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Amazon Business customers can now sign in to the dedicated Amazon Business mobile app, which is exclusive for business users. Discover business-relevant options on the navigation menu, deep-link into the app directly from your emails, get push notifications for order shipment and approval, and enjoy a seamless business purchasing experience.


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The Amazon Business app is your one-stop shop for finding and making business purchases on the go. Save time with fast and easy search and 1-click purchase for all you need to keep you—and your business—moving. A free Amazon Business account is required.
• Find everything you need for business in one convenient store
• Separate your work and personal shopping experience
• Purchase with confidence via securely-processed transaction
• Scan product barcodes and images to find the product you need, compare prices, and check availability.
• Create custom buying lists for frequently purchased items for your business and share with your colleagues.
• Approve staff purchases anywhere and anytime while adhering to organizational policies, preferences and category restrictions
• Keep track of orders and approvals with push notifications and app badges

The Amazon Business app requires access to the following functions for the best experience:
• Camera: Find products by scanning the cover or its barcode, or add pictures to product reviews.
• Microphone: Access your microphone to use your voice to search and interact with your Assistant.
• Location: Discover local offers and select addresses quickly.
• Account: Share products with your colleagues through social networks.
• Storage: Store your preferences so features can load and run faster on the device.

If your device supports TrueDepth technology, the app will use your device camera to detect your facial movements only while using certain features such as virtually try-on products like sunglasses. All information processed using this technology remains on your device and is not otherwise stored, processed or shared by Amazon.




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Had an order with an item not in the package, trying to request help to no avail.. the link is broken does nothing when tapped. Amazon consistently goes out of their way to treat their most profitable customers like garbage.


This Amazon comp. Is stilling money. They advertise products they don’t have! And the app doesn’t have anything to get your money back! Pls! Stop buying from Amazon! MF


YES, I have an Amazon business account. I CAN log in on the useless Amazon Business website that took me about 45 minutes this morning to finally find out where to search and find items to purchase for my business. Now after searching for another 30 minutes to find product searches with no success I figured I would download the app and try that but, no luck there either. When I attempt to sign in to the app it flashes the screen, kicks me out and says “The email you entered is being used for another Amazon account.”. It did let me sign in once for about 10 seconds after I kept trying to sign in and then it kicked me out. Now it does the exact same thing as before. Glad I hadn’t yet paid for Amazon Prime Business.


When there are no awaited deliveries on home page it displays -1 awaited deliveries. This is a development issue that indicates undefined/ no index when no awaited deliveries have been found and should display a zero. Please make it simpler to submit bug reports on developer site


I can not link my personal and business account to use the “convenient” switch account option. Finding the “menu” is even difficult. Hate trying to navigate this site.👎🏻


Do used to be able to switch between multiple businesses with a few clicks in the app. Now there’s absolutely no way to switch between a business unless you log out and log back in. When I called Amazon support they couldn’t access the app because they were in India and would get back to me via email. Not the kind of service I would expect for a $500 a year business membership.


In my ordinary amazon account I can switch between my business and regular amazon in the business account I can only view the business account, like I said pointless


I registered my business email to create a account and when i tried to sign in on the app it will literally just take me back to the sign in page. It didn’t say error or anything. I could kind of glance at the app allowing me to see the home page but it quickly just send me back to sign in.


Everytime i try to login, It logs me in then It goes back to the login page.


Every time I put in my sign in info it keeps going back to the sign in page. All info is correct. It just keeps looping back to the beginning.


I’m not going to get emotional because of my wonderful experiences. The AMAZON drivers are a very deep well of talent which clearly identifies the future of our nation will be in good hands. In other words, my sincere prayers have been answered. Plus these super folks are NOT RACIST. And to think that any of my friends and AMAZON DRIVERS drivers think of even one racist thought……..would be a clear insult to these very fine individuals. I’m not even religious, but my fellow men and women are welcome in my home anytime. Sincerely, Dave Johnson (Phoenix, Arizona)


I’m close to buying the above product, but when I open your chat to ask a question, there is no window for me to type my question. It causes doubt in your service. However, the product looks like just what I need.


Keeps bringing me back to login page


Since the new update I am no longer able to approve business orders through the app on my iPhone. They use to show on the main screen but are no longer there and I spent an hour trying to find where to go to approve. Finally logged on through the browser on my iPad and I could see them there but that does t help me when I’m out of the office and traveling and need to approve orders. Also, when I go to Business Prime it tells me my membership expired which is outdated, we renewed and paid over a thousand dollars for Prime Membership earlier this year.


Does Not Work just keeps asking me to sign in over & over totally annoying


Unable to close the video inaide the app when view review or product video because the X in the corner of the window won’t let you. I had to close the apps which is very annoying


Cannot sign into the app - get an error message every single time. My company uses SSO (single sign-on) with Azure AD. Wonder if the app devs took those users into consideration?


It's hard to review this app because it has never worked for me. I have attempted several times to log in, even changing my password, but the result is the same. The page flickers and then brings me right back to the log in page. Would be nice if the app worked. Switching back and forth between personal and business is not a huge issue, but this would just be more convenient in my opinion.


This app only allows me to access my business account for I can't access my personal account for You have to select a country that supports business accounts.


The Amazon Business app keep frozen and doesn’t allow me to sign in. After an hour trying to sign in but couldn’t make it, I decided to go back to regular Amazon app.