and synchronized with the Europetnet and PetMaxx international databases.

A lost pet is not able to give its address and phone number, explaine what food it is allergic to, etc. But all this data can be easily obtained from the Animal ID QR pet tag. A person who finds a lost pet just needs to scan the tag to receive information about the petl and get the owner’s contacts. QR pet tag works worldwide.

The public profile of the pet contains the owner’s contacts and up-to-date information about the pet (for example, allergies and taste preferences). The profile is linked to the microchip and QR pet tag of your fluffy friend.

Our partners and supporters:
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Dogs Trust Worldwide (UK)
Four Paws International (Austria)
NatureWatch Foundation (UK)
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I have signed up for a premium membership on a monthly basis. No one will help me sign up the computer will do nothing as far as the app goes they are sending me no code to get registered. They are answering no questions as far as I’m concerned this app is a fraud I would not sign up for the app at all in fact I’m contacting Apple right now to see if I can get my money back because I am afraid to put my dog on here and see if I can get my dog off of here somehow. I would not in any way put my animal on here I think it’s a scam to steal your personal property of your pet. Nobody will get back to you at all for any help


I’m very happy with this tag. They did a excellent job with the picture and the info. This tag is all you need You do not have to get you animal microchip to hurt them this is so much better and anyone can just scan the barcode if they find you fur baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️easy to setup and use no animals harmed can’t go wrong with this item


I payed for a year subscription with two I’d tags, just to be locked out of my account a few months in , with no way to log in. All of my pets and information have been deleted. When ever I put in the log in it says my account has not been found or that my password has not been set. I try to reset my password but never get the email with the code. Beyond irritated and frustrated. I have now just ordered new regular dog tags and have no intentions to continue using this format for my animals. I also tried to resolve these issues by contacting support, before leaving a bad review. But no one ever responded to any of the messages.


I haven’t loss my dog yet but would love to see how it works for sure.


Zero stars


It really work this gps I love it


My pets disappeared after I downloaded the update? Very disappointing since I just had to say goodbye to my baby girl 3 weeks ago!!!


Very straightforward process to register pet.


Can’t review yet.


This is a great idea. $3 a month ( if you choose to) is worth the amazing things offered in this app


I like this now everybody shall know if Heidi ever gets lost or gets out of the backyard


The tags looks nice & are well made. Only time will tell how well they handle the veracity of a puppy. The app works well. I like the pet diary calendar. It helps keep my dog’s milestones. The only thing I wished that came with the basic functions is the text alerts. Texting is part of our every day lives now so I don’t understand why they would leave that part out. That’s the main reason for only 4 stars.


They don't answer my messages when I need them!


This app is easy to use and provides a lot of information for record keeping as well as if a pet is lost and found. I’ve knocked off one star because the recurring calendar events/reminders don’t work properly. I had a 10-day course of antibiotics for my cat. I put in a start and end date to remind daily, but it would repeat the event for “eternity”, increasing the end date on each occurrence. If I turned off the reminders it would only show on the first day. Another disappointment is that when the tag is scanned it does not record the location of the scan unless the person who scanned it actually sends the details.


I bought it to have on my pup temporarily until she gets chipped. I wouldn’t even give it one star except I couldn’t make a comment without at least one. Worse site to register the dog and then it says it’s free but you can’t register without checking a box for monthly charges. Should have gone to Petco and got a plain tag or put a tile on the collar.


This help me so much when my dog got lose thank y’all so much


Got it in the mail the other day.... but the scanning/gps history doesn’t work!! PLZ HELP ME!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!! I BEG OF U


I signed up I checked there’s nothing there’s


No way to add contact info unless you PAY for premium service.


Such a great app ! I love it