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- Added new loading screens with hints - Added the ability to add finds to favorites - Fixed bugs


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We would like to bring to your attention a unique free quest simulator of treasure hunting with an open world and exciting storyline based on true events.

Treasure Hunter is a free Metal Detecting Simulator, with lots of humorous quests and exciting storyline based on true events. The player will take on the role of a metal detectorist who went in the search of adventure to the picturesque Eastern Europe countryside, to the ancient area called “”Monastyrskaya Sloboda”” – a location with a legendary history. Lands inhabited with benevolent people who know countless stories and secrets of this outlandish land full of rich history. You will deal with numerous various quests and meet many characters of the unique open world of the game. Moving through the storyline, the difficulty level of new discoveries will grow. The game has an outfit shop to help you improve the efficiency of your treasure hunting.
Help villagers to solve their assignments, get reward, upgrade your gear, discover interesting locations, dig rare findings. This is an open world, where you will go, the choice is yours! 😉

With 250 thousand findings on the map, Treasure Hunter offers a unique gameplay experience. Start your adventure, comrade, by downloading now!

• Explore big open world;
The solid-sized map of the “”Monastyrskaya Sloboda”” will not let your feet be bored.. You better find a vehicle if you don’t want to hurt your knees.

• Hundreds of findings buried in the ground;
Discover more than 250 thousand items all over the Open World.

• Real world findings;
Analogous of real existing artifacts, with a true story behind it!

• Unique metal detecting experience;
The only game of its kind on the market. Done and developed from real metal detectorists.

• No more waiting for a good weather;
Your treasure hunter soul desires to grab beloved metal detector and shovel in order to go digging in the wild but it’s a cold winter evening, and wolves howling outside of your house? It’s not a problem anymore comrade! Since the weather is always good here for Treasure Hunters. Choose devices of your taste and let’s go for a ride! Yee-haw!

• Upgrade metal detector;
Upgrade your gear to find more precious findings.

• Game from real diggers;
We are a small team of enthusiasts who are really passionate about metal detecting. We are doing our best to develop this game and will try to share the joy and experience with you through the game.

ATTENTION! All characters in the game are fictive, any coincidence with currently living or any people in the past is accidental.

*Treasure Hunter is a completely free metal detecting Simulator to download and play, but some items can be purchased for real money. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.
For extra features a network connection can be required.
* Treasure Hunter is available in English, Ukrainian and Russian. Translations in progress: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese Simplified, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Portuguese. We understand that playing is always more immersive in your native language, so we will add languages ASAP.

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I was so glad to find this simulator! It took a while searching the App Store for one and I’m glad my search was rewarded! I do wish there was a way to get rid of ads. As far as I know they’re just for getting tips about quests, but the first time I saw one it made me jump because I was in the zone like I would be when I’m out hunting and the ad jarred me back and I lost my zone and shut the game down. I’ll try it again but if I have to watch ads, I’m done. A true Premium version with no iap would be greatly appreciated. It would also be nice if there was some sort of character customization or at the very least the option to play as a female. I’m surprised there aren’t any other sims that are along the same lines, since metal detecting is such a popular hobby! I’ll probably play this one and hope someone makes a sim with no iap as a premium game. I’d definitely pay good money for a good premium experience!


Being an amateur metal detector, this is the first game I have come across that is amazing in its attention to detail and realistic view of the hobby. Wish I had this before I began my first searches years ago on the beach. Makes me want to dust off my equipment and see what I can find!


Had a minor issue with optimization for iOS that was promptly fixed over a weekend... now that I’ve been able to play steadily to my heart’s desire since, I just don’t see how a simulation could get more realistic. In the real world, if you’re hunting a site and people who live nearby have lost something of value somewhere close, odds are, they’re going to ask you to take a look for it. Sometimes there is a reward, sometimes it’s just their sincere appreciation for a dear lost item returned. Either way, it’s all worth it! That little touch of realism makes this game incredibly addictive and provides plenty of side quests for developing your detectorist skills within the app. TALK to everyone! Almost everyone in the game that you can interact with has a side quest for you to retrieve a lost item. I have cleared two just today and have four more just in the first Hamlet in the game. Kudos to the devs for making a great simulation with an intriguing story. OH YEAH! Don’t forget to pass that pinpointer over a hole you just retrieved a rusty padlock(for example) from... there may just be a valuable coin buried a bit deeper! Another touch of realism that I think a ton of developers might have overlooked! Just because you picked up an item near the surface doesn’t mean that hole is cashed out, just like actual treasure hunting. Please keep up the good work, for avid enthusiasts like myself, this is a dream come true of a game for when you just CAN’T get out and swing the coil...